How to Get the Perfect Slicked Back Style


Boosted by its traditionalist origins, the slicked-back hairstyle has reemerged as a contemporary favourite. Able to be interpreted for different hair types, lengths and occasions, the wide variety of ways this style can be worn can be overwhelming. So, to help you find your perfect match, we’ve rounded up the top, sleek styles around for your viewing. These are the best slicked back hairstyles for men right now.


Slicked Back Hairstyles

1. Classic Slick Back

For a simple, timeless take on the slicked-back trend, opt for classic styling. For this look, use a wet look gel or pomade for decent hold with a glossy touch. Comb hair back repetitively and thoroughly. Be mindful of products that are too rigid as they will make the hair look flat. Opt for a product which will give your locks a thicker appearance despite its pulled-back structure.


Classic Slick Back


2. Slick Back with Beard

A traditional way to interpret slicked-back hairstyles is to complement this hair trend with facial hair. Opt for a light beard or strategic scruff to amplify the look of your slicked-back hairstyle. Be mindful of your face shape and the proportions of your features when trying out this trend. Facial hair will add a dimensional element to your slicked-back look, creating a complementary appearance.


Slick Back With Beard


3. Side Part Slick Back

50’s fictional style muses, like Don Draper, are no doubt pivotal in the reemergence of the side part slick back. To appropriate such a Mad Men style for yourself, create a sharp part with a silkier product, which will afford a greater sleekness to your look. Additionally, ensure you have determined which side your part appears most flattering on for appropriate styling.


Side Part With Slick Back


4. Man Bun Slick Back

Much like all trends, when done right, the man bun works incredibly well. When done wrong, this trend can register as unflattering and misappropriated. Consider a beard or facial hair when trying out this version of the slicked-backed hairstyle and contemplate your features when determining whether a man bun would look flattering on you.


Slick Back With Man Bun


5. Slick Back Pompadour

The slick back pompadour is a traditional hairstyle that has seen a resurgence in recent years. As such, it’s an excellent style that’s both classic and on-trend. To create the look, you need to achieve a neat, smoothed-back style that’s full of volume. To do so, try using volume-boosting products and blow-drying your hair upside down to direct roots upward.


Slicked back pompadour


6. Long Slicked Back Hair

Men with long hair can also rock a slicked-back style. Perfect for formal functions, a sleek look is ideal for giving grown out locks a sophisticated touch. To nail the hairstyle, just comb your long mane back and tuck it behind your ears. Then, use a flexible hairspray for a soft appearance or a firm-hold mousse or wet-look pomade for a bolder aesthetic. Remember though; you won’t need to use a lot as the weight of your hair will help keep it in place.



7. Slick Back Undercut

The slick back undercut is another classic hairstyle that has seen a resurgence in recent years. The look, which features a short back and sides with the hair on the top left longer, is perfect for both formal and casual occasions. Thanks to its length and shape, it’s also seriously simple to style.


Slick Back Undercut


8. Slick Back with Volume

The blow-dried slick back requires a good quality volumising hair product such as a pomade or a mousse, which will add depth to the hair and give it a distinctly different appearance than the typical shiny, wet look. This version of the popular hair trend hinges on volume, so ensure your nominated product boosts hair thickness without adding frizz.


Slick Back With Volume


9. Slick Back Curly Hair

Curly hair can be notoriously difficult to style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock a killer slicked-back look. When your hair is damp, just use a blow-dryer and wide-tooth comb to help direct your locks away from your face. Then, if you wish to maintain your natural waves, add sea salt spray and choose a flexible hold product, such as a light mouse. Finally, comb your hair back using your hands and allow your locks to dry naturally for a great slicked-back hairstyle with texture.


Tight Curls


10. Slick Back Waves

For gentlemen with wavy hair, rock this hair trend with slicked back styling specifically for your natural hair type. Utilise a flexible hold product like a lighter mousse, which will provide a bit more flexibility when it comes to harnessing your curls. Additionally, be sure to opt for a messier look, which will add dimension to the natural volume created by your waves


Slick Back Waves



10 Best Hair Straightening In Pakistan

#1 Schwarzkopf Glatt Professional Hair Straightener Cream With Fixing Balm:- GlattIMG_2472_15511__26157.1423581129.500.750 Hair Straightener with keratin-care-complex combines straightening performance with care. A specially designed keratin-protein is taken to those parts of the cuticle where natural reserves of keratin have been depleted, providing your hair with additional care duringthestraightening process.

