Cool Body Scrub Recipes for Winter – Saloni Beauty Corner

Scrubs can be very effective for your skin especially in winters. In winters, our skin becomes dull dry and rough. Sometimes people have to face different issue like itchy skin and chapped lips. To overcome all these issues, scrubs can be very helpful. It is suggested that when you have decided to use scrub, always try to go for the natural ones. This will help to enhance your beauty and make your skin glow for longer periods. However, when you are choosing scrub, one must keep in mind their skin as well. Following some of the best body scrub recipes are mentioned.

 Sea Salt Juniper Oil, Grapefruit Oil Mixture

Sea Salt Juniper Oil, Grapefruit Oil Mixture:

If you have oily skin then make a mixture by including sea salt, juniper oil, grapefruit oil and grape seed oil. After taking shower apply this mixture to your body and then rinse thoroughly. This scrub will help to keep your skin moisturized, peel off the dead skin cells and stimulate your skin. You can also use this scrub for acne skins tones as well.

Almond Oil, Cornmeal and Ground Almonds

Almond Oil, Cornmeal and Ground Almonds:

Take almond oil, cornmeal and ground almonds. Mix them well in a bowl. Then massage it to your skin and wash your face with warm water. This will help to provide a gentle glow to your skin. Make it more brighten and help to remove the dead skin cells. This scrub can work best for dry skin but everyone can use it for their particular skin.

Cinnamon, Coffee Grounds and Olive Oil Scrub

Cinnamon, Coffee Grounds and Olive Oil Scrub:

Women get very worried about aging. To help them out, cinnamon, coffee grounds and olive oil scrub can work best. This scrub will help to increase the metabolism which will help to tighten your skin cells. It also helps to heal your skin and protect your skin from allergies. It also prevents the growth of harmful bacteria which can damage your skin cells very badly and also help to reduce the aging symptoms to appear.

Best Ways to Apply Face Mask – Saloni Beauty Corner

Face mask can help to increase the glow and gentle texture of your skin. However, whenever you are applying face mask always try to make a fresh one for yourself. It is more beneficial for one then using the old masks. The below mention tips will help you out to apply the face mask properly.

Keeping the Tools

Keeping the Tools:

When you are using a face mask, always keep your tools with you. Like cotton pads or wash cloth. It will help to complete the mask quickly and you don’t have to rush for getting different things every time.

Keeping Mask in Refrigerator

Keeping Mask in Refrigerator:

Keep mask in refrigerator for some time as you become ready for the mask, and before putting mask, clean your skin thoroughly.

Steam is Important

Steam is Important:

It is important to open your pores so take a steam for two minutes. Steaming will help to open your pores and then when you will apply mask on it; it will simulate your skin cells. It will make them more glowing and active.

 Applying the Mask

Applying the Mask:

Then take the mixture and gently apply it to your skin. Try to make sure that your hands are clean. If it is possible dry your hands before applying the mixture as this will help you to complete the mask application quickly.

Potato Slice on Eyes

Potato Slice on Eyes:

Take potato slice or cucumber slice and put them on your eyes. This will help to keep your eyes relax.

Using Cotton Pads

Using Cotton Pads:

When you want to wipe off the mask then gently use cotton pads to remove the mask. Don’t let the mask completely dry on your face as this can lead to skin rashes. Thus, wipe it off thoroughly.

Applying Moisturizer

Applying Moisturizer:

In last wash your face with water and then apply a moisturizer as this will help to keep your skin soft and moisturized.