Amazing Ways to Decrease Wrinkles

Practicing good skin care basics are essential to decrease wrinkles. Though these are only few basics steps to follow but certainly it will help you for the longer periods if you practice it for your own good. Avoiding the sun is a good idea or wear sun screen if you go out. Smoking is certainly injurious especially to your skin. Use a good moisturizer for extra freshness and hydrated skin. Along with these simple tips, you can also decrease wrinkles by following our experts’ experiences and recommendations.

Sleeping On Your Back:


Sleeping in a particular position can lead to appear wrinkles on skin. These wrinkles that appear with sleeping issues are called sleep lines. To overcome these ugly looking sleep lines, sleep on your back and see how fast these lines disappear.

Eat More Fish like Salmon:


Salmon is a great source of protein for humans. It is also very essential for skin tissues to remain strong and healthy. The fatty acids in salmon also nourishes skin and keeps helping minimize wrinkles.

Wear Glasses:


Squinting sometimes form wrinkles around eyes. Wear reading glasses or if needed sunglasses. Glasses shield skin everywhere around eyes area especially from sun mutilation.

Slather On Alpha-hydroxy Acids (AHAs)

Slather On Alpha-hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are also called natural acids. These acids help lift away dead skin cells and this process leads to reduce wrinkles fine lines. Especially around the eyes, you will feel that these acids worked pretty fast to minimize ugly looking wrinkles.

Over Washing Your Face:


Over washing your face strips away skin’s moisture and natural oil. This moisture and oil defend skin against wrinkles. Nonetheless, use soap that has moisturizers and facial cleansers.

Vitamin C:


Vitamin C is considered skin’s best friend. This amazing vitamin has the ability to improve collagen production and defend against mutilated UVA and UVB rays. Ultimately vitamin c helps diminish dark spots and uneven skin tone and wrinkles.

Soy for Skin Care:


Soy improves skin appearance. Its double action formula not only repair skin’s dead cells but it also improves skin’s insistence and construction. Making the skin tone even, soy has great outcome reducing wrinkles and dark spots.

Use of Cocoa:


Cocoa has high levels of two antioxidants (epicatechin and catechin) which protect skin from sun damage. Many researchers and experts consider cocoa is best to improve blood flow to skin cells. It also helps in skin hydration and due to, it feels smoother and fresher.

How Long Should You Keep Makeup?

Question: I never throw makeup out. How bad is that?

Answer: Makeup products usually don’t have expiry dates. But they still carry comprised expiration dates. Here’s a general guide. Beauty cosmetics have a considerable shelf lives. It depends that what type of any particular chemical is used to create any specific substance and for what purpose.



Mascara and liquid eyeliner should be replace after 3 to 4 months. But if any bacteria gets into the tube, it can cause problems for the skin. The chemicals and other substances in these types of cosmetics have the tendency to attract moisture from the environment while these products have also the shortest shelf life as well.



A good liquid foundation can last up-to a year. However if someone has extra sensitive skin, she must use any liquid foundation with great care. Heat may cause problems for liquid foundations while always try to use a brush or sponge instead of dipping finger into it.



Lip gloss has also tendency to attract bacteria. However, if you use any lip gloss within six months, it has less chances to go corrupt with other environment concerns.



Powder based cosmetics may last up-to 18 to 20 months. Sometimes even for two years, because if any of your powder based products turn into any other color than to its original, you can use that very product until you feel any sever irritation or skin rash.





Lipsticks usually last up-to one year. But experts say that if you stock lipstick in the fridge, it will last longer.



Eye shadow has long shelf live. It may last up-to three years. There are different substances which create eye shadow more attractive and visible. Also keep store eye shadow in a cool clean place to get long lasting beautiful effect.



Nail polish may last up-to 12 months. The quality of nail polish also depends on its shelf live. I liquid substance always need a cool and clean storage place for more operative shelf live.

8 Ways to Make Makeup Last on Oily Skin

Many people who have oily skin experience zits and other skin crusts and impurities on their skin. Though oily skin has benefits too as it gets less wrinkles and less fine lines but applying makeup is very difficult on oily skin as well. Here are some easy ways and ideas from makeup artists and a dermatologists to apply makeup on oily skin.

1. Prime Skin First:
Makeup primer is very essential for skin. If your skin tone is oily, a good primer will certainly help before wearing thick layer of makeup.  According to Los Angeles-based makeup artist Emily Kate Warren, the T-zones should be covered with an oil-free anti-shine primer to get best and lasting results of any makeup

2. Prep your Peepers:
Avoid priming near your eye areas. If you have an oily complexion, avoid priming your lids with concealer. It will make a more oily effect. Though many women continually use concealers for extra sensual looks but always try to use a primer specially designed for eyelids that make sure you don’t have extra oil instead absorbing characteristics make your glow more beautiful.

