How to Maintain Healthy and Beautiful Nails

The beauty of our appearance does not just depend on our dressing styles, but also on the way we present and carry us. Hands and finger nails catch attention while interacting with people. Nice, trim, spotless finger nails show that a person takes pride in their physical appearance whereas dirty nails create a bad impression.

This is the fact many of us don’t take notice on nails till they break, or seem dirty. You know they are on the go all the time, never stopping until you sleep. To keep your hair in good condition you buy products and use to keep your hair looking great. You also spend time on care of your skin to glow it, but you neglect nails. Why? In fact, taking care of nails is also essential as care of skin and hair.

Do not neglect your nails while washing your hands. You should do manicure and pedicure to keep your nails healthy and shiny. Doing so at least once in a month will definitely improve the quality of your nails.

Continue wearing of nail polish will destroy the natural look of your nail. You should always give enough time for your nails to breathe. Moreover, your nails turn to yellow, and dull if you coat continuously nail polish on nails. This will have a negative impact on the natural growth of your nails. Whenever uses nail polish, keep in mind it should be branded.

Maintaining healthy and beautiful nails follow a nutritious diet plan. Include fresh fruits, raw vegetables, milk, fish and other foods enriched with protein, vitamins A, B5, and B12 in your diet.

Nails Cutting/Filing:
Filing your nails is not strictly for fashion, it can actually help them stay stronger. Neglected filing nails can lead only to cracks and breaks. Dry completely your nails before cutting and file, because wet nails can cause breakage. Use an emery board or file to smooth nail edge. Nails look best in a slightly oval shape. Be careful, however, not to cut or file too close to the corners.

Yellowing Nails:
Some times nails turns to yellow and most familiar cause is the Fungus. In girls Fungus infection mostly caused by bad nail polish and lack of base coat, but other reasons include dirt inside the nails, rough and thick nails and cracks on nails. If you have the problem don’t waste more time and get some way out. Ensure when you wear nail polish, it should be from some good cosmetic company. Paint base coat on nails before nail polish. Apply coconut oil twice a day on nails until the infection is gone. Another remedy is, add one tablespoon of lemon juice in one cup of warm water. Soak nails in water at least ten minutes; do again until you get the clear nails.

White Spots on Nails:
Sometimes nails suffer from white spots. One reason for this problem is considered deficiency of calcium. So improve your diet habits with plenty of calcium and zinc-rich food. The white spots could be an allergic reaction of artificial nails. Be careful when you apply such type of nails. There are no known ways to remove the white marks, but you can work to get your nails growing faster so that the damaged area can be clipped off.

Tips for Nails Care:

  • Cover your hands and nails with gloves and barrier creams in unusual weather.
  • If the skin around your nails is dry, message some cream into the cuticle area. Apply before going to bed and in the morning for a lovely and soft touch.
  • Don’t bite your nails. It is not only painful, further it makes hands look very unattractive.
  • Keep your nails short, because short nails are last longer and chance of breaking is less.
  • Remember, health is strength and beautiful nails make beautiful fingers. Keep your nails healthy because strong nails won’t break easily in performing everyday activities.

Home Remedies for Beautiful Nails:

  • Rub a slice of lime on your nail twice a day for pinkish nails. For strong and healthy nails, rub olive oil on nails daily. Dip a cotton      ball in the oil and rub into your nails. Then let it soak in for awhile.
  • Message almond oil on nails for strong and shiny nails. Mix some salt in a shampoo and then clean your nails with a brush and then     apply lotion to keep the nails soft.
    Soaking nail in warm water added with baking soda is an effective home remedy for nail problems. At present, this nail care tip is a best recommended solution for preventing fungal infection.

Natural Home Remedies for Head Lice

Head Lice:
• Lice are small insects which breed on the head of the affected person
• They draw blood from the scalp
Symptoms to look for: 
• Itching and irritation in the scalp due to presence of lice
• Lice spreads from one infected person to another through:
   o Physical contact
   o Sharing combs, caps, pillows, etc.
• People living in unclean and crowded places are more prone to lice
Natural home remedy using almonds and lemon juice:
1. Peel and crush 10 almonds
2. Add 4 tbsp lemon juice
3. Mix well to make paste
4. Apply this paste on the scalp
5. Leave it for 30 min
6. Wash off thoroughly with normal water
Natural home remedy using onions:
1. Crush 5-7 onions
2. Press the paste on a sieve
3. Extract juice
4. Massage this juice on the scalp
5. Allow it to stay for 1 hr
6. Wash it off thoroughly with normal water
• Continue the treatment you are following for at least a week for lasting   relief
• Wash clothing, linen and other shared objects thoroughly with detergents since there is a risk of
   infestation through transmission

