Top Sesso Products For Online Shopping

#1 Sesso Double Action Cleanser 150 ML For Rs.299.00:- 20161105_161634__78959.1478672024.500.750.jpg

  • Nightly cleansing routine
  • Fruity treat for skin
  • Makes skin smooth and healthy
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#2 Sesso Purifying Black Charcoal Mask 150 Grams For Rs.299.00:-20170606_132343__75902.1496742922.500.750

  • For all skin types
  • Professional care
  • Whitening oil control
  • Anti-black head
  • Hydration + Moisture
  • Purifying Black Charcoal Mask
  • Deep exfoliating formula
  • Helps the removal of blackheads & unblock pores
  • 100% Natural extracts

#3 Sesso Whitening Apricot Scrub 150 ML For Rs.299.00:-20161105_161717__13293.1478674519.500.750

  • Skin with a soft, fresh feet.
  • cleans pores
  • Makes skin smooth and healthy
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#4 Sesso Whitening Cleanser 150 ML For Rs.299.00:- 20161105_161737__63597.1478674999.500.750.jpg

  • Provides a lumnious glow to skin.t.
  • Soothes and cools your skin
  • Makes skin smooth and healthy
  • Freagrance
  • Color
  • Paraben Free

#5 Sesso Whitening Massage 150 ML For Rs.299.00:-20161105_161648__32116.1478672703.500.750 

  • Face skin soft, smooth
  • Whitening massage cream
  • Stimulates blood circulation and relaxes musceles
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#6 Sesso Whitening Mud Mask 150 ML For Rs.299.00:-20161105_161442__40045.1478669870.500.750.jpg

  • Luminous glow to your skin
  • Skin naturally With Fairness
  • urify blackheads and pores



#7 Sesso Whitening Skin Polish 150 ML For Rs.299.00:-20161105_161510__50711.1478670578.500.750.jpg

  • Results in a fair complexion
  • Natural fruits extract
  • Makes skin smooth and healthy



#8 Sesso 3 in 1 Wash Scrub Mask 150ML For Rs.299.00:-Sesso_3_in_1_Wash_Scrub_Mask_150ML_buy_online_saloni.pk__47646.1505564725.500.750.jpg

  • Deep Cleanses
  • Removes Dark Spots
  • Instant Glow
  • For Young & Fresh Skin


Sesso Product Prices In Pakistan


Best Saeed Ghani products For Online Shopping

#1 Saeed Ghani Aloevera Soap 75 Grams For Rs.60.00:-20170418_201101__89897.1494238661.500.750.jpg

  • Contains aloevera gel, coconut oil, castor oil, glycerin, stearic acid and perfume
  • 100% halal
  • Herbal soap

#2 Saeed Ghani Aloe Vera Face Wash 60 ML For Rs.80.00:-IMG_5361__75592.1472301465.500.750.jpg

  • Natural silent skin healer
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#3 Saeed Ghani Bio-Essencial Peel Off Facial Mask Zaffran 60 ML For Rs.140.00:-SAEED_GHANI_PEEL_OFF_FACIAL_MASK_ZAFRAN_1__24469.1385731440.500.750.jpg

  • Enriched vitamin A & E
  • Dermatologist tested
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#4 Saeed Ghani Chehra Khas Neem Powder For Rs.150.00:-1484054_534458443314996_1224622014_o__67148.1402403706.500.750.jpg

  • For all type of skin
  • Face cares
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#5 Saeed Ghani Cucumber Face Wash 60 ML For Rs.80.00:-Cucumber_FW_60ml_copy__80441.1471981860.500.750.png

  • A natural cleansing with youthful glow
  • Face wash with kheera



#6 Saeed Ghani Cucumber Whitening Milk 60 ML For Rs.140.00:- SAEED_GHANI_CUCUMBER_1__55208.1385727729.500.750.jpg

  • The seal of originality
  • Herbal Beauty Range



#7 Saeed Ghani Face Cleanser Whitening Daily Cleansing Cream For Rs.270.00:-20160418_162549__02117.1461740044.500.750.jpgSaeed Ghani Face Cleanser Whitening Daily Cleansing Cream is well known as a traditional astringent and the slices have long been used as a cooling agent for hot, tired skin to remove excess oil that can dull skin and log pores.


#8 Saeed Ghani Face Wash with Sandal for Whitening Dry Skin 60 ML For Rs.80.00:-Sandal_FW_60ml_copy__19430.1471981929.500.750.pngSaeed Ghani’s Sandal face wash is an ayurvedic gentle face wash that cleanses, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Their active sandals particles provide deep pare cleansing to leave your skin soft supple and refreshed. Formulation that ensures moistening of dry skin, while invigorating skin’s natural oils. Removing dirt and impurities.

#9 Saeed Ghani Fade Out Beauty Cream 65g For Rs.250.00:-IMG_5827__88711.1472906100.500.750.jpg

  • Gives Rapidly and Astonishingly Results
  • With Enriched AHA
  • With Vitamin C


#10 Saeed Ghani Fairness Multivitamin Face Cream 60 ML For Rs.150.00:-IMG_5372__19374.1472301999.500.750.jpg

  • Herbal beauty range
  • With vitamin B3+A+C+E
  • 100% herbal actives
  • Total fairness treatment with anti aging effect


Saeed Ghani Product Prices In Pakistan


Top Qubee Products For online Shopping

#1 Qubee Apricot Fine Scrub For Rs.155.00:-20170414_170333__73161.1493298877.500.750

  • Unique Blend of Facial Defoliants
  • Enriched with Apricot, pnatothenol & Vitamin E
  • Gives Skin Nautral Glow
  • Removes Dark Spot & Colored Patches
  • Nourishes Skin

#2 Qubee Fruit And Vege Face Mask For Rs.155.00:-20161223_203351__71248.1485341033.1280.1280__46509.1489058523.500.750.jpg

  • Whitening Facial Mask
  • Vitamins & Fruit Extracts
  • Nourishes & Beautifies the Skin
  • Control Excess Oil


#3 Qubee Moisturizing Lotion Avocado N Yogurt For Rs.135.00:-IMG_5254__92921.1472476592.1280.1280.jpg

  • Moisturizing rejuvenating & hydrant
  • 100% natural
  • Pure natural
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Natural ingredients


#4 Qubee Natural Skin Polisher For Rs.135.00:- 20170414_164853__20236.1493298120.500.750.jpg

  • Rejuvenator & Refreshner
  • Unique Blend For Skin Glow
  • Gives Natural Freshness to Skin
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#5 Qubee Natural Skin Toner Lemon & Rose Water For Rs.135.00:- IMG_7987__63169.1483012377.500.750.jpg

  • Tighten your skin
  • Hazel extact &  pure rose water
  • online shopping in pakistan payment on delivery



#6 Qubee Skin Cleansing Milk with Milk N Honey For Rs.135.00:-20170414_164829__27638.1493291173.500.750.jpg

  • Moisturizing cleansing and make up remover
  • 100% natural
  • Pure natural
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Natural ingredients


#7 Qubee Soothing Lotion Aloe N Mint For Rs.135.00:- 20170414_164919__29227.1493291060.500.750.jpg

  • Soothing calming & Rush control
  • Pure nature
  • 100% natural
  • A product of Tubi
  • No animal test
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Natural ingredients


#8 Qubee Triple Action Deep Cleanser For Rs.175.00:-20170414_165652__48926.1493294394.500.750

  • Remove Dead Skin Cells
  • Dirt Remover
  • Perfect Deep Cleansing
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Qubee Product Prices In Pakistan