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Whether you’ve got a big concert or a fancy gala to attend, creating a smoky eye can add a bit of sophisticated drama to your look. Perfecting the smoky eye is not limited to makeup fiends and artists alike, but to anyone with the correct tools and a little know-how. Learn to apply both a classic and dramatic smoky eye with these fast and easy steps.

Achieve the best eyebrow shape flawlessly with DIY tips at home!

Article Author: JENNIFER KURTZ

Eyebrows have become the most ‘it’ beauty thing these days. There was a time when eyebrows were not paid much attention to but over the years makeup artists and beauty experts have made one thing perfectly clear – Eyebrows are one of the most important features of your face and therefore you need to pay adequate attention to them!  One of the hardest tasks to achieve is to get the best eyebrow shape to suit your eye makeup style like winged eyeliner, smokey eyes etc. However, I am making this ultimately difficult task effortless for you by giving you quick DIY tips to flawlessly shape your eyebrows to suit your face and beautify yourself in a jiffy!

Quick tip: Remember that minimal is the best, hence it is ideal to avoid using a lot of beauty products on your brows!

Tip # 1 – Determine your eyebrow shape using a makeup brush or pencil

Before getting on to your cat eyes or smokey eyes makeup looks, this is the first trick you need to do try in order to determine the perfect eyebrow shape for your face. Using an eye pencil or a simple liner applying brush will help you determine exactly what point should your eyebrow start from and at what point should they end at. The length of your brow plays an important role in giving your eyebrows an overall good and well-balanced shape.

Tip # 2 – Trim your eyebrow

The next aspect you need to focus on once you have chosen the best shape of the eyebrow for your face is to trim them! Trim off the extra edges, use tweezers to pick out extra hair from unwanted places. This step requires a lot of patience and precision. You have to make sure that you don’t pull out any extra hair as it will imbalance your brow overall. You should decide whether you want a thick brow or thin and then shape the brow accordingly. But a quick tip is to take your time and be precise to the very last detail.

Trim # 3 – Remember to outline your brow with a good eye pencil

Ever wondered how your favorite Kim Kardashian has the perfect eyebrows? You can get it too if you know all the little tricks to work with! To achieve the perfect shape of eyebrows, always remember to outline your brow with a good quality pencil. This is actually the first step of shaping your eyebrow using any beauty product. Always use a lighter shade of pencil to outline them. Avoid using black eye pencils or eye liners on the brow as it would end up being very prominent and a little too desperate! Who wants that! Always use softer shades like warm browns to outline flawlessly.

Tip # 4 – Fill your brow with a good shade

This is a very important step once you have outlined your brows. Fill in the empty spaces of your brow with a mild, warm tone eye shade. A good advice at this point is to choose an eye shade that is lighter than your hair color. So if you have rich dark brown hair, choose a lighter shade of brown to fill your brow. Remember to keep it minimal and don’t push it too further if you want a softer look. However, if you want an overly dramatic look, you can try double layering your eyebrow!

Tip # 5 – Blend, Blend, and Blend!

Just like you blend eye shade on your eyelid or blend in the foundation on your face, it is essential to blend the eye shadow on your eyebrow as well. This will help to give your brows a more natural looking feel and will be softer on your overall face. This is important as the eye shade blends with the outline that you have made on your brows. Use a small brush to softly blend with the outline and give it a lighter, natural look flawlessly.

Tip # 6 – Highlight Them!

The last thing your will need to do to make your eyebrows pop out on your face without being too elaborate is to highlight them with a hint of mascara! To make your eyebrows more prominent without being too dramatic, simply highlight your brows using a concealer and highlighter from the lower edges.

Last but not the least!
The last thing you need is to make sure is that your eyebrow shape should be even and BOTH of them should be the same. Eyebrows are practically identical twins so they need to look exactly the same as well!

