Airbrush Makeup – A Complete Tutorial on Its Uses and Benefits

Airbrush makeup is an innovative tool for smoother and finer makeup finish. Its primary benefit complies last long makeup as equaled with conventional makeup. You can use airbrush makeup to beautify your eye shadows and further for creating special effects or artistic designs including for bridals as well as for others as it delivers picture perfect texture.


Primary Uses and Advantages of Airbrush Makeup

Full Coverage, Sheer Texture:

Airbrush makeup provides foundation finish with full coverage. The sheer texture further provides perfect-looking skin with minimum makeup application.


Refined Pattern:

Its state of the art technology is based on refined patterns providing skin more subtle outlook brushes and sponges usually leave behind.


Great for Nail Art:

With airbrush makeup you can also do all sorts of inventive beautifying things as well. Go for great nail art methods and enhance the overall nails look.


Model and Body Painting:

Air brush makeup provides multi-purpose precision for model and body painting with single action gravity feeds compact and smooth surface finish.


Features of Airbrush Makeup Compressor:

  • Suitable for airbrush dia 0.4mm.
  • With elegant design and comfortable size.
  • Wide range of applications: can be used in beauty and make-up, nail art, body paint, crafts, cake painting and toy models.
  • Adjustable speed control at 3 levels by pressing the button “MODE” allows usage for different needs.
  • Airbrush holder is at one side, allows for convenient and practical storage.

Clever Makeover Tricks to Hide Your Double Chin – Saloni Special

Most commonly obese women report to have double chin issue. A double chin can be very embarrassing for one. It can lower down your self-esteem and also affect your self-confidence. It is one of those issues which can’t be ignored but what you can do is to use some tricks which will help you to hide your double chin. Following these tips will help you to look smarter and beautiful by hiding your double chin with some tricks to apply.

Hairstyle Matters

Hairstyle Matters:

The first thing which is going to get the attention of the people is your hairstyle. Sometimes your hairstyle highlights your double chin. So it is very important that you should have such style which will help to hide your chin, automatically. You can try a bob hair cut as it will get all the attention and no one will pay importance to your double chin, for better. A high ponytail can also be a suitable hairstyle for you.

 Using Makeup Sensibly

Using Makeup Sensibly:

Your makeup can be another tool of hiding your double chin. If you pay importance to your eyes and highlight the cheeks as well it will simply distract people from noticing your chin. Your cheeks and eyes will draw all the attention.

Making Lips Attractive

Making Lips Attractive:

Making your lips attractive is another trick that can really workout. Try to use the bold colors like red, brown or something glittery which will get all the focus from the viewer. It would be a very useful distractor to conceal your double chin.

The Importance of Dressing

The Importance of Dressing:

The most important thing you need to focus on, is your dressing. One of the reasons behind people noticing your double chin is that, that you make them to notice your double chin. You wear such clothes which directly highlight your chin. Therefore it is suggested that you should start wearing clothes that will highlight your neck and throat instead of your lower chin. For example you can wear a scoop neck top that will highlight your neck and at the same time it will make you look stylish.

Experts Describe Top Hairstyles You Can Do in Mere Minutes – Saloni Expert Corner

Go-to Ponytail:

“Upgrade a worn ponytail from day to night by taking out that pony and shaking it as hard as you can just to create some body, it’s key for reworking fullness into limp hair, the positioning makes it more playful.”

-Stacey Guerra, senior stylist at New York-based Butterfly Studio Salon

 Go-to Ponytail

Morning Topknot:

“You’ll need a little grit or dirt in your hair [for the evening look], so you’ll need to apply as much dry shampoo as you can. Hold your breath and spray through hair in the A.M. before you create your top knot, then pull the hair up as you normally would.”

-Stacey Guerra, senior stylist at New York-based Butterfly Studio Salon

 Night Topknot

Night Topknot:

“The product will have prepped the hair for the step and controlled the day’s oils, On the crown is more for a day look.”

