Smoothie for Prettier Skin – Saloni Beauty Corner

Canned pumpkin smoothie is a skin-supporting treatment as well. It is very vital for cell growth and development.

 Smoothie for Prettier Skin – Saloni Beauty Corner1


  • ½ c canned pure pumpkin, frozen in ice cube tray
  • 7 oz or 2% Greek-style yogurt
  • ½ c water
  • ¼ avocado
  • 2 Tbsp ground flaxseed
  • ½ tsp pumpkin spice pie

Recipe Instructions:

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Put it in a blender. Drink and enjoy.

 Smoothie for Prettier Skin – Saloni Beauty Corner

Additional Info – Nutrition Facts

NUTRITION (per serving) 360 cal

  • 14 g fat,
  • 4 g sat fat
  • 78.6 mg sodium
  • 38 g carbs
  • 25.5 g sugars
  • 11 g fiber
  • 25.6 g protein

Applying the Liquid Liner Rightly on Your Eyes – Saloni Beauty Corner

Applying liner to your eyes can be really tormenting if you don’t know the art of applying it in the right manner. Liner helps to highlight your eyes and make it look simply the preeminent. If you utilize the liner especially liquid eyeliner rightly then it can really help to express your personality providing you a more stunning appearance altogether. You can make your eyes look simple, cute, rude, seducing and even exotic.

Applying Process

Applying Process:

It all depends on the art of applying a liner on your eyes. There are different types of liners available in the market like pancake liner and liquid liners. But the most commonly used liner is liquid liner. So it is very important for you to learn the art of applying a liquid liner for boosting your looks.

 Choosing between Eye Liner or Eye Shadow

Choosing between Eye Liner or Eye Shadow:

The first thing you need to do is to decide either you are simply going to apply a liner or wants to use the eye shadow. If you are using the eye shadow then you have to deal with the eye shadow part first and then comes the liner.

Applying liquid liner requires all your attention. Your hands need to be steady because if you don’t use steady hands, you may not apply it well.

Holding the Liner Brush

Holding the Liner Brush:

Hold the liner brush like a pen and just make a wavy line on your eyes. After making line try to make sure that is it looking fine? If you think it doesn’t go much wavy then try to make it wavier by making a simple second line over it.

However, if you are using liquid liner for the first time then it is suggested that you should make dots instead of the wavy line. Dots will help you to make fine lines. Then you can join the dots and you will realize how you just did the fine job of easily. Try to use the dots for sometimes and when you have the confidence of applying liner with steady hand then give it a try to the wavy line.

Best Makeup Removers with Saloni Trust – Saloni Beauty Corner

Using makeup all the time can really damage your skin. That’s why it is very important you should take proper steps to remove makeup especially before going to bed. A good makeup remover can be very helpful. It will gently remove all the makeup without damaging your skin.

 Philosophy Purity Made Simple

Philosophy Purity Made Simple:

This makeup remove can work best for your skin as it will take all the makeup and restore the moisture of your inner skin. As when you are using this cleanser you don’t have to be much worried.

 Lacome Bi Facil Makeup Remover

Lacome Bi Facil Makeup Remover:

Lacome is known for their best makeup products. It is another attempt to make your skin glowing. By using this makeup remover you can keep your skin healthier and makeup free. It will remove all the particles of makeup and make your skin soft for longer periods.



Clinique is a renowned brand in cosmetic industry. The company has been introducing such finest quality products that are valued by all over the world. This cleanser will not only keep your skin makeup free but it will also help to restore the balance of your skin.



By using the Sepehora makeup remover you can protect your skin from all the damaging effects of makeup. It will help you to keep your skin silky soft. It can really work best for sensitive skin tone as well.

 Sen’s Water Proof Sensitive Eye Cleanser

Sen’s Water Proof Sensitive Eye Cleanser:

This makeup remover is specially designed for removing eye makeup. Eye is the most sensitive part of the body thus the company has made this product so that your eyes can be protected from the harmful effects of makeup.

 Caudlie Makeup Remover1

Caudlie Makeup Remover:

Caudlie makeup remover is used along with the water. You have to mix it in water and then apply it to your skin for the better results. It will wipe away all the makeup and enables you to have a glowing skin.

