Clever Makeover Tricks to Hide Your Double Chin – Saloni Special

Most commonly obese women report to have double chin issue. A double chin can be very embarrassing for one. It can lower down your self-esteem and also affect your self-confidence. It is one of those issues which can’t be ignored but what you can do is to use some tricks which will help you to hide your double chin. Following these tips will help you to look smarter and beautiful by hiding your double chin with some tricks to apply.

Hairstyle Matters

Hairstyle Matters:

The first thing which is going to get the attention of the people is your hairstyle. Sometimes your hairstyle highlights your double chin. So it is very important that you should have such style which will help to hide your chin, automatically. You can try a bob hair cut as it will get all the attention and no one will pay importance to your double chin, for better. A high ponytail can also be a suitable hairstyle for you.

 Using Makeup Sensibly

Using Makeup Sensibly:

Your makeup can be another tool of hiding your double chin. If you pay importance to your eyes and highlight the cheeks as well it will simply distract people from noticing your chin. Your cheeks and eyes will draw all the attention.

Making Lips Attractive

Making Lips Attractive:

Making your lips attractive is another trick that can really workout. Try to use the bold colors like red, brown or something glittery which will get all the focus from the viewer. It would be a very useful distractor to conceal your double chin.

The Importance of Dressing

The Importance of Dressing:

The most important thing you need to focus on, is your dressing. One of the reasons behind people noticing your double chin is that, that you make them to notice your double chin. You wear such clothes which directly highlight your chin. Therefore it is suggested that you should start wearing clothes that will highlight your neck and throat instead of your lower chin. For example you can wear a scoop neck top that will highlight your neck and at the same time it will make you look stylish.

Fall/Winter 2015 Women Handbag/Clutch Trends

Handbags which stayed as an addition of pragmatism have flung all of these valuable characteristics to the gust, as now delivering a gleam of envy worthy arms. From large size folded bags to the micro size shoulder bags, we are sharing with you some of the very exotic fall/winter 2015 potential trends. The coming season is going to focus on the full version of new modern trends enabling you to catch your favorite one in an instant glance.


This messenger-style handbag is seamless especially for working women. With a briefcase style look, attache handbags look even classier with additional adjustable shoulder strap means that it would be top seller for fall/winter 2015.


An easy handbag to carry, the bowler bags are becoming more popular. The fine fabric textured with matte finish bowler trending high as we instigate to understand the customary tote fade out for fall/winter 2015.


The minaudiere has developed an eternal liking functioning with any expression from day to night.

 Mini Cross Body

Mini Cross Body:
The mini cross body handbags are becoming go to favorite. Cross-body shape has been around for long now while its making a huge comeback this coming fall winter.

 Soft Tote

Soft Tote:
Soft tote is considered by many the most popular handbag. More often, a top handle and cross-body dual strap enhance soberness to this beautiful bag.

 Big Handbags

Big Handbags:
The tendency for big handbags is increasingly losing its place giving approach to minor and medium sized preferences. Nonetheless still, big handbags are considered very helpful and style appealing.

 Satchel Bags

Satchel Bags:
The satchel bags are also spreading contemporary stylishness amongst the common bags. The most liked styles are still skin hints, printed variants and knitted colors.

Envelope and Folded Bags

Envelope and Folded Bags:
Envelope and folded bags could make a comeback after their recent enormous liking of basic looking bags and simplified clutches. These bags embrace the particulars of their silhouettes and looks while add more comfort for more pleasing appearance.

Latest Best Party Wear Shoes for Girls

As soon as it comes to party shoes, so many variety is available to choose from. And girls get confusing as which type of shoes are best for party wear. The primary thing to consider that there is a lot of variation in party shoes as these shoes are also known as formal shoes, especially worn on wedding and dinners.

Below is a short list of party shoes for our readers for their better understanding and knowledge about sorting out of which party shoes will look better on them.

Peep toes7hob.com13684490002410bshfj9-l-610x610-shoes-high-heels-black-heels-sparkly-heels-black-sparkles-sequin-dress-sequin-shoes-stillettos-ariana-grande-cute-shoes-dressy-little-black-dress-peep-toe-black-peep-toe-peep-toe-h

Peep toes:

Peep toes shoes are considered good as part shoes. These shoes are easy to go with and also provides a great trendy classy look. A peep-toe shoe is an also measured as woman’s best friend when it comes to parties and social gatherings.

Essentially the opening at the toe-box allows the toes to show that puts additional glamorous look if you go with a striking clothing.



Ruffles could also be one of very options for the parties. Ruffles look extremely sophisticated and elegant with any type of outfit. Girls adore wearing ruffles due to their stunning stylishness and party catching characteristics.

Whether in harmonizing shades that tone in, or complementary colors to style a statement, theses shoes are just essential gleam you need to raise your stylishness.

