7 Ways to Keep Your Feet Looking Pretty All Summer Long

Your feet are on display this time of year, but it’s hard to keep them looking their best when the weather’s warm: Exposure to the sun and hot surfaces like sand and concrete can leave your poor dogs dry and rough. Here’s how to protect them from the elements so they stay picture-perfect for the entire season (because you never know when you’ll want to Instagram your pedi).

Exfoliate At Least Once A Week
“This will help you get rid of surface dry skin cells, making them look and feel smoother,” says Kristen Murphy, Spa Manager at the Woodmark Hotel’s Still Spa. Plus, your moisturizer will be more effective when you slough off flaky skin first. Some great budget foot scrubs to try include Tree Hut’s Peppermint & Sugar Exfoliating Foot Scrub ($4.88, walmart.com) or Kiss My Face Peppermint Foot Scrub ($8.95, kissmyface.com). For dryer skin, opt for a sugar scrub instead of a salt-based scrub; although salt detoxifies and draws out impurities, it can also be dehydrating.

Avoid Soaking Feet
Contrary to what you might think, soaking can further dehydrate already-dry feet, says Murphy. So instead of soaking your tootsies, apply a sugar scrub directly onto dry skin, and wipe it off with a moistened towel.

Keep a Pumice Stone in Your Shower
Celebrity manicurist Jin Soon Choi, founder of the JINsoon Nail Lacquer line and Jin Soon Hand & Foot Spas in New York City, grew up in a small village in South Korea where foot-care products weren’t available. “We would go to the river and find a textured stone, and we would scrub our callouses and feet with the stone,” she says. “This really worked.” Of course, you don’t have to search for your own stone since commercially available pumice stones are available. Use one daily or once every other day; just make sure to apply less pressure to soft skin and more to callouses when giving your feet a scrub-down.

Do Some Heavy-Duty Moisturizing
Your heels are prone to over-use—and as a result, they tend to dry out more easily than the rest of your foot, says Choi. The heel is also protected by thicker skin, which means that it’s less penetrable and it’ll take a little more effort to lock moisture in.  Apply a lotion or oil immediately after you shower to retain the moisture your feet have already soaked up. For even better results, reapply a moisturizer right before bed. Borghese Piedi Vitale Therapeutic Foot Crème ($21.50, borghese.com) or Neutrogena Foot Cream ($4.99, neutrogena.com) are both good bets.

Don’t Forget to Apply Sunscreen
Lots of people neglect to apply a good SPF to their feet, but don’t make this big mistake. Not only does the skin on your tootsies need protection, but nails are made of protein and are therefore as vulnerable as your skin. “Cuticles serve a purpose,” says Barbara Hershfelt, director of sales and marketing for Cutex. “They seal in moisture and protect new nail growth as it emerges from the base of the nail.” Sun, wind, and sand can dry cuticles and nail folds (the areas of skin that frame your nails), which is bad for nail growth. You can avoid these issues by being diligent with your sunscreen routine.

Eat Foot-Friendly Foods
Believe it or not, some foods can cause your feet to swell and become bloated. Foods high in salt are the most likely culprits, says Carolyn Dean, M.D., a member of the medical advisory board for the nonprofit Nutritional Magnesium Association. To keep your feet looking great, avoid packaged foods, which are heavily salted. Sugars can also cause foot puffiness, so you’ll want to minimize your intake of that, too, says Dean.

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Let Toes Breathe
Since nails are a living part of your anatomy, they need a break to “breathe” from time to time so they can continue healthy growth patterns and rid themselves of chemical residue, says Choi, who recommends a break from nail polish about once a month for a few days to a week. This can help prevent discoloration—particularly if you like to use dark-colored nail polishes—and keep your pedi looking pretty.

Top 8 Feet Cleanser In Pakistan

#1 Eveline Professional Foot Scrub Mask:- Effectively removes rough epidermis, leaves skinFoot_scrub__51216.1428496309.500.750 soft and pleasant to the touch.Smoothing scrub intended for foot skin prone to intense roughness. Formula rich in advanced active ingredients acting in synergy with microparticles, gently removes dead cells from external layer of epidermis, intensely smoothens and moisturizes. Duo Active MoistTM complex and marigold, salvia, chamomile extracts support renewal and regeneration and prevent cornification. Applying the scrub onto feet perfectly prepares them for further care treatment.