#2 Wella Hair Straightener Cream Strong:- Wellastrate is a powerful and reliableWella_Hair_Straightener_Rebonding_Cream__55994.1465295327.500.750 straightener which, thanks to its new cationic formula base, also ensures ideal structural balance at the same time. Its special Hydro Safe Complex demonstrably increases the hair’s own capacity to retain moisture, whilst the reserves of moisture formed in this way prevent the hair structure from drying out.

#3 Lolane Rebonding Straightening Hair Cream Kit:- The specially design forLolanerebondingbest_zps5f603287__07078.1464363156.500.750 rebonding process to straighten hair effectively while prolong super straight longer. It contains keratin protein to compensate protein loss and maintain healthy hair. Together with Protecting Treatment to nourish and protect hair from heat and makes your hair smooth and easy to comb. Plus Rebonding Repairing Treatment and Leave-In Serum to provide shine and revitalize your hair and leaves it smooth and silky straight.

#4 Keune Sleek Shine Rebonding Kit:-20160516_160732__46710.1463661654.500.750 

  • Sleek & Shine Rebonding
  • Rebonding Conditioner
  • Hair Beauty



#5 Lakme K Straigh Ionic Hair Straightening Kit:- The straightening creme contains 20161105_160125__76100.1478521588.500.750ceramides that restructure damaged hair fibre.Employs thio-technology to ensure that the recommended exposure time is never exceeded.Contains Keravis Active Care Complex that penetrates the hair cuticle and strengthens it from the inside. Triples the hair’s strength.Specially formulated for permanent straightening processes using heat. Thermal spray with cationic agents that protect the hair from the heat of the ceramic irons while facilitating straightening due to their cationic charges.

  • Straightening creme
  • restructure damaged hair fibre
  • penetrates the hair cuticle and strengthens it from the inside
  • protect the hair from the heat of the ceramic irons

#6 Cruset Rebonding Hair Cream:- Straight curly or frizzy hair and hard to manage.Cruset_Rebonding_Hair_Cream_250_ML__01827.1465214045.500.750.jpg Add another Treatment with Cruset Aqua Soft which enrich nourishing efficiency with double active proteins complex, protects hair from the heat,provides shiny,volumized and healthy.


#7 New Life Curls Bounce And Shine Creme:- Confines curls. Controls frizz. Weightless.8358044933phpOX2XCw__04311.1456302476.500.750 Adds life to curly, wavy or texturized hair. This special formula defines curls and prevents frizz and tangles that may cause damage to hair. It supplies hair with proper moisture and adds shine and bounce for a healthy looking style.



#8 Dikson Hair Straightening Cream:- Straightening Cream hair for drawing cold. Thedickson_hair_straightening_cream__46186.1454069727.500.750 particular formalación ensures an extraordinary smooth effect and hair protection resulting nourished and hydrated. Professional use.




#9 Framesi I-Dentity Hair Force Instant Straightener:- Framesi Hair.Force is an instant1__69588.1438240488.500.750 straightening liquid that transforms unruly hair. Humidity resistant, lets your color shine through. Framesi Hair.Force provides hair with a glossy, revitalized, and totally frizz free look. It dramatically assists with straightening with or without a flat iron. Humidity resistant so fiercely straight styles last all day and into the night.