-Stacey Guerra, senior stylist at New York-based Butterfly Studio Salon

Lived-In Waves

Lived-In Waves:

“Starting with curly hair is easy because you already have texture.”

-Stacey Guerra, senior stylist at New York-based Butterfly Studio Salon

 Lived-In Waves Night

Lived-In Waves Night:

“The best thing to do is to work with the curls and enhance them more by applying a curl definition product, such as Shu Uemura Cotton Uzu Defining Flexible Cream. This will separate curls and give hair a little more of that polished shine for nighttime.”

-Stacey Guerra, senior stylist at New York-based Butterfly Studio Salon

Natural Ways to Curl Your Hair – Saloni Beauty Corner

Hair trends change very quickly but curly hair never goes out of trend. Curls can give your hair a new style altogether. They can add volume to your hair and make them look healthier. Girls try different ways to curl their hair like using rollers, curlers or dryers but they also have to face the negative consequences as well. It can increase hair fall and can also make their hair dry. However, if you will try the natural ways to curl your hair then you will not have to face any damage done to your hair. Some of these natural ways are highlighted below:

Braid Method

Braid Method:

One of the easiest ways for curly hair is the braid method. If you want to have big curls then take big sections of your hair and make braids on it. Similarly for tight curls you need to make small braids. The only problem with this style is that you can’t wash your hair. If you wash it, you will lose your curls.

Making a Bun

Making a Bun:

Making a bun high up can also help you to have curly hair. For this you just need to twist your hair, wrap them up and make them a bun. Let your hair in the same condition for whole night and then in morning open them. You will be surprise to see your lovely waves. Then you can use a hair spray to set your hair.

Rubber Bands

Rubber Bands:

Another easy way to curl your hair is through rubber bands. After taking shower divide your wet hair in different sections. Then tight them in a rubber band tightly. Let it dry or use blow dry if you are in hurry. Then you will see the magic as this way will help you to have such lovely curls that will make your hair look awesome.

Hot Winter Lip Colors You Should Have – Saloni Recommendations Corner

Winter brings so many issues with it like dry skin and chapped lips. To cope with this problem lip colors can really help you out. Whereas, when you are selecting colors it is suggested that you should keep in mind the current lip colors trends. This will help you look nice and beautiful. If you choose bold and vibrant colors for your lips in winters it should be very significant to highlight your personality. However, if you are confuse then the below mention shades can help you to choose the best.

Deep Red

Deep Red:

In winter, the use of bold and vibrant colors is increased. It helps to make you look livelier. Deep red is the best color which can really suit the fair color tones and it will also make the appearance more classy. However, the only thing which you need to take care of is that the lip color must go smoothly.



Pink color is associated with feminine traits and it can make you look more sparkling. So, if you are going to use this shade, it can really help to highlight your complexion. It can work best for the dark complexions and this can be your signature lip color for the winters.



Plum color is another good option for this winter. This can make your skin look more shiny and glowing. You can also try different shades of plum colors. You can also use different blend of colors that will make you look gorgeous.

Spanish Pink

Spanish Pink:

If you want to apply lip color that will enhance your natural look then Spanish pink is the one that you are looking for. This color naturally blends with your lips and provides radiance to your lips. It will make your lips look shinier, classy and beautiful.

Services Hairstylists Do Against Their Will – Saloni Hairstylists Corner – Part 1

Hairstylists Explain Services Their Clients Never Requested:

“I’m really picky about what I will and won’t do, because the longer you’re in the business, the more you respect the fact that hair is a fiber and you know how fragile it can become.”

-Jo Blackwell-Preston, the owner of New York-based Dop Dop Salon

Hairstylists Explain Services Their Clients Never Requested

Double-Process Blonde:

“I won’t take someone to double-process blonde from dark brown or black, especially if it’s artificially pigmented.”