Natural Home Remedies for Dark Underarms

Dark Underarms:
• Dark underarms is an embarrassing condition which may affect one’s self-esteem
• It’s a cause of concern for many people
Symptoms to look for:
• Itching
• Excessive odour
• Darkening of skin is due to accumulation of dead skin cells under the skin
• This happens due to:
   o Harsh deodorants
   o Anti perspirants
   o Shaving
   o Using cosmetic products on the underarms
   o Hair removal creams
Natural home remedy using cucumber, lemon juice and turmeric powder:
1. Take a half peeled cucumber
2. Crush it to a paste
3. Press this paste on a sieve and extract juice
4. Take 1 tsp of this juice
5. Add 1 tsp lemon juice
6. Add tsp turmeric powder
7. Mix well
8. Apply on the affected area
9. Wash off after 20 min
10. Do this 4 times a week
Natural home remedy using sandalwood powder and rosewater:
1. Take 2 tsp sandalwood powder
2. Add 2 tsp rosewater
3. Massage on the underarms for 5 min
4. Wash off after 30 min
Natural home remedy using chickpea flour, lemon and yogurt:
1. Take 2 tbsp chickpea flour
2. Add 2 tbsp lemon juice to it
3. Add 2 tbsp yogurt
4. Mix well
5. Apply and massage for 5 min
6. Wash off after 2 hr
7. Place a cloth on your underarms to avoid contact with clothes

Natural Home Remedies for Peeling Skin

Peeling Skin:
• The outer layer of the skin suffers wear and tear due to:
   o Friction
   o Exposure to sun
   o Humidity
• Every month the old skin is replaced by a new one
   o During this time, peeling skin is normal
Symptoms to look for:
• Peeling skin becomes a problem when the condition becomes chronic and affects one frequently
• Eczema
• Sun burns
• Psoriasis
• Dry skin
Natural home remedy using cucumber: 
1. Peel and crush 1 cucumber to paste
2. Apply the paste on the affected area
3. Leave it for 15 min
4. Wash off with warm water
5. Do this regularly
Natural home remedy using mint leaves:
1. Crush a few washed mint leaves
2. Press on a sieve and extract their juice
3. Apply this juice on the peeled skin to keep it hydrated
This is highly effective for eczema and dermatitis patients.
Natural home remedy using turmeric, sandalwood, honey and olive oil:
1. Take 1 tsp turmeric powder
2. Add 1 tsp sandalwood powder
3. Add 1 tsp honey
4. Add olive oil to make a paste
5. Mix well
6. Apply on the affected area
7. Wash and dry after 30 min
• Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day
• Wear a sunscreen before stepping out in sun
• Use mild soap for bathing

Is Your Sunscreen Giving You The Full Protection Promised?

According to recent research from the Consumer Reports National Research Center that many sunscreens do not offer total guarantee that these products actually protect from certain harm rays of sun.

This research has total proof of it. It initially tested 20 different water resistant and broad spectrum sunscreens and their effectiveness. The main purpose was to check UVB radiation rays and UVA rays. These very raises cause sunburns. Along with sun burns, the UVA rays could lead to aged skin. When researchers started testing, they examined redness on skin (signs of UVB) and tanning (signs of UVA).

Usually sunscreen brands also claim SPF 20 and 50 protection, however these creams of formulas might not truly be shielding you as much as it claims.

According to an ABC report, “In its test of 20 sunscreens, Consumer Reports says it found that only two sunscreens provided the SPF promised on that label.”

“An SPF of 70 isn’t double the protection of an SPF of 35. … The FDA had considered at one point of capping the claims you can put on the bottle at 50 because it’s giving people a false sense of security.”

Though few products showed results and did exactly what was promised on the packaging but still large number of beauty experts don’t trust sunscreen and sunblock creams.

Moreover, Consumer Reports approves that 18 of the 20 suntan lotion they tried did not deliver the particular defense they guaranteed after being exposed to liquid.

Many still don’t bother to believe that this negative, yet true notion exists or not. They blindly follow their brands and don’t see any bad in sunscreens.

Nevertheless, the sunscreen is still one of the best resistances against UVA and UVB rays. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) indorses and recommends to use water-resistant and broad-spectrum protection with SPF 30.