  • Color Safe.
  • 100% Vegan
  • Sulfate Free
  • Paraben Free

    Gluten Free
    DEA Free
    Sodium Chloride Free
    Powerful Anti Aging Properties
    Thermal & UV Protectants

#10 Schwarzkopf Smooth N Shine Heat Straighten Polish Extra Strength:-1__59059.1479377930.500.750 

Schwarzkopf Smooth ‘N Shine Heat Straighten Polish Extra Strength




Hair Straightening Prices in Pakistan

Top 20 Hair Spray In Pakistan

#1 Nova Gold System Professional Hairspray:- NOVA_GOLD_HAIR_SPRAY_LONG_LASTING_NATURAL_SHINE_1__01919.1390457293.500.750 

  • Natural shine
  • Natural Hold
  • Long lasting



#2 Schwarzkopf Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray:-20170124_131707__00936.1485347501.500.750 

  • Screaming hold for hair
  • For an extreme hold
  • Spike, cement, finish
  • Lasts until your next shampoo
  • Schwarzkopf hair spray will create fantastic styles
  • Your hairdo will stay exactly where you want it


#3 Keune Brilliant Gloss Spray:- A concentrated, weightless spray that gives hairKeune_Brilliant_Gloss_Spray_1__05731.1390563209.500.750 beautiful long-lasting shine. It contains a UV filter for protection and has a fresh, pleasant fragrance. Brilliant Gloss Spray is the finishing touch for every hairstyle.

  • HF1/SF10



#4 Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Strong Roots Spray:- Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula20170221_160416__25290.1487752904.500.750 Strong Roots Spray spray revitalises and freshens hair as it stimulates the scalp to help encourage healthy growth. Pure Peppermint stimulates the scalp, promoting healthy growth while eucalyptus extract creates a cooling sensation to soothe tightness, dryness or itch.



#5 Pantene Style Pro v Moving Volume Spray Sway Hairspray:- Get Set And Go! ThisPANTENE_HAIR_APRAY_MOVING_VOLOUM_1__66524.1390470782.500.750 all-day formula with micro fine spray creates and holds your volume-allowing your style to swing and sway naturally. Add incredible shine and brushes out easily.




#6 Dikson Blue Lucidante Shining Hair Spary:- Gives shine and volume to hair whileIMG_5543__25937.1472560084.500.750 protecting it. Covers hair with an elastic protective “microsheath” and repairs split ends. Hair is soft and silky. It is not greasy.





#7 Lolane Pixxel Optimum Care Heat Protection Volume Spray:- Hair serum sprayLolane_Pixxel_Optimum_Care_Heat_Protection_Volume_Spray_200_MLfront_1__04589.1488882182.500.750 provides nourishment heat defend and manegable cermaide protein rejuvenate and defend from heat 220 C,& provides Moisture and shine.Volume Fiber Technology leaves your hair volumenous and lively without split ends.

  • Nourishment heat defend
  • Moisture and shine.
  • Alcohol Free


#8 Schwarzkopf Taft Power Hair Lacquer:- All New Schwarzkopf Taft Power HairIMG_2611__88227.1423721370.500.750 Lacquer Power-5 (Mega Strong) All weather 48hrs This hair spray made out of mist formula is specially formulated to offer the combination of a fine controlled mist with super setting properties. It gives the ultimate hold without stickiness.




#9 Party Success Hair Colour Silver Couleur Cheveux:- Party Success bring you a hugeps_hair_silver__82025.1484135391.500.750 range of spray-in hair colors- great for special occasions and fancy dress. Simply choose your favorite shade and stand out from the crowd. The spray will wash out with normal shampoo and water.

  • Party Success Temporary Wash Out Hair Spray
  • Great for special occasions
  • One wash temporary hair spray adds colour to all hair types
  • Washes out easily, darker hair may require additional washing


#10 Hawaiian Silky Argan Oil Hydrating Sleek Oil Sheen Spray:- Provides instantHWMAOhssheenSPRAY__87660.1456817377.500.750 lustrous shine while conditioning your hair, made with pure Argan Oil. It naturally absorbs for rapid nourishment as it moisturizes and protects hair from heat damage. Lightweight formula gives a soft finishing with long lasting sleek shine.

  • Sleek Hydrating Oil Sheen Spray
  • For All Hair Types
  • Paraben free

#11 Framesi Rigenol Flacone Spray Nourishing Treatment For Fragile Hair:-Rigenol_Flacone_Spray__84778.1438061146.500.750 

Disentangling / restructuring spray that acts in two phases:

  1. White phase – nourishes and protects,
  2. Green phase – disentangles and shines.


#12 Wella Shockwaves Style Attract Play Volume Hairspray:-Use WellaIMG-20170110-WA0037__38749.1486720958.500.750 Shock-waves Ultra Strong Heat Defense Volume Mousse to create body and volume with long lasting hold. Scrunch Wella Shock-waves Ultra Strong Heat Defense Volume Mousse through damp hair and blast with a hair dryer for volume with serious staying power.