Best Homemade Remedies for Glowing Skin – Saloni Beauty Corner

No doubt girls are very beauty conscious thus they tend to spend thousands of rupees on their beauty. They use different products which help them to look beautiful but what about those girls who can’t afford that much expensive treatments and products. For all those girls, the below mention homemade remedies can be very helpful as this surely will provide a glow to their skin along with providing a natural radiance.

 Using Honey

Using Honey:

Honey can really work best for skin. We all commonly use honey in our home. You can also use to make your skin fair and glowing. Take 2 tea spoon of honey and massage it on your face. Try to use it twice a day and in a few weeks, you will see the magic that your skin will glow than usual.

 Papaya Peel

Papaya Peel:

Papaya is another very helpful ingredient for your skin. Although it might heat up the body but it can really do wonders for your skin. Peel off the skin of papaya, crush it and make a paste. Then massage this paste on your face. Leave it for an hour and wash your face with fresh water. Applying this paste twice a week will result in a more radiant healthy looking skin.

Basil Leaves

Basil Leaves:

Basil leaves are commonly used in salad. These are very beneficial and can cure many illnesses as well. This is also very helpful in keeping your skin clear and germs free. Crush the basil leaves and make a paste of it. Apply this paste gently on your skin and leave it for some time. Then wash your face with warm water as you will realize that your skin is glowing with a perfect touch of additional spark.

Rose Water

Rose Water:

Rose water is another common ingredient which is commonly used in many homes. You can apply this regularly on your face to get a more radiant healthy looking skin. You can get the rose water from the market or you can take the rose petals and can make your own rose water. However, homemade rose water is much more helpful.



Yogurt is also commonly used in many homes. Even in west people use yogurt quite frequently. Applying one spoon of yogurt on your skin can be very helpful. It will nourish your skin and repair the damage skin as well. It will peel off the dead skin cells and brighten your skin tone.



Cucumber is commonly used vegetable in salad but you can also use it for the skin. Either you can make a juice of it or make a paste and apply it on your face. Try to use it twice a day and it will help you to get back the glow of your skin. It will also help you to fight back the sun tan problem.

Ten Natural Ayurvedic Creams, Glowing and Fair Skin, Saloni Beauty Corner

With the passage of time the use of herbal or ayurvedic products has also increased. One of the main reasons behind of this trend is the side effects of non-herbal products. Natural products not only provide glow to your skin but it will also reduce the risk of damaging your skin. Therefore now people prefer to use different ayurvedic creams that will help them to look fairer glowing. Below some of the best ayurvedic creams are mention below:

Ayush Suvarna Poshak

Ayush Suvarna Poshak:

If you apply this cream twice a day it will help you to protect from the sun rays. Enhance your skin glow and make you look fairer than ever.

Fair and Lovely Ayurvedic Cream

Fair and Lovely Ayurvedic Cream:

Fair and lovely is one of the renowned brands of skin care. They come up with such products that can help one to enhance their skin tones. This cream will also help to reduce the dark spots and make you look fairer and beautiful.

Fair One Natural Fairness Cream

Fair One Natural Fairness Cream:

Fair one cream contains the ayurvedic elements in way that will help to enhance your blood circulation. This will in turn make you glimmering more and provide a natural radiance to your skin.

Vicco Turmeric

Vicco Turmeric:

Using turmeric can be very beneficial for the skin fairness and vicco turmeric help you to attain that fairness. This is an ayurvedic skin that will provide a natural glow to your skin and can prevent the dark spots, reduce the dark circle around your eyes and enhance your skin fairness.

Lotus Herbals Cocofair

Lotus Herbals Cocofair:

Lotus uses the unique formula of coconut to make your skin glow. It will lighten your skin tone and make it look fresh.

Dabur Complete Fairness Cream

Dabur Complete Fairness Cream:

It works really best for your skin because it targets the inner layer of your skin. This will nourish your skin gently by making it look fairer and glowing.

Ved Rass’s Ubtan Fairness Cream

Ved Rass’s Ubtan Fairness Cream:

This cream contains different herbs and plants blended to enhance the blood flow. This will make your skin look more radiant and glowing as well.

