5 Ways to Lose 15 Pounds

Losing extra bulk is certainly a hot topic but many at times, all our efforts are not directed to a tested routine. Recently a renowned women’s company has published some very informative books which unquestionably will help you to adopt different lifestyle plans which basically tend to spread awareness concerning losing weight.

The 8-Hour Diet:
By exploring this book, you will understand the importance of eight-hour diet routine. The idea is to explain, that you need to eat first eight hours and skip eating for rest of the time. It’s a 12 to 16 hour window in which you will be burning fat swiftly.

Wheat Belly Diet:
“Lose the wheat, lose the weight”. This book helps you understand that today’s wheat is made from today’s hybridized wheat crops. These hybridized crops have a high tendency to increase LDL (“bad” cholesterol) levels. Experts say, this also works as an appetite stimulant.

The Sugar Smart Diet:
Sugar smart diet is one of the great ways to lose fifteen pounds instantly. Sugar has tons of calories which help weight gain but by controlling sugar intake, you can naturally shed weight.

The Body Reset Diet:
Body reset diet means that you consume fiber in large amount. Drink smoothies as well as it is a great source of healthy fiber and deliver nourishment and metabolism-boosting energy.

The Body Fat Breakthrough:
Exercise is the key in every diet routine. Doing lowering parts strength training will boost your metabolism. With consistent exercise, take a diet having 50 percent carbohydrates, 25 percent protein, and 25 percent fats to get best results.

5 Minutes to Tight, Toned Abs  

Getting tight and toned abs in five minutes is possible but it is linked directly with one’s own fortitude and desire to get a beautiful and well-shaped body. Jaime Morales, who is a group fitness instructor at Equinox, also claims that it is possible but it is also important that whatever the routines laid by experts, you need total attention to exercise exactly the way it is required.

Reverse Plank:
Reverse plank is one of the most effective exercises to get tight and toned abs in no time. Laying down on your back and keeping your abs tight while lifting feet and legs is a good way to start in order to get a well-shaped body in little time.

Again lying down on your back with your legs straightforward and clicking your heels together for a few seconds would put a slight strong pressure on your abs area. Repeat this work out for few times and see how effective this exercise is to get tight and toned abs.

This exercise would put pressure on your back as well as on abs. Laying down on your back with hands behind the head would create a crunch type feeling around your belly area and in little time you will see a major improvement around abs’ skin.

Along with these three, our experts have listed these five major moves as well to get you tight and toned abs in just five minutes.     

Here are the five moves:

1. Braced Squat

2. Alternating Dumbbell Press

3. Single Leg Row

4. Dumbbell Carry

5. Reverse Lunge with Raise

The Sneaky Health Clues You Can Spot in Your Smile

Our mouth is considered a direct spot-light to the rest of our body and that is why it is very important to treat this part carefully. Brushing your teeth is the foremost care what anyone could do. Doing a quick rinse with mouthwash is also very essential but on a larger scale, specific hypothetically severe health concerns still lingers which could cause to someone with major self-confidence loss.

Gregg Lituchy, who is a cosmetic dentist at Lowenberg & Lituchy in NYC, says, “There is an association between inflammation of the gum tissue and inflammatory processes in other parts of the body”.

She further says and explains, “Bacteria that lives in our saliva can enter the bloodstream through tiny blood vessels in the gum tissue, bacteria in the mouth form colonies and stick to the tooth at the gum line in the form of plaque, If plaque is not removed daily through brushing and flossing, these bacteria can enter the tiny blood vessels in the bleeding gums and travel to other parts of the body.”

According to Lituchy’ concerns, she is quite right here that even though we brush our teeth regularly, if bacteria gets into our body, the consistent inside destruction would cause many other issues. Thinking more hypothetically about it, it makes further sense that mouth is factually a straight connection to insides. So the sticky bad breath thrives and will easily go growing everywhere.

Another expert, Sally Cram, who is D.D.S. and a periodontist based in Washington D.C, says, “Research has shown that there is an association between oral problems and serious health conditions in the rest of your body.”.

Along with other potential issues, bad breath causes due to a buildup of bacteria-and a signal you required to be extra watchful with your toothbrush.