3. Overdoing Powder or Base:
Overdoing face powder or base on your skin tends to push more oil. A good mate finish shine face powder comparatively make you more attractive but its extra use is not good at all for people who have oily skin. Dampening a makeup sponge and blotting on powdered areas also diminish the extra moisture from skin.

4. Carry Blotting Papers:
Carrying blotting papers along with you is also a good idea.  These blotting sheets certainly lift out the oil from your skin. Press blotting sheets on skin’s oily areas and then roll it off your skin to wipe out all the extra oil from the skin.

5. Oil-Free Products:
Using oil free cosmetics is the single biggest investment for one who has oily skin. There are plenty of products available in the market which are not only oily free but oil free products have special substances which are beneficial for oily skins. Especially foundation and blush should be oil-free and noncomedogenic. Noncomedogenic products clog skin pores while glycolic acids help oil to stay on skin for longer periods.

6. Long Wear Products:
Water proof and water resistant skin cosmetics and products also called long wear products. The reason behind using long wear products is that water and oil can do same things to ruin makeup. Long wear eye products are also considered good as they also help with eyeliner and cream eye shadow over an eye primer.

7. Lighter Moisturizer:
A light moisturizer helps hydrate skin pores without being greasy. But before even applying any moisturizer, press your skin gently with a tissue paper to remove extra oil. It makes skin smoother and calmer before a good thick layer of makeup.

8. Treatment Mask to Reduce Excess Oil:
A good treatment mask is also very essential if you have oily skin. It’s also a part of improving skin efficiency for a good makeup applying routine. Nevertheless, masks that are made with kaolin or bentonite clay are best for oily skin. These types of masks naturally absorb oil and impurities making skin more attractive striking.

Video Tutorial: Natural Tips to prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is a big problem. There are many problems, from inheriting hair loss issue to have outer effects on skin but still our beauty expert here in this video tutorial is guiding you to prevent hair loss. Watch and learn different ways to face this persistent problem.

Source: Care World TV Channel
Expert: Dr. Divya Mangal

Video Tutorial: Managing Oily Skin – Natural Home Remedies

Oily skin has always been a problem for many especially girls who have oily skin face acne problems but if you act on our beauty expert’s advices on managing the oily skin, you will feel quite relief and content.

Source: Care World TV Channel
Expert: Dr. Divya Mangal

7 Innovative Makeup Techniques

Applying makeup is certainly an art and occasionally it is hugely tough to get a flawless makeup routine. Many things play a vital role getting a perfect makeup as someway people end up performing something completely erroneous which wrecks one’s entire appearance. Sometime even experts are not even self-assured that they applying makeup correctly. Though there are no definite recommendations or guidelines for makeup but still with experience and doing things right, again and again, might make one’s hands perfect. Nevertheless some new and innovative techniques are still there for you which would certainly help you become more specialized.

Instant Face Lifting:
Instant face lifting make up will provide an instant brightness and sheen that will certainly enhances your confidence and composure. With a concealer pencil and draw three straight lines near to nose and cheek. Now blend each line using a sponge to upward direction. You can also use a concealer pencil for boosting the overall effect.


According to beauty expert Petra Strand, says, “When the concealer and highlighter are blended into the skin, it will not only lift and highlight, but will make the skin look airbrushed.”

Toning It Down:
Intensifying your looks will highlight your inner beauty as well. Beauty expert Petra Strand says for toning, “If you have applied eye shadow that is a little too intense, don’t remove, just dip a shadow blender brush in bronzing powder, and sweep across the entire lid, the bronzing powder will work like a neutral tint, so it will diffuse and soften the color without changing it too radically.”


For Lush Lashes:
Getting good eye makeup is also a key to look great. Curling lashes are now a days very popular. Uses the three-pump system, lash curler squeezes the base of the lashes and style it like a sprinkle of concentrated end tips.


Fuller Lips:
With a nude lip pencil, put sight amount on your cupid bow’s points. Wearing a light gloss also will give a nice flair to your lips. Having plump full lips will generate an extra bit of stylishness and grace.


Cat Eye:
Managing to draw on a decent cat eye, is certainly a difficult task. Just flick your pencil up and out from the top lash line will create an attractive bottom lash line. This also guarantees that you get the flawless direction for your cat eye.



