Video Tutorial: Asian Mendhi and Bridal Makeup Tutorial by Mus

Your Mehndi reception is the time to be a slight stylish and modern with your looks. With diminutive easy-going Asian Mehndi makeup would stretch your attractiveness a delighted boost.

Makeup Artist: Mus

Video Tutorial: Light Bridal Makeup

Your wedding day certainly is a very generous day for you while wearing a light Bridal Makeup sometimes expands the inner beauty if yours. Wedding-like makeup along with glossy, berry lip is spectacular for a small wedding reception.

Makeup Artist: Sadia Qazi

Video Tutorial: Indian and Pakistani Bridal Makeup by Aisha

Aisha’s Indian Pakistan Bridal Makeup is her specialty. This traditional makeup is mostly liked by contemporaries of current fashion. The eyes get special attention while a touch of elegance shows the importance of the day. Aisha’s saloon also always make sure that their brides look modern and never hide up the natural beauty.

Makeup Artist: Aisha