Author Bio: Jennifer is a fashion stylist, lecturer and contributing editor of eye makeup brand. With a vast experience in beauty tools and accessories design, she turned into the creative side and has been named as one of the top fashion blogger. Mountain is in her heart – a passion for mountain climbing.


5 Mascara Tricks to Make Your Eyes Look Even More Amazing

Mascara is one of the great inventive makeup products that brings you instant charm and glamour with a touch of unique indulgence. Beauty exert Sonia Kashuk also recommends mascara for extra allure and elevation. According to her, women should wear mascara with a bit of elegance in new exclusive ways to expand their eye shape leading to a more beautiful and sensual presence.

All Eye Shapes:
Using eyelash curler before wearing mascara is a good idea for a more gorgeous and striking looks. Sonia Kashuk initially puts emphases saying, “With any eye shape, you want to start with an eyelash curler to open up the eye, it goes hand in hand with mascara.”

Wide Set Eyes:
Creating wide set of eyes provide an elite look. Coating all the lashes with mascara with a precise wand will give beautiful yet attractive illusion that both eyes are closer and creating a strong prominent effect.

Sonia adds for overdrawn eyeliner, “Don’t use eyeliner, especially liquid liner, to exaggerate the shape of the eyes or attempt fancy tricks to make your eyes look larger. Just get the liner as close to the lashes as possible.”

Close Set Eyes:
Kashuk also applauds and says, “Use a magnifying mirror to fill in any spots where there’s a void.” It will help you to see all the outer corners of eyes look wider. After looking carefully, apply a thick coat of mascara on the lashes for more exaggerated looks.

With monolid, the lashes look long. Going easy on the thickness, it will increase an effect that lashes are keeping the eye more open.

Sonia says, “Lashes should look natural, not spiky. So if you have very long lashes on the bottom, adding mascara looks odd, and sometimes it smudges onto the skin.”

Small Eyes:
Making small eyes look large and more round, use mascara carefully and apply its double coat on the lashes. You will witness a prompt lively effect with bigger yet beautiful eyes.


7 Innovative Makeup Techniques

Applying makeup is certainly an art and occasionally it is hugely tough to get a flawless makeup routine. Many things play a vital role getting a perfect makeup as someway people end up performing something completely erroneous which wrecks one’s entire appearance. Sometime even experts are not even self-assured that they applying makeup correctly. Though there are no definite recommendations or guidelines for makeup but still with experience and doing things right, again and again, might make one’s hands perfect. Nevertheless some new and innovative techniques are still there for you which would certainly help you become more specialized.

Instant Face Lifting:
Instant face lifting make up will provide an instant brightness and sheen that will certainly enhances your confidence and composure. With a concealer pencil and draw three straight lines near to nose and cheek. Now blend each line using a sponge to upward direction. You can also use a concealer pencil for boosting the overall effect.


According to beauty expert Petra Strand, says, “When the concealer and highlighter are blended into the skin, it will not only lift and highlight, but will make the skin look airbrushed.”

Toning It Down:
Intensifying your looks will highlight your inner beauty as well. Beauty expert Petra Strand says for toning, “If you have applied eye shadow that is a little too intense, don’t remove, just dip a shadow blender brush in bronzing powder, and sweep across the entire lid, the bronzing powder will work like a neutral tint, so it will diffuse and soften the color without changing it too radically.”


For Lush Lashes:
Getting good eye makeup is also a key to look great. Curling lashes are now a days very popular. Uses the three-pump system, lash curler squeezes the base of the lashes and style it like a sprinkle of concentrated end tips.


Fuller Lips:
With a nude lip pencil, put sight amount on your cupid bow’s points. Wearing a light gloss also will give a nice flair to your lips. Having plump full lips will generate an extra bit of stylishness and grace.


Cat Eye:
Managing to draw on a decent cat eye, is certainly a difficult task. Just flick your pencil up and out from the top lash line will create an attractive bottom lash line. This also guarantees that you get the flawless direction for your cat eye.



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