Summer Skin Care Guide in Ramadan

This time Ramadan, a month of blessings, is coming when summer will be at its peak. In Ramadan due to less use of water our skin could damage. To preserve the healthiness and freshness of our skin we all need a special guide for Ramadan so that we could deal with all the skin related problems and concerns. You can defend your skin in Ramadan by following just few steps.
Avoid Sun:

summer skin

The best way to protect your skin is to evade sun as much as possible because sun rays are awfully harmful for the skin. Sun can cause sunburn and eruptions and also take the glow from your skin. Sun is another source of damaging your complexion. It can tan your complexion which is not at all tolerable. If you need to go out in Ramadan then take an umbrella, sunglasses or hat with you.

Right Metabolism Rate:

ramadan skin78
The major problem that we face in Ramadan is acne and pimples. Due to fasting and less use of water our skin passes through different phases that result in acne and pimples. To avoid pimples you need to keep the metabolism (the chemical processes that happen within human beings in order to maintain life) rate at the appropriate pace. This can be done by using healthy food. Use juices and water at the time of iftar and try to avoid oily food. Take food in portions instead of taking it in one go. You can have iftari and then after an hour or two eat the dinner.
Keep your skin hydrated:


Dehydration is the most common problem of skin in Ramadan. You need to keep your skin hydrated by using water based products. Use good cleanser or moisturizer to clean and tone your skin. Use plenty of water in Sheri and Iftari to so could avoid dehydration problems. If you possess an oily skin then clean your face with only cold water a few times a day.
Stay Away from tension:


Stay away from tension as much as possible and keep yourself relax. Relaxing help you skin cells to remain relax and in turn confer you with glowing skin.


Sleep well:

sleep well


When it comes to summer skin care guide in Ramadan sleep cycle all over again is a very significant thing. If your sleep cycle is disrupted and you are not giving your body the precise amount of rest and sleep which it needs, this will become a cause for skin problems in the holy month of Ramadan.


Say No to makeup:

say no makeup


When you apply makeup the skin discharges redundant oil which causes dehydration so try to avoid any makeup in Ramadan. Apply only when it is very much needed.

Some skin care tips to keep your skin moisten and glowing in Ramadan.

  • Skin Care for Oily Skin:Peel two apples and make a paste with one table spoon of honey. Apply it on the face. Wash off after 20 minutes.
  • For Dry Skin: Take 3-5 almonds and grind the outer cover in water and apply the paste over the face daily. This will not only remove the dryness but also remove marks on the face.
  • For all Type Skin: Take a cucumber and grate it, strain the cucumber juice, add yoghurt to it and apply this paste for 15 minutes on the face and neck and then wash off. Also, make a paste of cucumber with milk and use it daily as cleanser.


Follow this summer skin care guide in Ramadan and avoid keep your skin healthy, fresh and glowing. Have a blessed Ramadan Kareem

How To do Facial & It’s Benefits

Human skin and its sensation is quite soft. It’s very essential that we need to take care skin according to its tone. Facial helps maintaining skin’s true beauty and liveliness. With the help of facial, you can treat dark spots on skin along with different types of freckles. Facial means, you include all the methods which are basically to help skin maintain its cleanliness and freshness.

Things to do while doing facial
1, Cleansing
2, Massage
3, Scrub
4, Steam
5, Mask
6, Skin Polish

Cleansing means to clean. First, you need to wash your face with warm water. Then slowly massage your face with your hands and dry with tissue paper. There are different types of cleansers available in the market like for oily skin cleansing lotion, for dry skin cleansing cream and for normal skin cleansing milk is quite beneficial.

Massage means when we use our hands to stimulate face. Massage could be done with double or triple action cream. Human skin has little pores and when we massage our skin, these little pores open up which is very good for skin. With massage, you can avoid white heads and black heads on face.

Massage your face with a scrub for 4-5 minutes and left it for five more minutes. Then wash off face with a sponge.

Apply any good skin polish on your neck and face and left it for twenty minutes. Then wash off face and neck with a sponge.

With the help of steam, skin pores are opened up which due to facial get close. Put some drops of lemon juice in hot water and get steam up-to 4-5 minutes.

Apply any good mask on face and when mask dries up, wash off face with fresh water.

Benefits of Facial
1- Facial is important to maintain skin pores’ natural condition.
2- Facial helps to maintain blood flow.7
3- Facial reduces extra fat from face.
4- Facial relaxes skin.
5- With facial, you feel more beautiful.
6- Facial helps reduces skin diseases.
7- With facial, skin gets soft and flexible. 