#13 Gatsby Set Keep Spray Super Hard:- For that salon perfect look, all through your-font-b-Hair-b-font-font-b-Wax-b-font-Gel-Mandom-Corp-Gatsby-Super__42209.1486221197.500.750 day, give your do a quick touch-up with this remarkable styling spray from experts of hair style and care, Gatsby.  This hair spray is sure to hold your hair in the style you chose, with one simple spritz, for day long style that will resist wind, unbearable climates, and lengthy days. The fine mistthat this cool styler emits will envelop your hair strands evenly, for a consistent and uniform application that will hold your coif in distinct, undeniable style.

  • Fine mist evenly coats hair and holds style firmly.
  • No coarseness. Maintains style even in humid weather.
  • Gives natural shine to hair.

#14 Oriflame Hairx Supreme Hold Styling Hairspray:- Achieve a beautiful hairstyle30551__66985.1486103415.500.750 with a perfect finish and an extreme 48H hold with Supreme Hold hair spray. Offering flexible movement and a soft touch, this easy to comb out spray is formulated with Keratin to protect and manage hair, leaving it soft and smooth. No residue, non-sticky. Hold 5.

  • Supreme 48H hold hair spray
  • Keratin sets
  • Protect while offering flexible movement


#15 New Life Curls Milky Sheen:- Control and shine spray. Great with ceramic irons.MIlky_sheen__23895.1456306677.500.750 Curly or straight styles. Perfect for wigs and hair weaves. The perfect lightweight formula with botanicals designed to detangle, soften, control frizz, protect, moisturize, and add and natural looking shine to human and synthetic wigs and hair extensions.




#16 Schwarzkopf Got2b Dazzling Shine Spray:- Got2b Dazzling Shine Spray adding 1__73737.1473315696.500.750shine back to your hair is as easy as 1, 2, spray with Got2b Dazzling Shine Spray  It instantly adds brilliant lustre and shine with just a few sprays, and works well with normal, frizzy or chemically treated hair. It’s the one styling product that should be added to your everyday routine. It can be used on damp or dry hair and is a great way to refresh your hair before a date or a last-minute meetingtle.

  • Adds brilliant lustre
  • Used on damp or dry hair
  • Refresh your hair before a date or a last-minute meetingtler
  • Add shine with just a few sprays,

#17 Framesi I Dentity Hold Up Super Hold Hairspray:- Framesi hold up is a spray to be1__99711.1438237040.500.750 used with the hairdryer and/or flat irons for a strong, lasting hold. It stands up to the most extreme challenges, including environmental impurities.

  • 100% Vegan
  • Sulfate Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Gluten Free
  • DEA Free

    Sodium Chloride Free
    Powerful Anti-Aging Properties
    Thermal & UV Protectants

#18 Schwarzkopf Taft Power Hair Spray:- This hair spray made out of mist formula isTaft_Power_Hair_Spray__08442.1413204283.500.750 specially formulated to offer the combination of a fine controlled mist with super setting properties. It gives the ultimate hold without stickiness.




#19 Pantene Style Pro V Smooth Silky Hairspray:-PANTENE_HAIR_PARAY_SMOOTH_SILKY_1__77552.1390471646.500.750 

  • Micro fine spray system!




#20 Schwarzkopf Osis Freeze Finish Strong Hold Hair Spray:- Schwarzkopf Osis+Osis_Freeze_Super_Hold_Hairspy_300ml__39761.1462534945.500.750 Freeze Finish Strong Hold Hairspray 15.2 oz / 430 g Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Freeze Finish 2 Hairspray is a real high performance hair spray. Delivers extreme hold and fast drying formula for creative styling. The 3-dimensional resin matrix ensures all of the hair strand is covered, allowing for long lasting style support.