Everyday’s Ayu Plus Fairness Cream

Everyday’s Ayu Plus Fairness Cream:

This cream has the unique formula that includes unique elements like turmeric and rose water. Applying this to your skin will make you look fresh, glowing and help to make your skin look smoother.

Roopamrit Fairness Cream

Roopamrit Fairness Cream:

You can use this cream to get flawless fair skin and even skin tone.

Himalaya Fairness Cream

Himalaya Fairness Cream:

Himalaya fairness cream helps to fight with the skin pigmentation and discoloration of your skin tone. In turn this will make your skin look fairer.

Open Pore Causes and Remedies – Saloni Beauty Corner

Girls are always preoccupied with the several beauty concerns while open pores is the most common distress. Open pores can really affect your skin and it can actually make you look worse. There are several causes of open pores some of them are mentioned below:

Increased Exposure to Sun

Increased Exposure to Sun:

Increased exposure to sun can cause opening your pores. Prolonged sun exposure damage your skin collagen which reduces the elasticity of the skin pores. In turn this will cause your pores to be enlarged.



Aging is another cause of opening pores. With age our skin loses its basic elasticity and cause sacking. In turn this will lead to opening up pores more frequently than usual.

 Increased Exposure to Dirt

Increased Exposure to Dirt:

Increased exposure to dirt, bacteria and allergies could also lead to opening up pores.


Open Pores Remedies:


Ice can be really helpful in tightening your pores. If you have open pore then you must apply ice on it as this will help to tight your skin and shrink your large pores. This will make your skin look nice and glowing as well.



Apple cider vinegar can be useful in maintaining the PH balance of your skin. This will help in providing assistance in increasing the elasticity of your skin. It will also serve as a skin toner as it tights your skin muscles.


Egg Whites

Egg whites contain a lot of proteins which provide aid to draw excessive oil from your skin. It can also be very helpful in managing the open pore problem. Applying egg white to your skin will cause tightening your skin that in turn will cause to shrink your pores.

Sugar Scrub

Sugar Scrub:

Sugar scrub can also be very significant remedy in reducing the redness of your skin. It will also allow reducing the largeness of your pores. In applying the sugar scrub you need to massage your face and leave it for few minutes. After some time, you will clearly see your skin stretched.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda:

Baking soda can also be used to make your skin smooth. It will help to remove all the dust and oil from your skin making your skin muscles tighter as it shrinks the open pores.

Common Rumors about Skin Care – Saloni Beauty Corner

Skin professionals believe that it doesn’t matter either you are male or female, skin care is very important. Skin care leads to a more glowing appearance and healthy looking presence. If you ignore your skin and take it for granted, you will experience signs of early ageing, dryness, and dullness in a more ruthless manner. However, there are some common rumors about skin care that you don’t need to pay attention.

Harder Rubbing – Clearer Skin

Rumor: Harder Rubbing – Clearer Skin:

It’s a common rumor that if you want to have a clearer skin, rub harder. On the other hand, since this notion is only a myth, it can really damage your skin because if you over washes your face, it will make skin drier. It will also rub off the protective layer of your skin which might also lead further damage to the skin.

 Wrinkles can be hidden with Botox

Rumor: Wrinkles can be hidden with Botox:

Wrinkles can be hidden with Botox. People believe that Botox treatment can be very helpful to hide the wrinkles but the fact is that if you keep yourself relax, it will help you to have less wrinkles. However, once you have wrinkles, getting rid of them is quite hard.

Eating-junk-foodAcne is Caused by Junk Food

Rumor: Acne is Caused by Junk Food:

Acne is caused by junk food. Dermatologists suggest that it is not the junk food which causes acne but it is the avoidance of skin care that leads one to have acne. Thus considering junk food to all your skin problem is not right.

Skin Getting Use to the Products

Rumor: Skin Getting Use to the Products:

With the passage of time, skin will get use to the products. It is a very bogus rumor that our skin gets use to the products we use daily. If a product does not suit your skin and you are still applying it, it could lead you to face serious issues. This might damage your skin and even lead to skin cancer as well. Thus try different products which suit your skin and make you look good.

Easy Tips to Make your Eyes Look Beautiful – Saloni Beauty Corner

Eyes are the most important feature of our personality. Therefore taking care of your eyes became a basic requirement. You might be worried about your eye protection however, below mention tips can really help you out to make your eyes look beautiful yet protected.