According to Erica Kelly, who is M.D and an associate professor in the department of dermatology at the University of Texas Medical Branch, that though sunscreens protect you from ruthless rays of sun but why not go for natural protection by not exposing your body in the sun or at least avoid going out during midday. UV rays are strongest at that time of day which primary is the big reason of sun burns and aged skin.

The 5 Worst Foods for Your Skin

The 5 WORST Foods for Your Skin

Recent studies have shown that various foods which no doubt essential to keep a healthy life style, are no good for skin. Human skin has small tiny tissues which are very sensitive and prone to get different issues from eating and drinking various eatables.

“Healthy’ food that is marketed as low-fat and comes in a box (e.g. Lean Cuisine), is actually packed with sodium and should be avoided,” says top cosmetic physician Dr. Mitch Chasin, founder and medical director of Reflections Center for Skin and Body in New Jersey.

Moreover, our experts and dietitians have prepared a worthwhile list tell to you more about worst foods for skin if you want your exterior to surely spark and sparkle.


Experts suggest that you should always pay through responsiveness to food labels as it will give you better idea that how plentiful sugar is in certain product.

Redness and inflammation will continue and be constant factors if sugar isn’t removed from the diet.



Research linking the eating of dairy products suggest as dairy products should not be taken if you suffer from acne or pimples. This research was done by Alan Dattner, MD, a holistic dermatologist who is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).

Cystic breakouts, in other words, pimples come out when you intake too much dairy products. However, by carefully using milk, butter and eggs etc. could greatly help to get fair smooth skin.



Processed Foods:
Food made with different flavoring, seasonings, additives and preservatives is called processed food. It includes white bread, chips, french fries, soda, and candy etc. Basically these foods effect on your blood sugar levels and stimulate hormones to towards unnecessary oil production which ultimately block pores bringing wrinkles on the skin.



Drinks that contains caffeine dehydrates you. This dehydration process bring bad effects on your skins. It reduces skin’s elasticity and collagen making skin additional prone to bending and fine lines.


Shrimp, crab, and lobster are superfluous with saltish iodine. And that iodine often leads to clogged pores and pimple.

“Foods that are high in salt are very bad for the skin, because salt can cause us to retain water, which results in swelling,” says Dr. Chasin. This usually affects the skin around the eyes, giving us a puffy look. Salt can also lead to high blood pressure, which affects collagen.


7 Things You Never Knew About Your Nails

Nails are considered girl’s one of the best beauty accessories. However, most girls tend to take nails for granted. According to Jessica Krant, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist, founder of Art of Dermatology and an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in New York City,

“The nail plate (hard part of the nail) grows out from the matrix (the root) in a shape something like an ocean wave, the white portion of the nail at the base (most easily visible at the thumbs) is called the lunula (little moon). This is the end of the matrix showing.”

Nevertheless, the manicure, broken fingernail or stubbed toe, are essential choruses but still our beauty experts have fine tips for you to make your nails more beautiful and charming to tell you in more detail about certain important things you never knew about your nails.

Cuticles Are There for a Reason:
Removing your cuticles is no good as they actually protect your fingers from any type of infection. This notion is also backed by dermatologist Jessica Krant, M.D., assistant clinical professor of dermatology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. According to her, clipping or picking cuticle could open the shielding block and permits moistness and bacteria into the body.

Nails and Hair Are Made of Similar Components:
This is true that like hair, nails are too made of similar components called keratin. Nails have thin layer of keratin and most importantly, most of the surface of our body especially palms and soles has small thin layers of keratin. Kerith E. Spicknall, M.D., assistant professor of dermatology at the University Of Cincinnati College Of Medicine has also studied human hair and nails thoroughly and concluded that we should equally give importance to hair and nail to remain subtle and attractive.

Nails Grow Faster on Your Dominant Hand:
According to Adrienne Blanks, a licensed nail technician and creator of the eco-friendly nail polish line, that our nails grow faster on our dominant hand. For instance, if you are right-handed, it is believed that your right hand’s nails grow faster than left hand.

They Also Grow Faster in Warmer Climates:
People living in different parts with higher temps incline to have nails that develop and grow faster as compare to low temperatures. Shel Pink, founder of the company SpaRitual, also indorses this opinion and approved that nails also grow faster in warmer climates.

Trips to the Salon Can Damage Your Nails:
Too often manicure and pedicure could damage your nails. According to Spicknall, when pastes and punitive substances and chemicals are used in acrylic and gel polishes, it could strip coatings off of the nails leaving them fragile.