Concerning bad breath issues, Laughter, who is a registered dental hygienist in Napa, CA, says, “Brush and floss thoroughly using light-not aggressive-pressure, and use a tongue scraper to clean the back of the tongue, merely rubbing your tongue with your toothbrush won’t be enough to combat bacteria that are responsible for halitosis.”

The experts have agreed that such complications also indicate that someone has a respiratory disease, post-nasal drip, uncontrolled diabetes, gastric reflux, or kidney failure which necessitate an exceptional consideration.

How to Cover and Control Oily Skin

Covering and controlling oily skin is certainly considered blessing in disguise. According to beauty experts and especially dermatologists say that oily skin is more prone to acne than normal or dry skin so in order to decrease skin oil, we have listed down some useful tips for our readers.


Choosing a Sensible Wash:
A good face cleanser makes sure that you do not have remains of dirt or components which incite acne or blemish. Use a facial cleanser that contains glycolic acid, tea tree oil or witch hazel, or all these three elements.


Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!
Moisturizing is another important part to decrease and control skin oil especially facial oil. Try to use cosmetics with anti-shine and oil-free formulas to protect skin from oiliness.


Apply a Face Mask 1-3 Times a Week:
Applying a facial mask at-least once a week is very essential for your skin. It will help curing your oily skin and makes it more striking and elegant. Aztec clay mask is also considered particularly well for oily skin for long term results.


Carrying around Blotting Tissues:
To blot out shine on the go, use blotting tissues with you. One example of blotting tissue is tea tree blotting tissues.


Masks containing Aztec Clay:
Try to use masks that contain Aztec clay. This unique substance has great oil soaking up abilities as well as the excess sebum on face.


Ditch the Greasy Foods:
Avoid greasy foods such as fries, fatty burgers and other junk foods. Junk food is most dangerous for you as it could trigger acne.


Don’t Powder:
Don’t use foundation too much. Generally foundations have oil ingredients giving you more trouble to control facial oil.

How to Make Your Own Beauty & Skincare Products

Making your own beauty products is a good idea to get more exquisiteness tranquility. Sometimes, people tend to think that majority of cosmetics are not good due to the process in which lots of chemicals are used and most of the chemicals harms skin in various different ways. So in order to cope with this type of particular doubt, our experts have essential tips for you which will help you make your own beauty products in a quite easy manner.

1FACIAL SCRUB. You can make a good facial scrub by using a handful of grapes. After removing the skin of grapes, separate their pulp from the juice first and add 1 tablespoon almond flour to enhance its richness.

2FACIAL SCRUB. Oatmeal and water scrub is great way to get clear skin. Get some handful of oatmeal and squeeze tightly in your hand. Use warn water to get it wet. Scrub your face with it. To get great results use it as your face wash.

3- FACIAL MASK. You can also make a very effective facial mask by using honey and banana. To try first, mash one banana with a spoon and mix 3 tablespoon of honey. Apply this mixture on your face and leave it for 10 minutes to get best results.

4- SKIN SOFTENING. To get a skin softening bath, add ¼ cup of honey and 1 cup of milk and add into warm bathwater to get this soothing fine feeling.

5- MOISTURIZING FACE MASK. With honey, you can also make a good moisturizing face mask to get striking beautiful skin. Cover your neck and face with honey and leave it on the skin for 15 minutes and rinse it off with a clean lukewarm water to get calming soft look.

6- ASTRINGENT. Make a swift facial mask with apples and pears. Grate a large apple and a pear and mix it with 1 tablespoon of honey. Apply mask for 10 to 15 minutes.

7- FACE MASK. You can also use yogurt as a face mask to get rid of redness & sunburn in only 15 minutes. Apply whole milk yogurt on your face and leave it for 15 minutes.

8- ASTRINGENT (ALOE VERA GEL). Aloe Vera gel is great conditioner to get strong & thick hair. Massage on your scalp and leave it for 10-15 minutes then rinse.

9- Using baking soda to your shampoo is very essential to remove hair buildup. It helps loosen blackheads as well. Use baking soda and water and create a good fine mixture. Apply the mixture until its dry then rinse of  to get soothing bright skin.

10- EX-FOLIANT. To make an excellent facial ex-foliant at home, mix I tablespoon of sugar in olive oil and use it as a body exfoliation agent. To apply on whole body use large proportion of ingredients. It can be use on lips to make them soft and smooth.