 Use of Salt

Use of Salt:

Extra use of salt can make your eyes appear puffy. Therefore it is very important that one must decrease the use of salt especially while eating anything during night time.

Infections and Allergies

Infections and Allergies:

Infections and allergies like flue can take away the beauty of your eyes. Thus it is very important that one must take certain precautions which will help them to protect from such issues.

Proper Sleep

Proper Sleep:

Proper sleep is very important for your eyes. This will help you to avoid the dark circles around your eyes. Researches also suggest that almost 6 to 7 hours sleep is important for one. However, the sleep cycle may vary but one must take proper sleep to make their eyes look more beautiful.

 Taking off the Makeup

Taking off the Makeup:

Always take off your make up before going to sleep, especially your eye makeup. Leaving the makeup on could make your eye look watery and puffy in the morning.

Applying Moisturizer

Applying Moisturizer:

Try to apply moisturizer around your eyes before going to sleep as it will help to avoid the dark circles.

UV Rays

UV Rays:

UV rays are harmful sun rays that are also considered dangerous for eyes. Since eyes are a delicate part while going out, put a sunscreen to protect eyes from the UV rays.


Smoking Hazards:

Smoking can make your skin dry and this can also cause wrinkles around eyes. Thus it is very important that you avoid such things which can steal the beauty of your eyes.

3 Perfect Eyebrow Shape Ideas For Round Face Shapes – Saloni Beauty Corner

“Some people are gifted with beautiful eyebrows and know exactly how to groom them,” says Alisha Noon, a Vancouver-based eyebrow stylist and makeup artist, “to see how they should be shaped, and then you can maintain them on your own.”

Eyebrows shape and looks equally affect your appearance. Keeping the particular shape of round type face, Saloni now shares ideas to get perfect eyebrow outline that would not make your face look broader.

 Best Eyebrow Shapes For Round Face

Best Eyebrow Shapes For Round Face:

  1. Hard Angled:

Hard angled eyebrows enhance youth to the face. These types of eyebrows create a short face seem long and overweight face seem quite slim adding good looks on particularly round faces.

 Hard Angled

  1. Soft Angled:

Soft angled eyebrows complement girlishness and smoothness to the round face. Soft angled eyebrows appear upright especially on oval, diamond and triangular face shapes. Soft angled eyebrows provide advantage and keep the lovely coherence of a round face away from the weightier lower face appearance.

 Soft Angled

  1. S Shaped:

S shaped eyebrows add more splendor and beauty to round and diamond face shaped people. Many beauty experts also believe that this particular eyebrows shape could complement even any face shape due to it’s exclusive nature and mixture of curvature and powerful outlook providing glamour.


Few Tips from Top Professional To Make Your Brows Look Best:            

Few Tips from Top Professional To Make Your Brows Look Best  

“A single hair can change the entire shape of the brow, which in turn changes the shape of your face.”

-Alisha Noon, a Vancouver-based eyebrow stylist and makeup artist

“Find a few different people whose brows you love and ask who does them, As soon as you hear two or three people repeating the same esthetician’s name, it’s pretty safe [to book an consultation].”

-Alisha Noon, a Vancouver-based eyebrow stylist and makeup artist

“You can absolutely maintain them on your own, but hair grows in three different cycles, Usually between the three- and six-week mark is when things start to go a bit amiss, even if you don’t have a huge over-growth of hair.”

-Alisha Noon, a Vancouver-based eyebrow stylist and makeup artist

How to Keep Your Skin Tone Even – Saloni Beauty Corner

For many girls uneven skin tone is a big issue. The uneven skin tone can make people look unattractive and could affect their relationships badly. However, the following tips can further help you to keep your skin tone even.

 How to prevent skin cancer from sun exposure


One of the major reasons of your uneven skin tone is exposure to sunlight. Sunlight can really harm your skin. Therefore it is very important that you must avoid the sunlight as it can cause tanning issues. For this you need to apply a sunscreen when you go out.

 UV Rays

UV Rays:

Protection from UV rays is also very important. You can use clothes to cover your body from such rays. You can use long cloth like shirts and jeans to avoid UV rays.