  • Total control hairspray
  • Protects hair from humidity
  • Strong finish with medium control

Hairspray Prices In Pakistan

12 Best Hair Gels In Pakistan

#1 Dabur Vatika Advans Steel Effect Styling Hair Gel:- Dabur is India’s largest 1__45438.1399718100.500.750Ayurvedic medicine and related products manufacturer. Building on a legacy of quality and experience of over 130 years, Dabur operates in key consumer products categories like Hair Care, Oral Care, Health Care, Skin Care, Home Care & Foods.

  • Maxx hold
  • Rock hard
  • Long lasting hold
  • No residue

No alcohol
Enriched with cactus extract
24 hours hold

#2 Set Wet Styling Hair Gel:- Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. keep out of SET_WET_STYLING_HAIR_GEL_VERTICAL_HOLD_1__39524.1390396044.500.750reach of children. in case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with water.




#3 Schwarzkopf Taft Power N Touch Anti Crunch Gel:- Looks Taft Power ‘n Touch AntiSchwarzkopf_Taft_Power_N_Touch_Anti_Crunch_Gel_1__08454.1423569375.500.750 Crunch Hair Gel is a gel which is suitable for most hair and provides a resistance of 24 hours, in all environmental conditions. A formula that can be easily washed.

  • Touchable hair
  • 3 weather
  • Touchable mega strong hold
  • For 60% longer lasting curls.
  • Defined curls full of bounce and elasticity.
  • 24 hour extra strong hold.

Lightweight, without stickiness & easy to brush out.

#4 Stage Line Glitter Gel Oro Gold:- Glitter incorporated into a gel to obtain attractiveORO_GOLD__74969.1429093709.500.750 (1) and sparked effects to both skin and hair. Cosmetic quality polyester particles. If a more intense effect is desired, add loose glitter.




#5 Hollywood Style Wet Look Gel:- Hollywood Style is an American brand Hollywood_Style_Wet_Look_Gel_Hair_Styler__57482.1398776801.500.750manufactured by Herbal Hollywood Style. If you a want a unique, stylish, wet look, this Herbal Hollywood Style Wet Look Gel is for you. This hair gel is used to provide real wet look, incredible shine, and super styling hold. It is especially produced for medium to long hair where a natural, fresh wet look is desired. It provides super shine to dull, rough and frizzy hair. It has a unique formula that delivers a firm hold, great body, a lustrous feeling and great “just out of the shower” wet look.

#6 Framesi By Hydro Gel Strong:- Framesi Hydro-Gel Strong is an exclusive, easy to1__84844.1437995859.500.750 apply gel comprised of volcanic ash derivatives. Hydro-Gel Strong is 100% Vegan, Sulfate free, Paraben free, Gluten free, DEA free, Sodium chloride free, Powerful anti-aging properties, Thermal & UV protectants, Weightless, Will not build up. Lava contains minerals rich in iron, magnesium and silicon, which restructures the hair and give tone and texture. It leaves no residue on the hair.

  • Ultimate Hold
  • Fortifies Hair
  • Leaving No Residue
  • Volumizes
  • Enhances Shine
  • Color Safe

#7 Hollywood Style Party Hardy Gel:- Hollywood Style is an American brand Hollywood_Style_Party_Hardy_Gel_Jar__99918.1413291794.500.750manufactured by Herbal Hollywood Style.If you want a unique, stylish look for a party all that is needed is our amazing Party Hardy Gel. This truly unique hair gel sparkles and shines in even the dimmest light at parties in homes, nightclubs and discos! Micro reflecting particles were used to obtain these unbelievable shimmering effects that can last all night. Safe use on all hair types. provides firm hold for creating any distinctive or crazy style you desire. Keratin and vitamin B5 were also added to give great moisture, shine and manageability.

  • Get your party on
  • 4 guys and girls
  • Made in USA
  • Herbal formulas

#8 Christine Glittering Gel A04 Hair Styling:- Christine is another emerging Pakistani 98__91674.1394866312.500.750brand manufactured by Add More Cosmetics In’tl. The company has wide range of products from eyeliner to lipsticks. The trendy Christine Cake Eyeliner is its current famous product that is a stress-free yet easy to apply cake eyeliner for your beautiful eyes. Christine Lipstick is also a definitive product for all events. The mineral centered soothing formulation deals a lovely velvety feel, water-logged shade and it repels wear and smearing. Though numerous hair gels acquire their strong point from artificial elements, but Christine Glittering Gel Hair Styling is small form that does the similar job with the usual glueyness of gel and water. Unbiased similar to store products, it dehydrates to a sturdy hold and simply rinses out in the shower. Through its glossy, bright look, this Glittering Gel is the eventual accessory for you.