-Jo Blackwell-Preston, the owner of New York-based Dop Dop Salon

Double-Process BlondeJo Blackwell-Preston, the owner of New York-based Dop Dop Salon

Keratin Re-Dos:

“Some clients come in asking for a re-do on their Keratin treatment because their hair is still frizzy and broken off, but I won’t do it due to the damage already done to their hair, smaller companies are trying to create their own brands, which can result in low quality products, this then leads to hair breakage through the use of a hot flat iron.”

-Luigi Parasmo of Washington D.C.-based Luigi Parasmo Salon and Spa

Keratin Re-DosLuigi Parasmo of Washington D.C.-based Luigi Parasmo Salon and Spa

Double Chemical Processes:

“Double processes of chemicals on top of each other is very damaging, A lot of people do it, but it compromises the integrity of the hair. It’s better to give them a body wave on big rods with their naturally curly hair.”

-Jo Blackwell-Preston, the owner of New York-based Dop Dop Salon

 Lightening Hair With HeatGeorge Gonzalez, the owner of George the Salon Chicago

Lightening Hair With Heat:

“Added heat can open the cuticle, which can leave your hair dry and looking brittle,”

-George Gonzalez, the owner of George the Salon Chicago

How to Use a Hair Straightener Safely At Home?

Getting worried about your fuzzy hair? Now you don’t need to get worried as technology has empowered you to have proper control on your hairstyling. You can have your own straightener and can use it to make your hair look more beautiful. Now you don’t need to rush to the parlor for straightening services as you can do this job at your home with quite ease. However, when you are using a straightener, you have to follow the below mention suggestions..

Preparing Your Hair

Preparing Your Hair:

As you decide to straighten your hair, it is very essential that you must prepare your hair for this task. In the preparation, you have to wash your hair, for the reason that, if you are going to straight your hair without washing it, it will make your hair look frizzy. So, you must wash your hair thoroughly.

Using Serum or Hair Protection Spray

Using Serum or Hair Protection Spray:

After washing your hair, it is suggested that one must use serum or hair protection spray. This will help to protect your hair from heat. However, while applying serum you need to be careful that you must not apply it on the roots. As this will make your hair look greasy.

Setting Straightener on Right Temperature

Setting Straightener on Right Temperature:

When you have taken the hair precaution, now it is the time to set your straightener on the right temperature.

Dividing Hair into Different Layer

Dividing Hair into Different Layer:

After heating your straightener, divide your hair into different layers. Then start straightening your hair manually. Always remember that one layer at a time, as this will help you to straight your hair properly. However, if you see steam at your hair then immediately stop straightening your hair.


These were the common suggestions which one must have to follow while straightening hair. If you will follow these suggestions, it will help you to have the best hair style ever. It will also allow you to have proper straight hair.

Kashee’s Beauty Parlour – Complete Details

Kashee’s Beauty Parlour is a renowned beauty salon in Karachi. Initially started as a top salon service provider for men, this salon now offers great makeup services for women as well and has many satisfied customers who truly will say that this salon always provides them something good every time. Kashee’s Beauty Parlor is run by Kashif Aslam who himself is a famous beauty expert for both men and women.

Kashee’s Beauty Parlour Services and Make up PhotosKashee’s Beauty Parlour Services and Make up Photos1

Kashee’s Beauty Parlour Services and Make up Photos

 Latest Bridal Makeup By Kashif AslamLatest Bridal Makeup By Kashif Aslam1

Latest Bridal Makeup By Kashif Aslam

 Mayoo Makeup By Kashee’s Beauty ParlourMayoo Makeup By Kashee’s Beauty Parlour1

Mayoo Makeup By Kashee’s Beauty Parlour

 Latest Makeover By Kashif AslamLatest Makeover By Kashif Aslam1

Latest Makeover By Kashif Aslam

 Model Makeup Look By Kashee’s Beauty ParlourModel Makeup Look By Kashee’s Beauty Parlour1

Model Makeup Look By Kashee’s Beauty Parlour

 Mehandi Designs By Kashee’s Beauty SalonMehandi Designs By Kashee’s Beauty Salon1