Smoking is another cause of uneven skin tone. It can damage your skin and decrease your blood flow. Decreased blood flow further leads to uneven skin tone and it might also thin down your blood vessels.

Using Artificial Products

Using Artificial Products:

Using artificial products also cause uneven skin tone. Keep changing the products can be very harmful for your skin. Therefore it is suggested that if you have started using a particular product, give your skin sometime to adjust with it.

Fruits and Vegetables Help

Fruits and Vegetables Help:

Increasing the use of fruits and vegetables can be very helpful for your skin tone. It can make your skin glowing. Different fruits help in nourishing your skin and this will also help you to avoid the wrinkle issues.

 Sound Sleep Benefits

Sound Sleep Benefits:

Sleep well and maintaining proper exercise timing is also very significant in improving the skin tone. This will help to enhance the blood flow of your skin. It further leads you to have a more glowing skin.

Rice Water Benefits for Hair and Skin – Saloni Beauty Corner

Skin and hair are the basic prominent features of your personality. If your skin is dry and hair is messy then it can really affect your overall appearance. Thus, it is very important for us to take care of our skin and hair. Rice water can be very helpful for your skin and hair. This will provide you with a number of benefits. Some of them are highlighted below:


Making Rice Water:

Boil some rice in distilled water. Later pour the excess water in a lidded crystal pot and store in the fridge. Once refrigerated, it will be an effective constituent for crystal clear skin and super-shiny hair.

 Fairer Skin

Fairer Skin:

One of the major benefits of rice water is that it helps to keep you fair. It is very best for skin tone and can make your skin smooth and glowing. Wipe your face with rice water and it will make your fairer. This can also be used to keep your skin tone even for longer periods. For fairer skin you need to wash regularly your face with the rice water. This will also help to lighten up your skin cells gradually.

Unhealthy Pore Reduction

Unhealthy Pore Reduction:

Unhealthy pores can really damage your skin. Rice water can help to reduce the pore size as it works like astringent. It tightens up your pores and makes them firm.

Helps Reduce the Acne

Helps Reduce the Acne:

Acne becomes an issue for many young girls. Rice water can help you to reduce the acne effect as well. It can also help to reduce the redness of your skin. You just need to apply it with cotton ball on the acne area and then you will see the result.

Work as Hair Mask

Work as Hair Mask:

If you have dry and messy hair then rice water can work as a best hair mask for you. You need to massage it on your skull and leave it for 20 mints. Then you can rinse your hair with cool water. This will help to make your hair shiny, soft and healthy. It will also help to increase the growth of your hair.


RICE WATER Health Benefits:

  • Rice water is good for chronic constipation. Its daily consumption helps regulating your motion.
  • Rice water has good amount of carbohydrate so its considered as immediate energy booster as well.
  • Recent research has revealed that rice water is effective in stopping Alzheimer’s disease.

Natural Ways to Curl Your Hair – Saloni Beauty Corner

Hair trends change very quickly but curly hair never goes out of trend. Curls can give your hair a new style altogether. They can add volume to your hair and make them look healthier. Girls try different ways to curl their hair like using rollers, curlers or dryers but they also have to face the negative consequences as well. It can increase hair fall and can also make their hair dry. However, if you will try the natural ways to curl your hair then you will not have to face any damage done to your hair. Some of these natural ways are highlighted below:

Braid Method

Braid Method:

One of the easiest ways for curly hair is the braid method. If you want to have big curls then take big sections of your hair and make braids on it. Similarly for tight curls you need to make small braids. The only problem with this style is that you can’t wash your hair. If you wash it, you will lose your curls.

Making a Bun

Making a Bun:

Making a bun high up can also help you to have curly hair. For this you just need to twist your hair, wrap them up and make them a bun. Let your hair in the same condition for whole night and then in morning open them. You will be surprise to see your lovely waves. Then you can use a hair spray to set your hair.

Rubber Bands

Rubber Bands:

Another easy way to curl your hair is through rubber bands. After taking shower divide your wet hair in different sections. Then tight them in a rubber band tightly. Let it dry or use blow dry if you are in hurry. Then you will see the magic as this way will help you to have such lovely curls that will make your hair look awesome.