  • Radiance Uner Nite Lites
  • Beautiful, like you
  • Hyporllergenic

#9 Nova Gold System Professional Styling Gel:- Nova Styling Gel- Mega Hold. Nova goldNOVA_GOLD_STYLING_GEL_MEGA_GOLD_1__03599.1390458550.500.750 styling gel has been specially formulated to hold and control and hair. Pro-vitamin B5 penetrates and helps strengthen your hair.




#10 Brylcreem 24 Hour Strong Hold Gel:- Brlycreem strong gel gives you strength andbrylcreem_stong_gel__71134.1455107193.500.750 durability with a dependable, flake free hold that lasts up to 24 hours.

  • Original Men’s Grooming
  • 24 hour hold




#11 Palmers Wet Look Styling Gel:- For intense out-of-the-shower shine. Moderate,Palmers_Wet_Look_Styling_Gel__08790.1453552196.500.750 manageable hold. Humidity-resistant formula. Vitamin enriched to nourish and strengthen hair. Alcohol-free. Adds texture, shine and definition for everyday styling. No product buildup, stickiness or flaking.



#12 Framesi By Silver Gel:- Silver Gel removes yellowing, protects the hair from1__38780.1437991763.500.750 dehydration, does not overload, shines and fixes while best owing an attractive silvery shine. Suitable for all hair types, it is easy to remove with a shampoo.




Hair Styling Wex and Gel In Pakistan

Top 5 Hair Styling Creams In Pakistan

#1 Brylcreem Original Hair Styling Cream:- This original hairdressing product hasIMG_7969__09110.1483010562.500.750 been styling men since 1928. Brylcreem original gives strong hair and a healthy scalp and looks good on short, sharp masculine styles. Provides a original hair cream for that smooth wet look to the hairs. Gives strong hair and also maintaining a healthy scalp. Ideal for short or medium hair.

  • Aqua-Oxy Nourishment
  • Non Greasy

#2 Oriflame Hairx Smooth Sleek Styling Hair Cream:- Lightweight anti-frizz styling30881__80282.1486103962.500.750 cream provides 24 H-controlled style. Anti-humidity benefits for a smooth and sleek finish, in any condition. Keratin and shine boosting ingredient to boost hairs natural gloss and enhance a silky smooth feel with a controlled, sleek finish. No residue, non-sticky. Hold 2.

  • Lightweight styling cream
  • Keratin offers 24H control
  • Anti -frizz benefits for a sleek finish

#3 Gatsby Hair Cream Normal:- Gatsby-style hair cream with effective penetration andIMG-20160828-WA0016sed__82080.1483966625.500.750 high styling ability. It contains a treatment component called pearl protein which provides adequate moisture. It helps firmly organize the hair and create long-lasting non-sticky hairstyles. It creates glossy and healthy hair. Hair cream with naturally derived pearl protein cares for the hair, and helps it stay organized.

  • Contains pearl protein
  • Treatment components help provide healthy hair
  • Brings out natural shine and helps hair stay organized

#4 Brylcreem Aqua Oxy Lite Nourishing Scalp Care Styling Cream:- All BrylcreemLite__05768.1455084489.500.750 gels, waxes, creams, clays and the original paste are formulated to include the latest in styling quality and power – give hair strength, substance and texture. It helps men to style their hair with confidence.Bryl creem Aqua – Oxy Hair cream gives smooth sleek fresh looks that lasts for upto 8 hours.

  • Bryl creem Aqua – Oxy Hair cream gives smooth sleek fresh look.
  • Lasts for upto 8 hours.
  • Styling Cream-Original Nourishing-Non Greasy
  • For all types of hair.

#5 Framesi I.Dentity Look At Me Volumizing Lotion:- Framesi Look Me Volumizing1__57553.1438239009.500.750 Lotion leaves the hair pumped up with touchable texture. Hair volume is amplified and static is eliminated. Grape Stem Cell Complex provides ultimate shine. Weightless, will not build up.

