How to Choose the Best Night Cream

Choosing a best night cream is very important part if you are keen to make your skin more attractive, fresher and young. The idea of night cream is not new rather it needs to be addressed that how many women actually apply it as part of their skincare regimen. Not all night creams are made for certain type of skin type. Every kind has its benefits and disadvantages as well. And then, age also plays a vital role choosing a perfect night cream. A 20 year old girl has different skin tone and a 50 year old woman has different skin type.

Repair mechanisms:
Night cream helps transform skin while you sleep. Many night creams are available in the market but getting the right one is the most difficult task as every night cream is different from each other. These night creams are made for oily to dry and for normal skin tones. Skin’s biological process is different at night as well. While sleeping, skin’s natural repair mechanisms work with blood flow allowing night cream to enter into outer skin layer.

Two Main Ingredients in Best Night Creams 

AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids):
AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) is an active ingredient in night creams. Finding a night cream is much easier when you are aware that certain night cream has AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) in it or not. You can clearly see on ingredients side and determine whether your desired night cream has this active fine ingredient which plays a vital role fighting wrinkles and fine lines. AHA has a unique capability to nourish and revitalize skin up-to best standards.

Retinol is another great ingredient that slows down the ageing process and more of skin wrinkles and sagging. Retinol’s addition in night cream helps keep the skin look fresh and young.The distinctive constructive process of retinol’s addition in night creams stimulates collagen production that automatically provide strength to inner skin cell to treat age spots, pigmentation and acne.

How to Effectively Apply Night Cream:

  • Apply night cream in the before sleeping after washing skin thoroughly. Take small amount of cream gently and spread on the face. Use your both hands while spreading cream.
  • Apply like circular motions of your both palms. Give a light massage into the skin using your both hands. Always see whether your hands are flat against your cheeks while massaging into the skin.
  • Repeat the action using your hands and spread cream near the nose and near the ears.
  • Now apply cream from bottom to top of the neck. Spread gently smoothing it into the skin.
  • Repeat the action until cream absorbs into all skin areas.


How to Choose the Best Skin Care Products

With so many skin care products available in the market, it is certainly very difficult and daunting task to find a particular product that matches your skin tone. It can be an awe-inspiring job selecting skin care product to assimilate your daily usage. Every skin care product is different from other and made for different skin types. For top outcomes, match the numerous skin care products and its ingredients by the standards suggested by skin care specialists and dermatologists.

Understanding Three Pillars of Skin Care 

Three Pillars of Skin Care

  1. Exfoliate
  2. Rejuvenate
  3. Moisturize

Understanding ingredients of skin care products is very important. These ingredients play a vital role enlightening your skin’s freshness and youthfulness. Microdermabrasion Creams and Glycolic Acid Cleansers are two prime products for exfoliating. Both ingredients repair dull and lifeless cells and also provide new life to skin’s outer layer for more freshness.

People, especially young girls, who tend to suffer from dry skin, should see Microdermabrasion Cream in their desired skin care products. Good companies always mention ingredients in its each skin care product to cater their more conscious users.

On the other hand, people who have oily skin, should see Glycolic Acid in ingredients section. Glycolic Acid has a unique substance which creates a vital defense line for outer skin to absorb extra oil. Small molecule size alpha hydroxyl acids help skin to remain fresh and oil free for longer periods.

Skin collagen is the main element that provides you extra sparkle and fade away ageing process. But with the passage of time, this exclusive inner skin ingredient and its natural production slows down. However, with certain skin care products, this process can be accelerated and that process is also known as Peptides. As peptides are released from skin, means ageing process has begun and at the same time, collagen keeps breaking down as well. Use of peptides direct on skin can turn back your recent ageing process. According to experts, the use of peptides also has no adverse side effects.

Maximum and most effective skin hydrating component is called Hyaluronic Acid. If you are looking for a good moisturizer, see in detail that whether some skin care product has Hyaluronic Acid or not.  This unique perhaps exclusive moisturizing component has ability to reverse or stop aging process. It’s a double action formula, not only giving you skin freshness and smoothness, but it is an anti-ageing formula, giving you so many reasons to stay young forever. Its working formulation has neonatal tissues, and joint fluid which is also renowned to cushion and lubricate inner skin cells relieving skin to fight more efficiently and remain conditioned all the time.


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