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Even the most well cared for, balanced skin can be thrown off by dry, winter air. When skin becomes dehydrated, it often leads to dullness and flaking. Get ahead of the game and prepare your skin for the coming winter by making a few preparations.

Exfoliate regularly

A buildup of dead skin cells can dull your skin’s radiance and clog follicles, often leading to congestion and breakouts. In addition to contributing to these skin issues, dead skin cell buildup can interfere with the performance of your skincare products. Exfoliate your face regularly, about 1-3 times per week, to help keep your skin free and clear of debris while also aiding in the penetration of your skincare products. Specifically in cold, drying winter months this helps boost the benefits of your serum and moisturizer, helping your skin maintain proper hydration levels.

Use a heavier moisturizer

One of the easiest things you can do in the winter is to swap your usual moisturizer for a formula that’s slightly thicker and richer to combat the dry air.

Glo Skin Beauty moisturizers from light to rich:

Add a hydrator to your routine

Glo Skin Beauty International Educator Amanda von dem Hagen recommends giving your skin a boost with a hydrator. “With the lack of humidity during the winter months, skin can easily become dehydrated. Once that happens, many concerns could become more apparent like uneven texture, redness and breakouts. Adding a hydrator to your daily skincare routine prevents skin dehydration.”

Hydrators, like Daily Hydration+, are lighter than a moisturizer and can penetrate further into the skin. Use 3-4 drops before you moisturize.

If your skin has a tendency to dry out midday, rehydrate with a spritz of Hydration Mist. Misting both refreshes the skin and revives your makeup. Look for ingredients like Sodium Hyaluronate and Deuterium Oxide.

Wear lip balm morning and night

After you brush your teeth in the morning, apply a light layer of lip balm. Allow it to sink in before you apply your makeup. This will help your lips stay supple, even when using matte formulas.

Before you go to bed, coat your lips with a nourishing lip balm so your lips don’t dry out overnight.

Wear SPF

Sunscreen is a year round necessity, even when the temps cool. Learn more about why you should wear SPF in the winter.

Take it easy

Many people experience seasonal skin sensitivity brought on by the change of seasons. Irritable skin needs a little extra TLC, so look for products labeled “gentle” or “sensitive.” Calming, anti-inflammatory ingredients like Aloe and Cucumber are good to watch out for.

When your skin flares up, avoid adding too many new products to your regimen at once. As tempting as it is, resist the urge to totally overhaul your skincare lineup. We always recommend introducing one new product at a time to see the effect it has on your skin.

Schedule a skincare service

“It’s an ideal time to schedule chemical exfoliation treatments since you have less sun exposure during the day,” says Amanda. “Consult with a Skincare Professional on what treatments can help to resolve your main skin concerns.”

Switching up your skincare regimen is easier with a professional on your side. Get product recommendations for the changing season from your favorite esthetician.

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