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Why Your Skin Gets Dry In The Winter, According To The Experts

Of course, you likely know how to combat the dry skin once you’ve got it — using methods like slathering the offending area in gallons of high-strength moisturizer — but there are also ways to nip these things in the bud before they get too severe. Arm yourself with expert knowledge so that you can avoid dry skin altogether by deciphering the less obvious causes of dry skin.

1. Indoor Heating

Dr. Michael Swann, board certified dermatologist, says that it’s not just heating in your homes that can cause dry skin. “Heated air in our homes, offices, and cars is generally very dry,” he says. “The result is that our skin thickens (the dead layer stays on longer) and can crack in response to the slower turnover and dryer conditions.”

2. Humidity Levels Drop

She continues, “While the weather conditions continue, our skin works hard to produce additional oil to moisturize, but for many skin types it is hard to catch up. The best way to prevent uncomfortable dryness is to know when to level up on your moisturizing products, starting early to prevent dryness.”

3. You’re Not Using The Right Products

According to NYC dermatologist, Dr. Joshua Zeichner, it’s a whole other ball game for those suffering with acne.

“The winter time can be especially challenging for acne patients, as many acne drugs can dry out the skin,” he says. “Choose lower concentrations of acne fighters like benzoyl peroxide during the winter time. 2.5% BPO has been shown to be as effective as higher, potentially more irritating concentrations like 5% or even 10%. You can also speak to your dermatologist about non-irritating, effective prescription options, like Aczone gel 7.5% that will not dry your skin out.”

4. Your Shower Temperature Is Too Hot

5. You Wear Heavier Fabrics

“During the winter the skin dries and dehydrates more intensely because of many reasons including, but not limited to the use of heavy clothing in some cases,” says Dr. Christian Jurist, certified Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Facial Specialist, and Medical Director of Global Education at Pevonia.

“Our skin does an amazing job at protecting us from the elements. In the winter, our skin needs to be a stronger, thicker barrier from colder conditions. Remember that our skin is responsible for shunting blood away from the skin to keep our internal bodies warm in the winter, “says Dr. Swann.

“Sebaceous glands that are less functional to produce oil and maintain a healthy epidermal barrier,” Dr. Jurist says. In other words, they simply don’t work as well in winter, and therefore can’t keep your skin moisturized.

Now you have a little more insight into why skin gets dry in the winter, so you can put preventative measures into place, or put an end to anything that may be contributing towards drying your skin out. Then, fingers crossed, you can bid good riddance to cracked, sore skin once and for all!

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