How to Find the Best Face Wash

A face wash is a specific kind of cleaning agent which is intended to benefit individuals to clean their skin extra carefully than just cleanser and liquid.  It is measured one of the finest ways to eliminate lifeless skin cells, dust and oil, and extra contaminations from the skin, thus serving to clean out skin openings, and stop bad skin and other connected skin situations. In accumulation to being used as an all-purpose cleaning product, face washes can also be applied to guarantee that the skin is restricted from specific aggravations, such as makeup, which can incite skin surfaces such as eczema.

Face Wash is considered to be very good for the skin than usual bars of detergent, or other inexpensive cleansers which are not specially designed for the face. While a bar of soap might be appropriate for cleaning the body, there are explanations why it must not be used on the face directly.

Finding the Best Face Wash According to Skin Type

Face Washes for Different Skin Types

  1. Face Wash for oily Skins
  2. Face Wash for dry Skins
  3. Face Wash for sensitive Skin
  4. Face Wash for Combination Skin

1. Face Wash for Oily Skins:
People who have oily skin are probable require face wash which rinse away the extra oil from face. Foaming face washes could give better relief in-case someone has oily skin. Foaming face was work as scrubs which support to remove dust from skin openings. Dark spots skins may be given a foaming face to prevent the skin from becoming too oily.

2. Face Wash for Dry Skins:
Those who have dry skin should use oil face washes, cleansers or moisturizers. In order to enhance extra moistness to the skin, these oil cleansers play a vital role bringing a new shine and luster to dry skins. Smooth creamy face washes are also possible to style the best face wash for dry skin type.

3. Face Wash for Sensitive Skin:
Sensitive skin requires face washes which are free of chemicals elements, colognes and shades. Many face washes have chemicals elements, colognes and shades which irritate sensitive skin more often.

4. Face Wash for Combination Skin:
Combination skins will require to discover a diverse face wash type which could clean skin’s greasy center panel. Without dehydrating the cheeks, a good face wash for combination skin certainly helps organic blends to mix according to the skin type. A face wash with an exfoliating scrub also considered very good for combination skin.


How to Choose the Best Day Cream

Use of a decent day cream sets face up for the whole day while it is equally important to find best day cream formula not only that matches skin tone but it should also give total calmness and freshness. Skin hydration is significant as well. It plays a major role to a clear and radiant complexion. So choosing best day cream according to skin type is one of the very important aspects for a clearer and fairer complexion.

Three Main Ingredients in Best Day Creams 

Hyaluronic Acid:
This is a special ingredient in most of the good day creams that help bind moisture to the deepest skin layers. This process further stops water evaporation from skin surface. The perfectly created formulas of Hyaluronic Acid delivers extreme skin smoothening creating it soft and tremendously robust. Hyaluronic Acid is also good if someone has slight oily skin tone.

Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is another significant ingredient to see when choosing a good day cream. Its main purpose is to help fight direct exposure of sun or light spectrum. Good sun screen creams also has this ingredient with a specific amount. Experts also believe that SPF keeps the skin from destruction caused by the sun like inflammation, tanning, acnes etc. Its inner protecting shield motivates collagen production and preserves the skin hydrated.

Pro-Rotinol A + Elastin:
Pro-Rotinol A + Elastin works to swift the process of cell renewal and gives skin smooth and complete healthy glow. Always see whether any particular day cream has this particular ingredient or not. Having Pro-Rotinol A + Elastin in day cream makes skin more potent while its deep double action formula help      reduce fine lines, age Spots, and wrinkles.

 Other Main and Important Ingredients in Best Day Creams 

Water Stearic Acid
Niacinamide Isopropyl Myristate
Glyceryl Stearate Mineral Oil
Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate Triethanolamine
Glycerin Cetyl Alcohol
Dimethicone Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane
Carbomer Phenoxyethanol
Perfume Glutamic Acid
Methylparaben Titanium Dioxide
Propylparaben Sodium PCA
Allantoin Sodium Hydroxide
Tocopheryl Acetate Disodium EDTA Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract
Aluminum Hydroxide Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate
Zinc Oxide Alumina

 How to Effectively Apply Day Cream:

  • Apply day cream in the morning after washing skin thoroughly. Take small amount of cream gently and spread on the face. Use your both hands while spreading cream.
  • Apply like circular motions of your both palms. Give a light massage into the skin using your both hands. Always see whether your hands are flat against your cheeks while massaging into the skin.
  • Repeat the action using your hands and spread cream near the nose and near the ears.
  • Now apply cream from bottom to top of the neck. Spread gently smoothing it into the skin.
  • Repeat the action until cream absorbs into all skin areas.