Your Nails Can Tip You Off to Other Health Issues:
Believe it or not, changed nails shape, color, thickness could be a sign of some inner or outer body problems. Christy Rose, owner of the bath and body company KBShimmer, says, that always keep an eye on your health by keeping an eye on your nails.

What You Eat Can Impact How Your Nails Look:
Usually nails grow two or three millimeters a month and this also denotes that your particular eating habits are directly related with the outlook of your nails. Christy Rose also recommends that boosting keratin production by adopting a good diet plan is very necessary for healthy nails.

How to Have a Gorgeous Face without All the Work

If you are looking to get perfect, unspoiled, and gorgeous skin, surely you have landed on a right page. Just follow our experts’ these below tips with simple step by step guidelines and get gorgeous skin in no time.

1-Removing Dark Circles Using Spoons:
Dark circles look really ugly and often puts you in a narrow position leaving loose bags under eyes. Though there are many ways to remove dark circles, but using some of natural ways and not using any specific cosmetics to remove these dark circles is certainly considered more long lasting and effective.

Using cold spoons to remove dark circles is one of those very ideas which would make sure that you get a gorgeous looking face without any tough work. Take two metal spoons and put it into freezer for almost thirty to forty minutes. After taking out both spoons, put them under your eyes and wait for a minute or two. Cold spoons give your under eyes skin a good supply of moisturizer thrust that provides an extra shield protecting against dark circles to appear.

People often believe that lack of sleep might cause dark circles but in reality, lack of moisture cause dark circles. Beauty experts also suggest that don’t use a facial moisturizer under your eyes, in its place, you can use a moisturizer particularly for under eyes or an eye primer.

2-Keeping Skin from Becoming Chapped:
If you are suffering from cold, try not to let your nose dry or chapped. Using a little carmex with your fingertip and apply it on the tip of your nose to avoid any further dryness.

3-Don’t Just Use One Acne Treatment:
Experiment a little with your acne treatment and you will see more effective results. Do not just stick to one treatment instead, try out a few and discover satisfactory blend for best skin.

4-Worrying too Much About Your Eyebrows:
Worrying too much about your eyebrows is no good at all instead, go easy and take time to give them desirable shape for a more prominent and gorgeous looking face. Also, do not pluck your eyebrows without any reason. Even while giving a proper shape, keep it to the minimum to keep a thick looking eye area.

5-Shape Your Nose:
Using a little primer and right skin toner will provide an extra hand to shape your nose according to your desire even without surgery. Take a skin toner or primer that matches your skin tone. Now run it down with the help of finger against the sides of your nose and then smear the toner to dissolve the form into the rest of your face. You will surprise to see that how effective this method is as in no time, you could have your desirable nose shape.

How To Have a Baby Soft Face

If your skin is uneven, coarse or bumpy and most importantly dry to touch, you could well need proper attention to get a soothing soft baby like skin for a fresher and attractive appearance. Following our experts below few simple steps would certainly help you get baby soft skin in no time.

Wear a Head Band:
First, you need to put on a head band. Head band will help you to keep all hair out of your face.

Wash Hands:
Wash hands thoroughly before touching your face.

Use a Dove Cream Bar:
Dove cream bar is considered one of the best soaps which has few chemicals usage. It helps you get soft and clean skin. Before applying soap on face, make little white bubble soap mask using your both hands. Now apply on your face and leave it for two minutes.

Caressing Little Harder:
Caressing little harder with your finger especially greasy areas of your face particularly around sides of nose is a good practice.

Washing Soap with Hot Water:
Wash out soap with hot water that will help clean pores from inside. After washing with hot water, now wash face with cold water to get a fresh cool sensation. Always remember, hot and then cold water.

Dry Face with Soft Towel:
After cleaning face with cold water, now dry it with soft towel. Sometimes, hard towel could cause various rashes on skin so to avoid any type of trouble, always use a soft towel.

Scrubbing with Brown Sugar:
Scrubbing with brown sugar is a good idea to get a soft clean skin with no time. You can also use olive oil in brown sugar to boost the effectiveness of this homemade scrub. Applying this scrub on your face once a week would certainly increase its liveliness and smoothness.

5 Ways to Lose 15 Pounds

Losing extra bulk is certainly a hot topic but many at times, all our efforts are not directed to a tested routine. Recently a renowned women’s company has published some very informative books which unquestionably will help you to adopt different lifestyle plans which basically tend to spread awareness concerning losing weight.