11- STRONG & SHINY HAIR. Eggs are great conditioner for hair. Mix two eggs in ¼ cup of vegetable oil and massage into hair and scalp area. Cover hair in plastic bag and leave it on overnight. In morning wash very well to avoid the smell of eggs and get great results.

Egg are also used as a face mask for oily skin. Apply egg white on face leave for 10-15 minutes until dry then rinse with cool water.

12- FACE SCRUB. Sugar and milk facial scrub is also very useful for dry dull skin. Add 2 tablespoon of sugar in 1 tablespoon of milk. Apply and leave it for 10 minutes then rinse.

13- FACE MASK (For Soft & Shiny Skin). Wet tea leaves are also considered best to get softer and silkier skin. Apply wet tea leaves on your face and wait for 15 minutes. Apply moisturizer later for great results.

14FOR SHINY & SILKY HAIR. Apply apple cider vinegar after shampoo to get shiny & silky hair.

Beauty Habits That Give You Wrinkles

No doubts that wrinkles are part of aging. However, sometimes it has nothing to do with age but on a larger scale, it tends to indicate that beauty bad habits are giving you such discomfiture like continuous appearance wrinkles. Conversely, medical and beauty experts have listed down some habits which incline giving you wrinkles.

Smoking is not a good habit at all if you are a beauty conscious person since it is the most common foundation of wrinkles and fine lines. “There have been studies of twins that showed proof of this in stunning detail,” says Joel Schlessinger, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon and founder of LovelySkin.com. “So skip cigarettes and lose the wrinkles!”

Do not compromise on your diet. It is the basic essential to remain fit and strong yet healthy and spirited. Roshini Rajapaksa also indorses this notion, who is M.D., a gastroenterologist, balanced health advocate, and co-founder of TULA, says, “Through a damaging process called glycation, sugar molecules attach to the proteins in your skin (including collagen), causing them to become stiff and malformed,” “This results in a loss of facial elasticity, as well as contours, puffiness, and fine lines. Refined sugar and other simple carbohydrates also trigger inflammation throughout the body by causing insulin levels to skyrocket. Inflammation produces enzymes that break down collagen and elastin, which leads to sagging and wrinkles.”

Alcohol is no good for your skin. It dehydrates skin badly and cause wrinkles.  The entire process involving dehydrating of skin is beautiful explained by James C. Marotta, who is M.D., a dual-board-certified facial plastic surgeon, “Additionally, alcohol can have a huge negative impact on your vitamin A level, which is a very important antioxidant for your skin and body, and it is vital in the regeneration of new cells. Vitamin A is also extremely important in the production of collagen. When you have lower amounts of collagen, you lose elasticity in your skin,”

Chewing Gum:
Joel Schlessinger, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon and founder of LovelySkin.com, says, “Gum chewing produces a type of wrinkle that I see quite often on the lower mouth,”  Moreover, it effects other concerns in the mouth construction while it is not difficult to avoid this habit to prevent skin for further destruction.

Not Removing Makeup:
If you are not removing makeup properly, it will certainly cause wrinkles on your skin. On the other hand, if you are sleeping with your makeup on, means you are asking for wrinkles. Both conditions have large tendency to cause wrinkles and fine lines.

Do not pick or pull from skin. It causes irritation and inside damage leading to a more destructive damage and more importantly even wrinkles.

Stretching Your Skin to Apply Makeup:
Stretching your skin to apply makeup is no good for you especially if you are ore conscious about wrinkles. Makeup artist Donna Kelly says and explains about stretching skin to apply makeup, “You should do your makeup how everyone else is going to see you, and hopefully it’s not with your mouth stretched opened and eyebrows lifted so you can put on your mascara, don’t pull on your eyes and stretch them so you can put on your eyeliner. It’s about moving your whole face when you’re applying makeup, not stretching it so it’s flat.”

Skipping Sunscreen:
Regarding skipping sunscreen, Debra Jaliman, who is M.D., a New York-based dermatologist and author of Skin Rules, says “Wear sunscreen every day, rain or shine, so that you don’t get sun damage. Choose an SPF 30 and one that has zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.”

Sunscreen is very important for every type of skin. You just cannot make choices which largely damage your skin leading it to wrinkles and fine lines.

Sleep well for a healthy lifestyle but sleeping correctly with right body action is equally important to avoid wrinkles in the long run. “It’s best to sleep on a satin pillowcase that slides across your face,” says dermatologist Jaliman. “The other alternative is to sleep on your back.”


The 10 Biggest Face-Washing Mistakes

Sometimes face washing practices need to be changed for a better and fine face washing outcomes. Improper face washing could lead to bitter skin woes like dehydration, irritation along with extra oiliness and sometime skin breakouts. However, experts have listed some important face washing mistakes that could help ease skin problems on a larger scale.

Dr. Jeannette Graf, M.D., assistant clinical professor of dermatology at The Mount Sinai Medical Center also see judgmentally about the common face washing mistakes and tries to help for occurring any skin complications.

Picking the Wrong Product:
Picking the wrong product is the foremost mistake which people tend to make and which often contribute to different skin problems. The right cleanser for any skin type is the key to clean and remove extra oil. Usually women do not pick right cleansers and every so often, find themselves with diverse skin issues.

Along with emphases on picking the right product for face washing, expert and dermatologist Graf also raises his voice for choosing the right washcloth. According to Dr. Graf, “Either wash the washcloth every single day or use a new one each time you wash your face. Washcloths can redeposit dirt and grime right back to your skin. “I’d prefer people use their fingers, with your hands, you know how much pressure you’re using, but with cloths and such, you can be too rough.”

Overdoing It:
Don’t overdo anything. Washing twice a day is enough. But usually when you feel more conscious about your face and start overdoing with anything related washing and cleansing, you actually asking for more skin trouble.

Using the Wrong Water Temp:
Water temperature is another thing that should not be ignored. Usually with experts’ point of view, lukewarm water is best to clean skin with more effectiveness and hygiene.

Exfoliating Too Much:
Exfoliating is also good for skin. But here again, this is to be carefully perceived that moderation in exfoliating is the key to get best results. Too much exfoliating is not a good face washing practice as it puts more pressure on pulling and tugging of skin.

Not Rinsing Well Enough:
Always rinse thoroughly to get a more fresh and healthy look. Sometimes not rinsing well creates to residue build up and clog pores.

Using Irritating Ingredients:
Beauty experts says do not advocate the use of irritating components such as colognes, dyes, and artificial additives such as parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate. These irritating ingredients tend to lead more destructing skin with allergic reactions.

Towel Rubbing:
For a better and more striking skin, carefully follow experts’ suggestion in which they strongly denounce any type of harsh touch or rubbing on the face. This practice basically tugs and pulls skin that could result in a more risky consequence.

Waiting to Moisturize:
Waiting till your skin is totally dehydrated will create it steadier for the lively components to sink into your skin and can effect skin to feel oily or sticky.

Spending a Fortune:
Do not spend all the money on different new cleansing products. Choose wisely specific cleansing products and use it properly for a more better and effective way

Fearing Oils:
Earlier, skin oil was measured as pore-clogging nemesis but now researchers are changing their opinion on this notion. Sometimes oil itself gives you great relief fighting with oily skin. So you can even use cleansing product that has oily components in it for better cleansing and scrubbing.

Wash face twice a day:
Washing face twice a day is also very important to get a smooth subtle and nourished face. Dr. Graf says, “You should wash your face twice a day. Once in the morning when you wake up to remove the dirt and bacteria that gathers on your face while you’re sleeping, then again at night to take off makeup and the grime collected throughout the day.”

5 Signs You Should Be Eating More Protein

According to famous Dawn Jackson Blatner, R.D., who is author of The Flexitarian Diet, says, “We aren’t known as a country that’s low in protein, these days, most of the hot fad diets are very pro-protein.”

Jackson Blatner is right with her claims that we do eat lots of protein but still on a contrary to her own theory, she also describes that still majority of people, who somehow are vegetarians or are on some kind of diet plan, do lack the essentials of protein.

“But despite our national preoccupation with protein, some of us are still slipping through the cracks—namely vegetarians or people who tend to under-eat.” says Blatner. “If somebody is eating a 2,000-calorie diet, it could be 50 grams to 150 grams of protein per day.”

With a precise research and complete attention, experts however, have listed down major visible signs that will help you know better as if you need more protein to intake.

You Crave Sweets:
Lack of protein would generate an impulse desire for a healthy full meal. “One of the first signs you’re low on protein: You start craving sweets and feel like you’re never quite full,” says Blatner.

“If all you ate in the morning was a handful of cereal, you’re going to get energy right away, then your energy is going to wane,” she further explains. “That up-and-down is where cravings come in.” Lack of protein also suggests that your glucose level is down while protein is the key that keeps your blood sugar steady.

Your Brain Feels Foggy:
Stable body fluid plus sugar is vital for everyone while protein is the main element that helps you stay focus. Sometimes when you experience protein deficiency, your brain feels foggy. Protein also serves brain but when brain does not get a normal or an appropriate stream of protein, it reacts with short eruptions of mental energy.

Your Hair is Falling Out:
“If your hair follicles are strong, they keep your hair on your head, despite the tugging we do all day and the wind going through your hair,” says Blatner. Protein truly is the constructing block that helps grow hair with an efficient way. However, when you feel that your hair is falling out, that is the time when you should worry about the protein intake.

You Feel Weak:
Feeling week is another sign of protein deficiency. With a rational point of view, if your muscles start to shrink over time, the consequent notion certainly dictates that your body if definitely facing protein deficiency.

You Get Sick Constantly:
Getting sick constantly is a big sign that tends to say that you are lacking with an essential element known as protein. “Protein is needed to build all the compounds in our immune systems, our skin is a huge immune organ because it protects us from the environment.”states Blatner.

How to Lose Weight without Skipping Meals

Losing weight without skipping meals is a great way to stay fit and all together, it also helps you keep your figure in a great shape. For better explanation, our experts have listed some useful tips for you on losing weight without skipping meals

Constantly sitting down for longer periods:
Avoid constantly sitting down for longer periods. This habit or routine tends to gain weight at a rapid pace.

Starving Yourself:
Do not starve yourself. Starving could incline to prove otherwise for you. Instead, eat three time a day.

Eating Sugary Foods:
Eating sugary foods is not a good idea at all. More sugar means more calories, more fats. Along with sugary foods, do not eat buns and pizza etc. to avoid extra intake of fats and cholesterol.

Try drinking more Water:
Drinking more water is a good idea. Experts say that sometimes its not appetite that gives you sensations and cravings but you are actually thirsty that is why you feel an urge to eat.

Eat More Fruit:
Fruits are great source of fiber. Fruits also give fuller feeling and have less fats than other foods.

A good daily Walk:
Going for daily walk is a great idea lose weight without skipping your meals. Making daily walk a habit will help burn fats quickly.

Put on your favorite songs and dance:
Dancing on your favorite songs is another great way to reduce weight without skipping meals.

Try out a few push up everyday:
Push-ups and few other this type of exercises will help you stay fit and healthy.


Aging Skin Makeup Solutions

Ageing is a natural process and with time to time, we should also revisit our approach as how we look. Makeup. Coming to makeup, we should also realize that it will not settle for one particular individual what worked decades ago. With growing age, makeup trends and its approaches also change and one should adapt these changes quickly to look more attractive and stylish.

Hiding Fine Lines and Wrinkles:
Sometimes with wrong makeup choices, fine lines and wrinkles around eyes get more visible. It happens due to overdoing the particular area with makeup. Experts and beauty specialists highly recommend that along with new makeup trends, use of good moisturizer and inside hydration of skin is also very important.

Beauty expert for television shows such as Extreme Makeover and TLC’s 10 Years Younger, says, Lowe says, “After you wash your face in the morning, apply moisturizer while the skin is damp. That will plump it up and even it out, helping makeup glide on. Start with a silicone-based eye serum that will gel to the concealer and prevent it from slipping, Packing on the makeup to cover lines or dark circles will bring out the creases.”

She further says, “Focus on your bone structure to lift the face, Give yourself a youthful look by using lighter and darker shades to make hard lines soft and soft lines hard.”

How to Brighten Aging Skin:
Bright skin looks more fresh and attractive. It’s a natural process that when we are young, our skin seems brighter than ever. But as we age, our skin’s shine decrease with a rapid pace. However, there are many cosmetics available in the market that makes skin more bright and full of shine. Use warm colors cosmetics help brighten up skin. Experts suggest that apply a foundation that is a half-shade lighter than your particular skin tone.

