21 Best Skin Polisher In Pakistan

#1 Dermacos Dermapure Polishing Oxygen Skin Gloss:- Manufactured by DermacosIMG_5594__87880.1472715412.500.750 Laboratories International, Dermacos is a UK manufacturer and distributor of high quality professional skincare products. Specializing in quality skin care products and all sorts of cosmetics to make you more beautiful.Dermacos skincare products are free of synthetic solvents, thickeners and emulsifiers, contain no petroleum-based ingredients, artificial dyes or fragrances, and are fortified with premium botanical ingredients from as whereas basis from all over the world. The purity of these preparations makes them ideally suited for sensitive skin.

  • Beauty, beyound, Imagination
  • Rejanuate
  • Revitalize
  • Energizing
  • Smoothes


#2 Hollywood Style Facial Skin Polish:- Hollywood Style is an American brandIMG_1044__04323.1406090718.500.750 manufactured by Herbal Hollywood Style.Our Skin Polish formula is a state-of-the-art polishing system blended with glycolic acids that help loosen old layers of skin, micro beads to gently polish away dead cells to reveal newer skin, fairness actives to help brighten complexion and emollients to combat dryness. With regular use Skin polish will refine pores and uncover skin’s youthful and glowing appearance. Makes skin soft, supple and more youthful looking. Great for professional facial procedures. Suitable for all skin types (Men and Women). Removes dead skin layers, eliminates dark & brown spots & uncovers new skin.

#3 Saeed Ghani Nature Whitening Fruit Face Polish:- Whitening Herbal Skin Polish isIMG_5736__72100.1472886584.500.750 well known as a traditional astringent and the slices have long been used as a cooling agent for hot, tired skin to remove excess oil that can dull skin and log pores.

  • For all types of skin
  • Combines the sciences & herbs together for your better skin.


#4 Skinvita Whitening Facial Skin Polisher:- SkinVita is a famous Turkish cosmeticsP1100889__23105.1398169709.500.750 brand. Its been quite a while since SkinVita has impressed hundred and thousands of customers worldwide and now focusing its presence in Pakistan. SkinVita offers various cosmetics products. From Facial Skin Polisher to different scrubs and from Facial Cleansers to Makeup Removers, you will find their products overwhelmingly preeminent and worth it. SkinVita Whitening Facial Skin Polisher is formulated with world’s best ingredients to give you fair and glowing skin. Whitening Facial Skin Polisher improves, controls and enhances the skin’s inner beauty. It has specially formulated formula with natural Aloe Vera extracts which makes skin charming and healthy. Mulberry extracts also work two ways giving a fair appearance which supports to improve moistness and increases the firmness of skin instantaneously.

#5 Dr Derma Whitening Skin Polish:- Dr. Derma is a famous skin care brand. Along20170216_160529__99809.1487677371.500.750 with various types of skin care products, its top selling product is Dr. Derma Whitening Cream Bleach With Fruits Extracts as it is a unique multi-action preparation. It evenly blends the facial hair with your complexion, while the fruit extracts give your skin the natural glow. Suitable for all skin types. Especially for blemished and blemish prone skin. Overall the brand is also getting success in in the local market.

Gently exfoliates to reveal softer, smoother skin.

#6 Danbys Herbal Skin Polish:- Danbys is an international brand from UKDanbys_Herbal_Skin_Polish_2__99919.1473426772.500.750 manufactured by Danybys Herbal Skin Care International. Danbys is known for its top quality products. Its products range includes from skin care products to hair treatments and various sorts of cosmetics.Herbal skin polish cream activates natural growth of heal thier skin cells. Diminshes the appearance of fine Lines, wrinkels and age spots.Reduces Pore size and stops freckles and pigmentation. Removes white or black heads and acne scars. Stimulate and regenerate skin ,sloughs away dead cells. Evens out skin tone and results in fair complexion.

#7 Swiss She Whitening Facial Skin Polish:- A groundbreaking skin renewal creamIMG_6280__44419.1476358514.500.750 face, neck & décolletage. Developed with microdermabrasion system, a physician developed therapy system. Helps gently remove dead skin cells to improve skin texture. Stimulates natural growth of new, healthier cells. Minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and skin discoloration. Banishes blackheads, whiteheads & acne scars. Balances oily skin & clears acne while shrinking pores. Skin appears suppler, sleeker, even-toned & younger looking.

#8 Blesso Whitening Facial Skin Polisher:- Blesso Cosmetics is a multinationalIMG_5802__66608.1472890809.500.750 (1) company operating in Asia, Europe and MiddleEast. It’s a truly customer-oriented brand bringing synergy into its services Its has also a diversified product portfolio which encompasses over 50 skin care products. The most famous one are WHITENING TUBES. Blesso Whitening Facial Skin Polisher refines, polishes and brightens the skin. Specially formulated with natural aloe vera extracts which makes skin smooth and healthy, Mulberry Extracts acts as a whitening agent and results in a fair complexion. Contains Lactolan which helps to enrich moisture and improves the firmness of skin simultaneously. Use of Rose Extract provides gentle cleansing to the skin and makes it look younger and healthy. Unique formula prevents black heads, tones the skin, relaxes pores and gently polishes away dead skin cells. Natural extracts renews, nourishes and whitens the skin revealing a radiant, brighter and fairer complexion. Ideal for regular facials.

