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5 Breakfast Ideas For Healthy Skin and Fewer Wrinkles

By Mara Betsch, Prevention

There’s more to getting healthy, glowing skin than buying the perfect anti-aging skincare products.“You can put on all the makeup and concealer in the world, but unless you’re eating a diet full of beauty foods, your skin will not look its best,” says Lisa Drayer, MA, RD, the author of The Beauty Diet.

Start your morning off right by whipping up these beauty-boosting breakfasts. They’re full of beauty foods that protect your skin and keep it looking young, fresh, and absolutely radiant.

Omelet Italian-Style
Tomatoes add juicy flavor to this simple omelet, but they also boost skin health. “Tomatoes are the number one skin-friendly vegetable,” says Jessica Wu, MD, a Los Angeles dermatologist and the author of Feed Your Face. Studies show that eating these bright red veggies may help fight sunburn, boost collagen, and even reduce skin roughness.

Get the Full Italian-Style Omelet Recipe!

Fruit and Spice Cut Oatmeal 
Besides being heart healthy, this steel-cut oats breakfast may improve your complexion. While instant oatmeals are often packed with sugar, this recipe instead relies on spices, fruit, and a touch of honey for flavor. “Sugar may contribute to wrinkles, and there’s research that shows that following a diet lower in refined carbs improves adult acne,” says Drayer.

Try it Yourself! Get the Fruit and Spice Oatmeal Recipe

Keep reading for more anti-aging recipes!

Greek-Style Frittata
Take 30 minutes to make this mouthwatering morning meal, which packs a big beauty punch. The vitamin A in the spinach increases skin turnover, giving you that sought-after glow. Protein-packed eggs help form collagen, which improves skin’s elasticity, and give you a boost of the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect against UV damage.

Get the Full Recipe: Greek-Style Frittata

Strawberry-Kiwi Smoothie 
Don’t have a lot of time in the morning? Blend up this 5-minute smoothie and get a hefty dose of skin-smoothing vitamin C from strawberries and kiwi. “Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis and prevents wrinkling,” says Drayer. Now that’s refreshing!

Make it Yourself: Strawberry-Kiwi Smoothie recipe

Apple Walnut Protein Pancakes 
These hearty pancakes pack in whole grains, protein, and a little bit of fat — the perfect ingredients for a healthy breakfast. However, they also include a few tablespoons of walnuts, an excellent source of ALA omega-3 fatty acids that also boost skin health. “We know that if our diet is deficient in ALA, then we may see signs of dry, scaly skin,” says Drayer.

Try the Apple Walnut Protein Pancakes Recipe

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