The 8-Hour Diet:
By exploring this book, you will understand the importance of eight-hour diet routine. The idea is to explain, that you need to eat first eight hours and skip eating for rest of the time. It’s a 12 to 16 hour window in which you will be burning fat swiftly.

Wheat Belly Diet:
“Lose the wheat, lose the weight”. This book helps you understand that today’s wheat is made from today’s hybridized wheat crops. These hybridized crops have a high tendency to increase LDL (“bad” cholesterol) levels. Experts say, this also works as an appetite stimulant.

The Sugar Smart Diet:
Sugar smart diet is one of the great ways to lose fifteen pounds instantly. Sugar has tons of calories which help weight gain but by controlling sugar intake, you can naturally shed weight.

The Body Reset Diet:
Body reset diet means that you consume fiber in large amount. Drink smoothies as well as it is a great source of healthy fiber and deliver nourishment and metabolism-boosting energy.

The Body Fat Breakthrough:
Exercise is the key in every diet routine. Doing lowering parts strength training will boost your metabolism. With consistent exercise, take a diet having 50 percent carbohydrates, 25 percent protein, and 25 percent fats to get best results.

5 Minutes to Tight, Toned Abs  

Getting tight and toned abs in five minutes is possible but it is linked directly with one’s own fortitude and desire to get a beautiful and well-shaped body. Jaime Morales, who is a group fitness instructor at Equinox, also claims that it is possible but it is also important that whatever the routines laid by experts, you need total attention to exercise exactly the way it is required.

Reverse Plank:
Reverse plank is one of the most effective exercises to get tight and toned abs in no time. Laying down on your back and keeping your abs tight while lifting feet and legs is a good way to start in order to get a well-shaped body in little time.

Again lying down on your back with your legs straightforward and clicking your heels together for a few seconds would put a slight strong pressure on your abs area. Repeat this work out for few times and see how effective this exercise is to get tight and toned abs.

This exercise would put pressure on your back as well as on abs. Laying down on your back with hands behind the head would create a crunch type feeling around your belly area and in little time you will see a major improvement around abs’ skin.

Along with these three, our experts have listed these five major moves as well to get you tight and toned abs in just five minutes.     

Here are the five moves:

1. Braced Squat

2. Alternating Dumbbell Press

3. Single Leg Row

4. Dumbbell Carry

5. Reverse Lunge with Raise

The Sneaky Health Clues You Can Spot in Your Smile

Our mouth is considered a direct spot-light to the rest of our body and that is why it is very important to treat this part carefully. Brushing your teeth is the foremost care what anyone could do. Doing a quick rinse with mouthwash is also very essential but on a larger scale, specific hypothetically severe health concerns still lingers which could cause to someone with major self-confidence loss.

Gregg Lituchy, who is a cosmetic dentist at Lowenberg & Lituchy in NYC, says, “There is an association between inflammation of the gum tissue and inflammatory processes in other parts of the body”.

She further says and explains, “Bacteria that lives in our saliva can enter the bloodstream through tiny blood vessels in the gum tissue, bacteria in the mouth form colonies and stick to the tooth at the gum line in the form of plaque, If plaque is not removed daily through brushing and flossing, these bacteria can enter the tiny blood vessels in the bleeding gums and travel to other parts of the body.”

According to Lituchy’ concerns, she is quite right here that even though we brush our teeth regularly, if bacteria gets into our body, the consistent inside destruction would cause many other issues. Thinking more hypothetically about it, it makes further sense that mouth is factually a straight connection to insides. So the sticky bad breath thrives and will easily go growing everywhere.

Another expert, Sally Cram, who is D.D.S. and a periodontist based in Washington D.C, says, “Research has shown that there is an association between oral problems and serious health conditions in the rest of your body.”.

Along with other potential issues, bad breath causes due to a buildup of bacteria-and a signal you required to be extra watchful with your toothbrush.

Concerning bad breath issues, Laughter, who is a registered dental hygienist in Napa, CA, says, “Brush and floss thoroughly using light-not aggressive-pressure, and use a tongue scraper to clean the back of the tongue, merely rubbing your tongue with your toothbrush won’t be enough to combat bacteria that are responsible for halitosis.”

The experts have agreed that such complications also indicate that someone has a respiratory disease, post-nasal drip, uncontrolled diabetes, gastric reflux, or kidney failure which necessitate an exceptional consideration.