Lace shoes2015-Beautiful-High-Heel-Wedding-font-b-Shoes-b-font-Lace-Rhinestone-Spring-Bridal-Dress-font2015-new-Sweet-white-flower-lace-bride-low-hells-font-b-shoes-b-font-font-bChristian-Louboutin-Ambro-Lace-Peep-Toe-Pumps

Lace shoes:

Lace shoes are also reflected as one of the best party shoes. Though it is a new fashion statement in the country but still getting popularity due to its pure class and trendiness. It is also a latest trend in party shoe industry mesmerizing thousands of girls countrywide.

Lace Shoes are certainly comfortable and easy to use shoes and being these qualities, these shoes are making mark with a huge roar.

Embellished shoesbshfj9-l-610x610-shoes-high-heels-black-heels-sparkly-heels-black-sparkles-sequin-dress-sequin-shoes-stillettos-ariana-grande-cute-shoes-dressy-little-black-dress-peep-toe-black-peep-toe-peep-toe-hchristian-louboutin-2011-black-crystal-pointed-toe-pumpsscarpa2

Embellished shoes:

Embellished shoes are another option for you on a traditional occasion. Brands include ECS, UNZE and Chic have lots of variety in embellished shoes. These shoes are heightened with different beautifully embellished with beads and embroideries to match your style.


More Party Trendy Shoes: 



stylo-shoes-high-heels-sandal-2014-collection-8peep-toes-8New Shoes Designer 6Miu-Miu-suede-glitter-pumpFashion-Trends-2014Latest-Party-Wear-High-Heels-Shoes-Collection-For-Modish-Girls-5

Scarf Style For 2014


Over the time of time dressing up legitimately is getting to be exceptionally critical to look overall prepped. The feelings of wearing additionally help up our trust and make us emerge in the swarm. In 2014, the unrest for the need of wearing hijab being the piece of our dresses has developed.

Scarves are a vital some piece of dressing to blanket and secure from it and it is not difficult to convey for young girls and ladies. Wearing of scarves is presently a design around the young girls and women. Scarves are propelled in distinctive plans for each age by fashioners and some diverse brands. scarf13Scarves now days are utilized for design as well as to blanket ourselves from the winter season.

In distinctive nations of the world, head scarves are accessible in numerous styles. Distinctive scarves outlines are accessible in every business sector. Now a days, ladies wear scarves to look rich and a la mode. To wear matching scarves with their garments are favored by all ladies. As stated by most recent style patterns and styles, all the head scarves are outlined. For ladies of all age aggregations, head scarves are perfect.scarf8

Delightful extravagant scarves are additionally accessible in the business alongside beads work and sequins work. Headscarves and hijabs are exceptionally prominent around Muslim ladies in the entire world. The reason is that Muslim ladies require blanketing their hairs. So they wear head scarves and hijabs while going out of their homes.scarf5

Scarves now days are used not only for covering their selves but also for fashion. They are worn in distinctive styles to give an alternate look. The scarves can undoubtedly suit with basic dresses, pants, shirts and cock tail dresses. Fashion Designers have propelled their gathering of scarves for girls and ladies and they scarf4immaculate with long coats, night occasions, pants and shirts. Scarves are utilized for style too for looking beautiful. There are numerous styles to wear the scarves with diverse dresses. A few young ladies wear scarves to blanket their heads, some just for design while some for change in looks.

Tips to Choose the Dresses That Suit You Well

Every woman likes to be cautious about her looks and appearance. Anyway, fashion is mostly related to women. It can also be said that fashion is synonymous to women. But the fact is that fashion is not just about dressing, but many things add to it.

Body frame: If you are a plump women, avoid sleeveless cuts. Wear clothing made of dark colors than lighter shades. Dull colors like dull blue or dirty blue also make a good choice. Wearing small prints or vertical line prints make you look slimmer.

Beige and fawn colors look good on you, if you are of a medium structure. In case of blouses, try on nets because they can disguise your physical flaws.

If you are a thin women, all color ranges and color shades look good on you. Sleeveless, deep cuts and strapped blouses make you look gorgeous.

Skin tone: If you are fair, gold with a blend of copper makes you cool. If you are of a medium or wheatish color, mix shades of white, bronzy golden and beige look good. If your skin tone is dark, golden copper shades are the best choice.

Personal attitude and comfort level: Attitude and comfort level are very important in deciding which style and trend works better for you. If you love maintaining a cosmopolitan outlook, but not comfortable with western wear, you can try Indo Western style. A blend of Indo Western style makes you look more charming. If you are a shy woman a boat necked saree with squared necked blouse is the best choice for you. But if you are bold and beautiful you can wear sleeveless, deep-necked blouses and also straps.