Latest Mehndi Designs By Kashif Aslam

 Latest Mehndi Designs By Kashif AslamLatest Mehndi Designs By Kashif Aslam1

Kashee’s Beauty Parlour Services And Charges/Price List:

  • Hair Cuts, Coloring & Styling
  • Spa Manicures & Pedicures
  • Waxing
  • Body Slimming Treatments
  • Acrylic & Gel Nail Art
  • Eye Lashes Extension
  • Massages & Scrubs
  • Specialized Guinot & Dermalogica Facials
  • Permanent & Temporary Hair Extensions

 Kashee’s Beauty Parlour Make Up And ChargesKashee’s Beauty Parlour Make Up And Charges1

Kashee’s Beauty Parlour Make Up And Charges/Price List:

  • Professional Bridal & Valima Make up
  • Engagement & Party Make up

Kashee’s Beauty Parlour Contacts And Addreses:


  • Plot # 178/A Block-2, Najeeb Corner, Tariq Road, Karachi.
    Karachi, Pakistan-75100

Phone Numbers:

Karachi – Landline:

  • DHA Branch 021-3-4396051,
  • Tariq Road Branch 021-3-4553381, 021-3-4306768,
  • Cell: 0345-2889230

Email Address:



Current Deals:


Top and Diverse Hairstyles to Go with Saree – Part 1 – Saloni Special

Top and Different Hairstyles with Saree: 

When you are wearing a saree than choosing the best hairstyle will complicate the entire attire something more elegant and gorgeous. Conversely, the below mention styling tips will help you out to choose the best hair style for your saree.

 Top and Different Hairstyles with Saree

Wavy Layers:

The most common hairstyle which is mostly carried with saree is the simple wavy layers. For this particular hair style you don’t need to get any kind of services. You just need to have a layers haircut and you only need to maintain it naturally.

 Wavy Layers

Layer Volumized:

Layer Volumized style is a simple style which will really suit you in your saree. It is simple yet elegant looking style. You just need to divide your hair into middle parting and comb it to give them extra volume.

 Layer Volumized

High Bun:

High bun is another hairstyle which will make you look quite descent in saree. You simply need to make a high ponytail and then roll it in a bun form. This style is mostly chosen when you are wearing a blouse with collar as it will make your neck and shoulder more visible.

 High Bun

Side Hair Braid:

Side hair braid is one of the classical hairstyles. In this style one has to make side braid and keep it on your shoulders.

 Side Hair Braid

Puffed Ponytail:

Puffed Ponytail will also make you look best in saree. This style consists of the tight ponytail on back and front crown look which will look more like puffed up.

Puffed Ponytail

5 Modest Methods to Revitalize Dull Gloomy Skin This Winter – Saloni Winter Skin Tips

Methods to Brighten Dull Skin in Winters:

Methods to Brighten Dull Skin in Winters

In winters one of the big issues arise and become extremely challenging for many females is the dull gloomy looking skin. The skin becomes so rough and dull as it simply loses its softness and radiance especially when colder weather begins. As per, how women can make skin look active and glowing is the question which ponders in your head. You can make your skin look brighter by simply following the below stated ways.

 Using Scrub

1-Using Scrub:

Using a scrub can be beneficial for the skin. It can gently remove the dead skin cells and make your dull skin look fresh and brighter. However, using scrub once a week is fine but if your skin is sensitive then you have to be careful while using it.

 Using A Good Moisturizer

2-Using A Good Moisturizer:

In winters, skin loses its moisture due to the weather extreme conditions. Thus, it becomes very essential that you should use a moisturizer so that the lost moisture of your skin can be restored.

 Proper Diet

3-Proper Diet:

Proper diet is also one of the most essential ways to look beautiful as poor diet plan can make your skin look rough and dull. While, a healthy diet can provide you with the best glowing skin. You can increase the use of different vegetables and fruits for a more glowing skin.