  • Color Safe.
  • 100% Vegan
  • Sulfate Free
  • Paraben Free

    Gluten Free  
    DEA Free
    Sodium Chloride Free
    Powerful Anti Aging Properties
    Thermal & UV Protectants

Hair Styling Wax And Gel In Pakistan

10 Best Hair Styling Wax In Pakistan

#1 Nitro Canada Hair Wax:- Enhance lustrous shine and flexible hold. Emphasize shape20140331_163622__70025.1397292068.500.750 and curl of your hair. Ideal for sleekly look and good scent. Easy to apply and wash off.




#2 Keune Design Jelly Wax:- Keune Jelly Wax – Multi-purpose Gel-Wax for short toKeune_Design_Jelly_Wax__63868.1399714219.500.750 mid-lenght hair. Gives a gel texture on damp hair and a wax definition on dry hair. The restylable formula changes your look rapidly. The Jelly Wax spreads easily, is easy to wash out and does not weigh down the hair.




#3 Schwarzkopf Taft Ultra Wax:- Schwarzkopf Taft Ultra Wax has non-sticky formulaTaft_Ultra_Wax__57664.1413204376.500.750 which is added with piecey separation and texture for the impressive waves and spikes. It provides the ultimate styling power and ensures the hair stays put all the day and style with just the way you want.

  • Provides 30% stronger fixation
  • Holds the 100% thick hair
  • Protects hair from drying out
  • Easy to distribute and washable

#4 Palmers Soft Formula Shaping Wax With Vitmain E And Jojoba Oil:- Palmer’s Soft20170106_145837__23428.1483794565.500.750 Formula Shaping Wax, a clean styling and shaping wax formulated with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E, helps shape, sculpt, and define hair.



#5 Gatsby Hair Wax Power Shine:- Gatsby Hair Wax Tough & Shine gives your hair aGatsby-Hair-Styling-Wax-Power-1089300-1-5b450__98998.1489142385.500.750 new style and look.

  • Gives shiny look to your hair
  • Make any style possible
  • Gives a citus frangrance to your hair


#6 Schwarzkopf Osis Flexwax Ultra Strong Cream Wax:- Schwarzkopf OsisSchwarzkopf-Professional-OSiS-Flexwax-50ml-zoom1__52235.1491218108.500.750 + FlexWax has a strong texture and separation. A delicious malleable hair wax with a creamy consistency, which does not aggravating. A natural gloss finish. Easy to wash off.

  • Osis Flex-wax
  • Ultra strong cream wax
  • Ultra fort

#7 Gatsby Hair Wax Hard Free:- Gatsby Hair Wax Tough & Shine gives your hair a new51Z6p115n8L._SY450___97926.1489141854.500.750 style and look.

  • Gives shiny look to your hair
  • Make any style possible
  • Gives a citus frangrance to your hair

#8 Beauty Formulas Honey Treatment Wax:- The natural goodness of Honey extract 1__19563.1478086005.500.750combined with Bee Pollen extracted from natural pollens rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins combine to provide nourishment and vitality to restore the condition of your hair. This Honey with Bee Pollen Treatment Wax is more than just a conditioner it provides nourishment for the hair. Honey and Bee Pollen Treatment Wax used regularly will make it stronger, healthier and more lustrous. Will not colour hair.

  • Intensive Deep Conditioning Treatment Wax
  •  Restores vitality & nourishes out of condition hair
  • Will not colour hair
  • 150ml Tube

#9 Framesi I.dentity Show Wax:- Framesi I.dentity Show Wax Strong rubber for carving1__85404.1438325603.500.750 styles. Not oils and allows for several times the improvement in hair without losing rigidity.

  • Styling Lasting
  • Natural Look
  • Not Shiny
  • Non Greasy

    Non Staining 
    No Overhead
    No Residue

#10 Framesi I.Dentity Flash Wax:- A cloud of light for softly wavy hair flash wax1__46634.1438320475.500.750 transparent stringy wax Stringy wax for that brightening effect.




Hair Styling Wex and Gel In Pakistan