  • Vitamins complex (A,E,F)
  • Chamomile extract
  • Wheat germ oil
  • 15% urea
  • Foot therapy
  • Saloon Effect in 15 minutes

#2 Freeman Bare Foot Lavender Mint Foot Cream:- Freeman is an American beauty brandFreeman_Bare_Foot_Lavender_Mint_Foot_Cream__87465.1401455758.500.750 manufactured by pH Beauty Labs, Inc. Since 1976, this brand making mark on the beauty industry by infusing new formulas with amino acids and proteins for superior skin benefits. The product range includes sensational facial mask sachets, sophisticated anti-aging formulas and year-round pedicure essentials.This soothing cream with Lavender and Mint, moisturizes aching legs and feet, softening dry skin on tough soles and heels. Tea Tree Oil helps soothe and relax tired feet while the smell of fresh Lavender and Mint provide uplifting aromatherapy.


#3 Hollywood Style Foot Scrub:- Hollywood Style is an American brand manufactured byIMG_0794__38641.1404705584.500.750 Herbal Hollywood Style.This extra gritty foot scrub removes stubborn, dry, dead skin to reveal a new baby soft healthy layer. It also helps remove corn and callus buldup. Natural botanical have been used to moisturize, condition and leave you feet clean, refreshed, smooth and silky soft.

  • Removes dead skin leaving soft & smooth
  • Herbal formula
  • No animal ingredients
  • No animal testing

#4 Oriflame Feet Up Advanced 2 In 1 Deep Action Foot Scrub:- Advanced scrub with anti-bacterial23277_1__03705.1420881899.500.750 Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil exfoliates rough skin while helping to protect against foot odour. Combining Intensive Care Complex with Shea Butter and Urea this rich exfoliant removes dead skin cells and hydrates tired feet. 2 in 1 deep action foot scrub exfoliates and softens feet while salvation cream moisturises and protects skin, reducing the appearance of calluses in 2 weeks. Prepare, treat and prevent dry skin.

Unique protecting, hydrating complex with vitamin E, glycerin, and bisabolol.

  • Self-assessment of 59 consumers with tired and dry/rough feet.
  • Effectively exfoliates rough skin (82%)
  • Purify, soften and hydrate worn feet
  • With anti-bacterial essential oil
  • Intensive care complex
  • Exfoliating scrub

#5 saeed-ghani-foot-cleanser:- It helps your feet’s skin healthy and smooth, it gently exfoliatesFoot_Cleanser_1__65210.1425641318.500.750 and clean away rough spots and flakiness for the soles while gently wash away dirt and oil. Essential oil of peppermint leaves feet feeling wonderfully soft & fresh.

  • Helps keeping skin healthy and smooth
  • The seal of originality

#6 Skinvita Foot Cream:- SkinVita is a famous Turkish cosmetics brand. Its been quite a whileP1100914__11431.1398235967.500.750 since SkinVita has impressed hundred and thousands of customers worldwide and now focusing its presence in Pakistan. SkinVita offers various cosmetics products. From Facial Skin Polisher to different scrubs and from Facial Cleansers to Makeup Removers, you will find their products overwhelmingly preeminent and worth it. SkinVita Foot Cream upkeeps splintered heels and rough feet with best ingredients. Enhanced with the Honey, Turmeric, Fenugreek seeds and Sal Tree extract, this cream gives feet soft feeling in just 72 hours. With additional characteristics of intensively moisturises, this great blend is anti-bacterial that makes it more effective for sensitive skin tones.

  • Caring formula
  • Softens & Intensively Moisturises
  • With Tea Tree, Spearmint & Cocoa Butter
  • Anti-Bacterial

#7 The Dody Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray:- A summer essential, this cooling spray49347m_l__21176.1409306772.500.750 refreshes hot, tired feet and combats odour.

  • Refreshing
  • Helps to combat odour




#8 The Body Shop Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub:- Containing Community FairThe_Body_Shop_Peppermint_Smoothing_Pumice_Foot_Scrub__88924.1411365486.500.750 Trade peppermint oil and intensely exfoliating volcanic rock granules that help to slough away rough patches of hardened skin, to leave feet femininely soft, smooth and freshly fragrant. Intensely exfoliating volcanic rock to smooth and soften even the roughness skin.


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