 Sleep Well

4-Sleep Well:

If you do not sleep well at night, it can also make you look dull. Sleep is the basic way to restore your beauty as a proper sleep cycle will make you look fresh and active for longer periods.

 Taking too Much Caffeine

5-Taking too Much Caffeine:

Too much use of coffee and drinks can affect your health very badly. This can also cause dehydration due to which your skin can lost its tenderness. So, to make it fresh and bright, you must take care of your daily water intake.

Top Beauty Experts Share Dazzling Holiday Makeup Tips

Prep for Pretty:

“If you’re planning on getting an updo, we always recommend clients come with ‘dirty’ hair, wash it the day before your appointment to maximize volume and hold.”

-Dana Morrison of Heads & Tails Beauty Boutique

Prep for PrettyDana Morrison of Heads & Tails Beauty Boutique

Prep Skin:

“Prep skin by using a cleanser, followed by a hydrating face serum and a suitable moisturizer, then prep eyes with a light eye cream to help minimize the look of fine lines. Sometimes all you need is a consultation, a quick lesson with a professional is a great way to answer your questions.”

-Joe Gaglioti of Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa and Salon

Prep SkinJoe Gaglioti of Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa and Salon

Arrange Tresses:

“A lot of what we’ve seen on the runway and red carpet are classic updo shapes with a modern twist, the best way to achieve that in the salon is to ask for a softer or textured version of the classic French twist, which is traditionally tight and stiff. A more windswept, lived-in version gives it edge. Remember, cool equals effortless.”

-Sam Lehman, president of Adolf Biecker Salon and Spa

Arrange TressesSam Lehman, president of Adolf Biecker Salon and Spa

Play up More Relaxed Hair Style:

“Wearing your hair down is perfect for a strapless dress and draws the eye to the collar bones and elongates the neck, use the words ‘loose’ and ‘unkempt’ to let your stylist know you’re looking for a laid-back but glamorous style. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of hair spray or even bobby pins to keep waves in place.”

-Edmondo Blando of Salon Vanity

Play up More Relaxed Hair StyleEdmondo Blando of Salon Vanity

Maheen’s Bridal Salon and Spa Lahore – Complete Details

Maheen’s Bridal Salon and Spa is specialized beauty salon in Lahore. This salon was established in 2012 and now considered one of the most famous beauty salons in Lahore. Maheen’s Bridal Salon and Spa offers great deals including bridal, walima, mehndi and party makeup services.


Maheen’s Bridal Salon and Spa Services Charges/Price List:


Hair Care:

  • Hair coloring
  • Hair styling
  • Hair cutting
  • Rebounding
  • Highlights
  • Low lights
  • Hair Extensions
  • Protein treatments
  • Hair facial
  • Streaking
  • Straightening

facial massageSkin Care1

Skin Care:

  • Threading
  • Waxing
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Face polishing
  • Cleansing
  • Waxing
  • Whitening facial
  • Mehndi
  • Nail art

 Mehndi PicturesMehndi Pictures1Mehndi Pictures2

Mehndi Pictures:

Note: The services charges are enclosed due to privacy policy.

 bridal makeupAsian Bridal Makeup Trends 2012bridal makeup2

Maheen’s Bridal Salon and Spa Makeup Charges/Price List:


  • Bridal makeup
  • Valima makeup
  • Party makeup
  • Model makeup
  • Nikah makeup
  • Engagement makeup
  • Mehndi makeup

Note: The makeup charges are enclosed due to privacy policy.

 Pictures Of Makeup With ModelsPictures Of Makeup With Models1Pictures Of Makeup With Models2

Pictures Of Makeup With Models:

Maheen’s Bridal Salon and Spa Address and Contact Numbers:


  • 44-B, M.M Alam Road, Gulberg, Lahore, Pakistan


  • Mon – Sun: :10:00am – 9:00pm

Contact Numbers:

  • 0423-5755592
  • 03334838279

Email Address:



Facebook Page: