Video Tutorial: Arisa’s Makeovers

A makeover is a term applied to changing one’s appearance, sometimes through cosmetics. Makeovers can range from something as simple as a new haircut. In this video from Arisa’s Makeovers, learn how to do change your appearance.

Photography by: Zeeshan Siddique
Makeup by:     Arisas Makeovers

Aging Skin Makeup Solutions

Ageing is a natural process and with time to time, we should also revisit our approach as how we look. Makeup. Coming to makeup, we should also realize that it will not settle for one particular individual what worked decades ago. With growing age, makeup trends and its approaches also change and one should adapt these changes quickly to look more attractive and stylish.

Hiding Fine Lines and Wrinkles:
Sometimes with wrong makeup choices, fine lines and wrinkles around eyes get more visible. It happens due to overdoing the particular area with makeup. Experts and beauty specialists highly recommend that along with new makeup trends, use of good moisturizer and inside hydration of skin is also very important.

Beauty expert for television shows such as Extreme Makeover and TLC’s 10 Years Younger, says, Lowe says, “After you wash your face in the morning, apply moisturizer while the skin is damp. That will plump it up and even it out, helping makeup glide on. Start with a silicone-based eye serum that will gel to the concealer and prevent it from slipping, Packing on the makeup to cover lines or dark circles will bring out the creases.”

She further says, “Focus on your bone structure to lift the face, Give yourself a youthful look by using lighter and darker shades to make hard lines soft and soft lines hard.”

How to Brighten Aging Skin:
Bright skin looks more fresh and attractive. It’s a natural process that when we are young, our skin seems brighter than ever. But as we age, our skin’s shine decrease with a rapid pace. However, there are many cosmetics available in the market that makes skin more bright and full of shine. Use warm colors cosmetics help brighten up skin. Experts suggest that apply a foundation that is a half-shade lighter than your particular skin tone.

Beauty expert Lowe says, “You know the saying, ‘an ounce of prevention, Take care of your skin at any age.”

Soften Your Colors:
Softening colors is also a good idea. Another famous beauty expert Winton, says regarding softening colors, “You don’t want bright, vibrant colors that call attention to the eyes, lips, or cheeks because they will draw attention to damage and not blend with the skin, you can still stay with the harmony of your hair and eye color, just do it with softer colors.”

Eyes are also a major part of your great appearance. Wear light color mascara around eyes such as light brown or grey.

Beauty expert Lowe says, “I’m a sucker for soft tones. I use them on everyone, I like neutrals and pastels and find they complement aging skin well.”

Plump Lips:
Making lips look full again will enhance your overall appearance. Wearing lip colors like peach and beige with a hint of lip glosses and tawny liners certainly will help make lips appear fuller and more distinct. Beauty experts Lowe also recommends and says, “Most people use the pencil to outline the lips first, this creates too much definition in the lining of the lip. Instead, use color first and then line the lip. It gives it a softer line that is still defined.”


8 Ways to Make Makeup Last on Oily Skin

Many people who have oily skin experience zits and other skin crusts and impurities on their skin. Though oily skin has benefits too as it gets less wrinkles and less fine lines but applying makeup is very difficult on oily skin as well. Here are some easy ways and ideas from makeup artists and a dermatologists to apply makeup on oily skin.

1. Prime Skin First:
Makeup primer is very essential for skin. If your skin tone is oily, a good primer will certainly help before wearing thick layer of makeup.  According to Los Angeles-based makeup artist Emily Kate Warren, the T-zones should be covered with an oil-free anti-shine primer to get best and lasting results of any makeup

2. Prep your Peepers:
Avoid priming near your eye areas. If you have an oily complexion, avoid priming your lids with concealer. It will make a more oily effect. Though many women continually use concealers for extra sensual looks but always try to use a primer specially designed for eyelids that make sure you don’t have extra oil instead absorbing characteristics make your glow more beautiful.

3. Overdoing Powder or Base:
Overdoing face powder or base on your skin tends to push more oil. A good mate finish shine face powder comparatively make you more attractive but its extra use is not good at all for people who have oily skin. Dampening a makeup sponge and blotting on powdered areas also diminish the extra moisture from skin.

4. Carry Blotting Papers:
Carrying blotting papers along with you is also a good idea.  These blotting sheets certainly lift out the oil from your skin. Press blotting sheets on skin’s oily areas and then roll it off your skin to wipe out all the extra oil from the skin.

5. Oil-Free Products:
Using oil free cosmetics is the single biggest investment for one who has oily skin. There are plenty of products available in the market which are not only oily free but oil free products have special substances which are beneficial for oily skins. Especially foundation and blush should be oil-free and noncomedogenic. Noncomedogenic products clog skin pores while glycolic acids help oil to stay on skin for longer periods.

6. Long Wear Products:
Water proof and water resistant skin cosmetics and products also called long wear products. The reason behind using long wear products is that water and oil can do same things to ruin makeup. Long wear eye products are also considered good as they also help with eyeliner and cream eye shadow over an eye primer.

7. Lighter Moisturizer:
A light moisturizer helps hydrate skin pores without being greasy. But before even applying any moisturizer, press your skin gently with a tissue paper to remove extra oil. It makes skin smoother and calmer before a good thick layer of makeup.

8. Treatment Mask to Reduce Excess Oil:
A good treatment mask is also very essential if you have oily skin. It’s also a part of improving skin efficiency for a good makeup applying routine. Nevertheless, masks that are made with kaolin or bentonite clay are best for oily skin. These types of masks naturally absorb oil and impurities making skin more attractive striking.

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