Beauty expert Lowe says, “You know the saying, ‘an ounce of prevention, Take care of your skin at any age.”

Soften Your Colors:
Softening colors is also a good idea. Another famous beauty expert Winton, says regarding softening colors, “You don’t want bright, vibrant colors that call attention to the eyes, lips, or cheeks because they will draw attention to damage and not blend with the skin, you can still stay with the harmony of your hair and eye color, just do it with softer colors.”

Eyes are also a major part of your great appearance. Wear light color mascara around eyes such as light brown or grey.

Beauty expert Lowe says, “I’m a sucker for soft tones. I use them on everyone, I like neutrals and pastels and find they complement aging skin well.”

Plump Lips:
Making lips look full again will enhance your overall appearance. Wearing lip colors like peach and beige with a hint of lip glosses and tawny liners certainly will help make lips appear fuller and more distinct. Beauty experts Lowe also recommends and says, “Most people use the pencil to outline the lips first, this creates too much definition in the lining of the lip. Instead, use color first and then line the lip. It gives it a softer line that is still defined.”


The Truth about Beauty Product Dangers

Pretty Poison or Harmless Cosmetic?

Recently experts have shown researches that tell us that most beauty products are not safe for our skin and body. Beauty products have long list of components and ingredients which are used in these products, cosmetics etc. Though sometimes these awareness headlines are often based on hype, but still if we go deep and get to know the real truth behind, surely it will motivate us to go for the alternatives to diminish the destructions using chemical beauty products.


Concern: Keratin Straighteners:
Keratin hair treatments usually promise to deliver silky, smooth hair but these treatments have a healthy part based on chemicals. However, the companies providing these treatments do not advertise of high concentrations chemicals in most treatments. Formaldehyde is one of such chemicals in these keratin straighteners that can cause cancer as well.


Option: Conditioner and Flat Iron:
A good conditioner is better for hair. Not only it will help fight frizz by counterbalancing the impact of electrical energy. On the other hand, for straightening hair in a more effective way, a flat iron can do best for you. It will kinks out curly hair naturally while with safe hair products, you can tame a frizzy look.


Concern: Permanent Hair Dye:
Using permanent hair dye could be a great risk. Though conflicting studies are available, but still many researchers believe that permanent hair dyes cause cancer.


Option: Plant-Based Hair Dyes:
Plant-based hair dyes such as henna and vegetable dyes have rather less effect but since these dyes have no harsh chemicals, you can sure about your physical condition. Using plant based dyes have drawbacks too but still these dyes are worth to use in comparison to permanent hair dyes.


Concern: Crazy Contacts:
Contact lenses with crazy bright colors can cause real problems. These contact lenses need proper care and if something goes wrong, you can suffer from any eye injury or any major eye infection that can lead to vision loss.


Option: Rx Colored Lenses:
Asking a licensed eye professional about colored lenses is a good idea. He might suggest you a proper eye checkup before recommending any colored lens. And always try to follow your doctor’s instructions to avoid harming your eyes.


Concern: Prescription Eyelash Serum:
Asking your doctor for any type of prescription drug which give you long, flirty eyelashes is a good idea. This drug has also side effects. After using for a long period, you could experience skin darkness around your eyes.


Option: Eyelash Extensions:
Eyelash extensions can help you get long-lashed looks. But be careful that this types of extensions can irritate the eyelids badly. That might cause an allergic reaction that linked to serious injury, including blindness.


Concern: Hydroquinone:
Hydroquinone is a famous skin lightener. Doctors prescribe this drug for reducing age spots or dark patches on skin. One major flaw of this drug is that it can cause skin discoloration.


Option: Laser Skin Resurfacing:
Laser skin resurfacing treatments are to remove the top layer of skin. With laser skin resurfacing, age spots can be removed dramatically. This procedure is done with extreme precision by expert dermatologist.


Concern: Tanning Beds:
Tanning beds are no good for skin. Consistent use of tanning beds can cause melanoma and skin cancer while since tanning beds mainly emit UVA rays, you may experience wrinkles and brown spots on skin.



