Top 5 Pakistani Cosmetics Brands

Makeup is a fundamental portion of cosmetics, typically presumed to be material that are applied to elevate a girl’s splendor and array of body scent and imperfections. The first hints of makeup were supposed to be in Egypt during the course of 3500 BC. The first inhabitants of Egypt, and Rome have been well-known to use diverse kinds of cosmetics. Makeup does not constitute the core part of cosmetics though in current times, the luxury relations in the commerce sector are essentially engaged on formulating makeup sorts and extremely acknowledged big brands then identified to care the above-mentioned trademarks normally presumed to be brand agents.
Cosmetics is one of the most important part of our life.Cosmetics has a very much fame in our life because we use cosmetics to enhance our beauty.When we talk about famous and leading cosmetics brand in Pakistan.So many name comes in our mind, but here in this article we are talking about top 5 Pakistani cosmetics brands. Let’s check out the updated list of top 5 cosmetics brands in Pakistan here.

Medora of London (Pvt) Ltd. was established in 1961 and is now one of the foremost cosmetic companies in Pakistan. It is dedicated to its unbiased great value products at reasonable price. Through brands of Delycia and Diplomat, they are considered one of the bestselling brands in particular categories, but at the same time, their cosmetics line, Medora of London ensures that it remains a household name in the country. The belief of the company has expanded the continuous development of their all types of products. From their lipsticks to nail polish, every product is a hot selling brand in competitive market.

2-Atiqa Odho Cosmetics
The famous, actress Atiqa Odho, has launched her cosmetics products in market by the name of Odho Cosmetics In 2003. With her own interest and style, the brand is becoming very popular in the country.   Her makeup products include such as eye shadows and beautiful shades of lipsticks. As we distinguish that makeup is extremely significant and important for improving the beauty of each women for any occasion. Additionally, Odho makeup collection is certainly giving a unique sense of fresh makeovers to young girls.

3-Sweet Touch
In 2001, Mehran Enterprises introduced Sweet Touch, a fine cosmetics brand. It provides the requirements of the young and stylish women who want to look gorgeous and appealingly ready. The brand offers an extensive array of makeup and shade cosmetics for good appearance, eyes, lips and nails. Whitening range has lately been introduced in Sweet Touch using the name of Fair Skin Extreme Whitening range. The company assures the vast color palette of their all types of cosmetics and long lasting results and dependability.

Genny Cosmetics, Inc. is one of the foremost producers and venders of prestige skin care, makeup and fragrance products in Pakistan. Genny was first introduced in 1980 as skin care and makeup products. Their products have a specialty that they are all allergy verified and 100% scent free. Their cosmetics have been intended to state specific skin kinds and requirements. The trendy shades and reasonable prices of lovely lipsticks and the utmost tempting nail polishes along with water proofed mascaras surely catching the eyes of many.

make-up colorful eyeshadow palette with brushes closeup
Christine is another cosmetic brand of Pakistan and considered certainly exceptional as its actually inordinate and gives you perfect look. Where international brands are very expensive, its hard to afford them but Christine’s products are truly reasonable. Their extensive range of face powder, foundation, and eye shades work really well for all types of skin.

Video Tutorial: Wallima Hair Style and Makeup by Vinisha Ali

Vinisha Ali distinct Walima make up give the brides’ pleasing look. Makeup is to boost the beauty and along with same hair tone give an elegant appeal at your wedding ceremony.

Makeup Artist: Vinisha Ali

Video Tutorial: Traditional Bridal Look by Zaiba Khan

Zaiba Khan’s bridal makeup is greatly renowned. Her make overs are such gorgeous and striking that it alter the face by looking. She is getting much admiration owing to her decent work and makeup excellence.

Makeup Artist: Zaiba Khan

Video Tutorial: Arisa’s Makeovers

A makeover is a term applied to changing one’s appearance, sometimes through cosmetics. Makeovers can range from something as simple as a new haircut. In this video from Arisa’s Makeovers, learn how to do change your appearance.

Photography by: Zeeshan Siddique
Makeup by:     Arisas Makeovers

Video Tutorial: How To Apply Arabic Party Makeup on Eyes

Whether you’ve got a big concert or a fancy gala to attend, creating a smoky eye can add a bit of sophisticated drama to your look. Perfecting the smoky eye is not limited to makeup fiends and artists alike, but to anyone with the correct tools and a little know-how. Learn to apply both a classic and dramatic smoky eye with these fast and easy steps.

Review: DMGM Photo Fix Lip Color in shade “Plum Frost”

This year its all about lip creams and liquid lip colors. Therefore I have a lot of liquid lipsticks on my wishlist for this year. The first liquid lipstick that I am reviewing this year is the DMGM Photo Fix Lip Color in shade “Plum Frost”. I am a huge fan of DMGM products especially their Xtreme Matte Chubby Stick is my favorite. Therefore, I had high hopes for this photo fix lip color too. So let’s get to the review and see if this product lived up to my expectations or not…

DMGM-Photofix-lip-color-plumfrost DMGM-Photofix-lip-color-plumfrost-1

DMGM-Photofix-lip-color-plumfrost-2 DMGM-Photofix-lip-color-plumfrost-3

DMGM photo fix lip color comes in a glass tube packaging with a doe-foot applicator. The size and shape of the applicator is just perfect. It picks just the right amount of lip color, spreads it evenly on lips and really helps in applying the lip color with perfection.

This photo fix lip color has creamy consistency. It is highly pigmented and provides full coverage with just one coat. It applies very smoothly and dries quickly to a smooth matte velvety finish. It doesn’t feel drying and also doesn’t accentuate any dryness or cracks on the lips. Overall, it feels light weight and very comfortable on lips. I so love the finish of this photo fix lip color as the finish it provides is matte but still looks so smooth and velvety. It also makes my lips appear fuller somehow and gives me that perfect velvety matte pout.

The shade “Plum Frost” is a nice burgundy red shade. I am not really a fan of such bold lip colors but I must say this shade is so gorgeous and I have fallen in love with it. It is perfect for winters. The staying power of this photo fix lip color is quite remarkable too. However, I did notice that it doesn’t live up to its “transfer resist” claim. It has slight tendency to transfer when you eat or drink something. But still its not something very bothersome. The best part is that it stays on my lips for more than 7 hours (with full course meal). The actual color and the velvety layer kinda fades away after having a proper meal, but it leaves behind a nice berry red stain which lasts on me till the end of the day.



Once again DMGM has managed to impress me with this photo fix lip color. Am so in love with the long-lasting formula and velvety finish of this lip color and am loving this shade currently. If you are looking for some long-lasting matte lip colors for a smooth velvety pout, I definitely recommend you to try these. I am sure you will love these. I will be picking more shades for myself soon.

The Goods:

  • Highly pigmented, full coverage lip color
  • Impressive staying power
  • Creamy formula applies smoothly and dries quickly
  • Feels light weight and comfortable on lips
  • Provides smooth matte velvety finish
  • Doesn’t accentuate any dryness or cracks on lips
  • No flaking or crumpling
  • Available locally

The Bads:

  • Not fully transfer-proof (But only tends to transfer when you eat or drink something)
  • Leaves that visible outline of color on your lips by the end of the day (after the color fades off)

Price & Availability: Available at DMGM counters at all leading cosmetics/drugstores in major cities of Pakistan. Also available online at for PKR1050/- only.

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My Rating: 4.7/5

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