#9 Golden Pearl Skin Polishing Sachet Kit:- To keep your skin looking more attractiveIMG_6758__17853.1477387042.500.750 ,Must use golden Pearl skin Polish once in a month.After Removing the skin polishing paste put a thin layer of golden pearl whitening moisturizing Mud Mask for 15 to 20 minutes .As this mask is moisturizing mud mask,It restores the natural moisture of the skin and finishes the itching caused by skin polishing.

  • Skin looking more attractive
  • Moisturizing mud mask
  • Whitening moisturizing

#10 Petal Fresh Whitening Brightening Facial Polish Lemon Aloe:- Petal Fresh20170127_174358__32023.1485599971.500.750 Whitening Brightening Facial Polish Lemon & Aloe.





#11 Lubi Skin Polisher:- Lubi skin polisher is an ideal polish enriched with hazel extactLubi_Skin_Polisher__97359.1470995917.500.750 &  pure rose water. After Cleasing of skin throughly use Lubi skin polish on your skin.Apply with a cotton swab by patting strokes this will tone up and  polish your skin.

  • Polish your skin.
  • Hazel extact &  pure rose water.



#12 May Care Facial Skin Polish:- Facial skin polish is specially formulated with natural20150221_195504__91932.1425714700.500.750.jpg extracts. Helps loosens outer layer of skin, micro polishers gently polish dead cells to reveal newer skin. fairness active helps brighten complextion, make your skin soft supple.





#13 Dalila Uk Refining Skin Polish:- Micro beads removes excess oil and polishes deadIMG-20170103-WA0031__30133.1485867673.500.750 cells to reveal fresh and radiant skin. Unique formula helps minimum the appearance of dark spots and various pigmentation irregularities for more even complexion.

  • Refining skin polish
  • Mild exfoliants
  • Anti Acne Actives
  • Polishes
  • Renew Skin
  • Brightness
  • For all skin type

#14 Dermapure Naturals Rich Energy Skin Polish:- Derma Pure Rich Energy SkinIMG_20161201_141225__07635.1480586412.500.750 Polish is biologically active formula with rich soft exfoliant to gently remove dead skin, to improve skin textures, stimulate natural growth of new healthier skin, minimize fine lines, wrinkles and discolor blackheads, whiteheads and acne scars and shrink skin pore. Skin appears even-toned & younger.

  • Biologically active formula with rich soft exfoliant
  • Gently remove dead skin
  • Improve skin textures

#15 Golden Girl Soft Touch Face Polishing Sachet Kit:- Golden Girl is a local skin careIMG_6762__02489.1477381249.500.750 brand manufactured by Goldengirl Cosmetics. Overall the brand is growing steadily and getting appreciation due to its good quality.

  • Cleansing Milk Cucumber & Mint
  • Multi action Clenaser
  • Skin Shiner
  • Soothing Lotion
  • Oxidizing Emulsion
  • Bleach Powder Mild
  • Vegetable Mask
  • Skin Tonic
  • Massage Cream Herbal

#16 Pure Skin Solution Whitening Skin Polisher:- Pure skin solution has created skinPure_Skin_Solution_Whitening_Skin_Polisher_200_ML__86886.1471326449.500.750 polish for gentle detaching of head cells, removal of dark spots and to give instant fairness to your skin. It gives excellent results when used with pure skin solution facial line.




#17 Qubee Skin Polisher:- Qubee skin polisher is an ideal polish enriched with hazel1__26285.1471246160.500.750 extact &  pure rose water. After Cleasing of skin throughly use Lubi skin polish on your skin.Apply with a cotton swab by patting strokes this will tone up and  polish your skin.

  • Polish your skin.
  • Hazel extact &  pure rose water.



#18 Cute Plus Whitening Aloe And Lamon Facial Skin Polish:- Cute Plus WhiteningDSC09144_copy__39506.1459235615.500.750 Aloe And Lamon Facial Skin Polish.





#19 The Body Shop Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish:- Daily radiance revealing wash.The_Body_Shop_Vitamin_C_Facial_Cleansing_Polish__99407.1408442798.500.750 With vitamin c rich amazanian camu camu and community trade Aloe vera. Reveal your true radiance with this daily facial wash with gentle jojoba particles for a super-light exfoliatio

  • Dull Skin



#20 Olay Regenerist Cleansers Daily Thermal Skin Polisher:- Help renew your skin atOLAY_REGENERIST_CLEANSING_DAILY_THERMAL_AKIN_POLISHER_1__56602.1385729323.500.750 the surface for a beautifully polished texture with Thermal Skin Polisher.

  1. Achieves the look of a mini peel with regular use
  2. Effective cleansing from the water-activated, self-heating formula
  3. Gently exfoliates to help reveal fresh, new skin



#21 The Sanctuary Spa Convent Garden Sugar Face Polish:- A pampering faceConvent_Garden_Sugar_Face_Polish_1__69106.1385727262.500.750 treatment to polish away tired dead skin cells. Brown sugar gently exfoliates the skin, whilst Grapefruit and Orange Oils invigorate and Passion Flower Oil moisturises and softens your skin will be left smooth and your complextion glowing.


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