How to Choose the Best Night Cream

Choosing a best night cream is very important part if you are keen to make your skin more attractive, fresher and young. The idea of night cream is not new rather it needs to be addressed that how many women actually apply it as part of their skincare regimen. Not all night creams are made for certain type of skin type. Every kind has its benefits and disadvantages as well. And then, age also plays a vital role choosing a perfect night cream. A 20 year old girl has different skin tone and a 50 year old woman has different skin type.

Repair mechanisms:
Night cream helps transform skin while you sleep. Many night creams are available in the market but getting the right one is the most difficult task as every night cream is different from each other. These night creams are made for oily to dry and for normal skin tones. Skin’s biological process is different at night as well. While sleeping, skin’s natural repair mechanisms work with blood flow allowing night cream to enter into outer skin layer.

Two Main Ingredients in Best Night Creams 

AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids):
AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) is an active ingredient in night creams. Finding a night cream is much easier when you are aware that certain night cream has AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) in it or not. You can clearly see on ingredients side and determine whether your desired night cream has this active fine ingredient which plays a vital role fighting wrinkles and fine lines. AHA has a unique capability to nourish and revitalize skin up-to best standards.

Retinol is another great ingredient that slows down the ageing process and more of skin wrinkles and sagging. Retinol’s addition in night cream helps keep the skin look fresh and young.The distinctive constructive process of retinol’s addition in night creams stimulates collagen production that automatically provide strength to inner skin cell to treat age spots, pigmentation and acne.

How to Effectively Apply Night Cream:

  • Apply night cream in the before sleeping after washing skin thoroughly. Take small amount of cream gently and spread on the face. Use your both hands while spreading cream.
  • Apply like circular motions of your both palms. Give a light massage into the skin using your both hands. Always see whether your hands are flat against your cheeks while massaging into the skin.
  • Repeat the action using your hands and spread cream near the nose and near the ears.
  • Now apply cream from bottom to top of the neck. Spread gently smoothing it into the skin.
  • Repeat the action until cream absorbs into all skin areas.


How to Choose the Best Skin Care Products

With so many skin care products available in the market, it is certainly very difficult and daunting task to find a particular product that matches your skin tone. It can be an awe-inspiring job selecting skin care product to assimilate your daily usage. Every skin care product is different from other and made for different skin types. For top outcomes, match the numerous skin care products and its ingredients by the standards suggested by skin care specialists and dermatologists.

Understanding Three Pillars of Skin Care 

Three Pillars of Skin Care

  1. Exfoliate
  2. Rejuvenate
  3. Moisturize

Understanding ingredients of skin care products is very important. These ingredients play a vital role enlightening your skin’s freshness and youthfulness. Microdermabrasion Creams and Glycolic Acid Cleansers are two prime products for exfoliating. Both ingredients repair dull and lifeless cells and also provide new life to skin’s outer layer for more freshness.

People, especially young girls, who tend to suffer from dry skin, should see Microdermabrasion Cream in their desired skin care products. Good companies always mention ingredients in its each skin care product to cater their more conscious users.

On the other hand, people who have oily skin, should see Glycolic Acid in ingredients section. Glycolic Acid has a unique substance which creates a vital defense line for outer skin to absorb extra oil. Small molecule size alpha hydroxyl acids help skin to remain fresh and oil free for longer periods.

Skin collagen is the main element that provides you extra sparkle and fade away ageing process. But with the passage of time, this exclusive inner skin ingredient and its natural production slows down. However, with certain skin care products, this process can be accelerated and that process is also known as Peptides. As peptides are released from skin, means ageing process has begun and at the same time, collagen keeps breaking down as well. Use of peptides direct on skin can turn back your recent ageing process. According to experts, the use of peptides also has no adverse side effects.

Maximum and most effective skin hydrating component is called Hyaluronic Acid. If you are looking for a good moisturizer, see in detail that whether some skin care product has Hyaluronic Acid or not.  This unique perhaps exclusive moisturizing component has ability to reverse or stop aging process. It’s a double action formula, not only giving you skin freshness and smoothness, but it is an anti-ageing formula, giving you so many reasons to stay young forever. Its working formulation has neonatal tissues, and joint fluid which is also renowned to cushion and lubricate inner skin cells relieving skin to fight more efficiently and remain conditioned all the time.