Option: Sunless Tanning Products:
Sunless tanning lotions can be used as it creates a temporary tan. DHA is the main substance in tanning products that largely helps people to get a fake tan just for inner satisfaction. DHA is also a FDA-approved chemical.


Concern: Nail Salon Hazards:
Manicure products have large range of chemicals. Manicure products formaldehyde, phthalates, acetone, or toluene chemicals which are not good for skin at all. These chemical may irritate the skin, eyes, nose, and respiratory tract.


Option: Minimize Risks:
Cleanliness is one of the major things to observe in any salon. You can certainly minimize the risks by checking and inspecting the salon’s cleanliness. Beauty expert also recommends that don’t shave your legs before a pedicure and also see that whether any salon is obeying laws for cleanliness or not.


Concern: Phthalates:
Phthalates are known chemicals. These chemicals are used to make certain products extra supple. The usage of these chemicals is also found in beauty products such as nail polish, shampoo, and soap. Some studies show that this chemical’s exposure especially during pregnancy could lead to irregular changes in male infants. But many also reject this research and do not think as phthalates pose any health risk.

Option: Phthalate-Free Products:
You can also use phthalate-free products to avoid any possible dangers of irregular changes in male infants during pregnancy. Look for the ingredients for the term phthalate, dibutylphthalate, dimethylphthalate, diethylphthalate, butyl ester, or plasticizer products which could reduce your overall exposure.


Concern: Parabens:
Parabens is also known as a preservative cosmetics. Many cosmetics like moisturizers and hair care products have high density of parabens. Many researchers say that actual parabens and its components have found in breast tumors. On the other hand, many experts still believe that its not a possibility that the amount of parabens in cosmetics could lead to cancer.

Option: Paraben-Free Cosmetics:
It is important that if you are worried about parabens, you can use parabens free cosmetics and enjoy your mental satisfaction. You can also use cosmetics brands which use vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate) as preservatives.


Amazing Ways to Decrease Wrinkles

Practicing good skin care basics are essential to decrease wrinkles. Though these are only few basics steps to follow but certainly it will help you for the longer periods if you practice it for your own good. Avoiding the sun is a good idea or wear sun screen if you go out. Smoking is certainly injurious especially to your skin. Use a good moisturizer for extra freshness and hydrated skin. Along with these simple tips, you can also decrease wrinkles by following our experts’ experiences and recommendations.

Sleeping On Your Back:


Sleeping in a particular position can lead to appear wrinkles on skin. These wrinkles that appear with sleeping issues are called sleep lines. To overcome these ugly looking sleep lines, sleep on your back and see how fast these lines disappear.

Eat More Fish like Salmon:


Salmon is a great source of protein for humans. It is also very essential for skin tissues to remain strong and healthy. The fatty acids in salmon also nourishes skin and keeps helping minimize wrinkles.

Wear Glasses:


Squinting sometimes form wrinkles around eyes. Wear reading glasses or if needed sunglasses. Glasses shield skin everywhere around eyes area especially from sun mutilation.

Slather On Alpha-hydroxy Acids (AHAs)

Slather On Alpha-hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are also called natural acids. These acids help lift away dead skin cells and this process leads to reduce wrinkles fine lines. Especially around the eyes, you will feel that these acids worked pretty fast to minimize ugly looking wrinkles.

Over Washing Your Face:


Over washing your face strips away skin’s moisture and natural oil. This moisture and oil defend skin against wrinkles. Nonetheless, use soap that has moisturizers and facial cleansers.

Vitamin C:


Vitamin C is considered skin’s best friend. This amazing vitamin has the ability to improve collagen production and defend against mutilated UVA and UVB rays. Ultimately vitamin c helps diminish dark spots and uneven skin tone and wrinkles.

Soy for Skin Care:


Soy improves skin appearance. Its double action formula not only repair skin’s dead cells but it also improves skin’s insistence and construction. Making the skin tone even, soy has great outcome reducing wrinkles and dark spots.

Use of Cocoa:


Cocoa has high levels of two antioxidants (epicatechin and catechin) which protect skin from sun damage. Many researchers and experts consider cocoa is best to improve blood flow to skin cells. It also helps in skin hydration and due to, it feels smoother and fresher.