Video Tutorial: Makeup Tips – How To Apply Artficial Eye Lashes

Artificial eyelashes have grown into extended fashion nowadays. Many young girls wear artificial eyelashes to give boost to their eyes. This tutorial guides you well if you are interested applying artificial eyelashes.

Source: Care World TV Channel
Makeup Artist: Saundarya

Video Tutorial: Beauty Tips – Home Remedies For Pigmentation

Seldom, the melanin creation goes skewed or moreover in addition much melanin, this effects skin with pigmentation. Along with some home treatments, you should always wash your face three to four times to avoid this lingering issue.

Source: Care World TV Channel

Video Tutorial: 7 easy Steps to Get Rid of Black Heads and White Heads

Blackheads are only little visible spots on the skin. As these pimple like spots do not have any over them. There are numerous means to get rid of black and white heads while our tutorial video will provide proper advices to avoid this type of skin issues.

Source: Care World TV Channel