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Too Lazy to Remove Your Makeup Before Bed? This Photo Will Change That An intrepid experiment

(and shocking photographic proof) reveals why it’s imperative to muster the energy to wash your face)


a visit to a 3D Cosmetic Imaging Studio where she had her face analyzed with a special 3D camera which, as she writes, “shows – in mortifying detail – my pigmentation, broken veins, enlarged pores and wrinkles.”

At month’s end, she went back to have her complexion evaluated by the doctors who’d done the initial analysis — brace yourselves here … “The experts estimated that my skin was biologically approximately a decade older than before I began my no-cleansing experiment.”

Shocking, right? Pursglove reveals that the doctors said, “You won’t have done any meaningful damage in four weeks, but long-term avoidance of cleansing while continuing to wear make-up could be detrimental to your skin in the long-run. The biggest issue is the accumulation of environmental pollutants, which drive the generation of free radicals [which] contribute to the breakdown of collagen and elastin, the structures that underpin youthful skin.”

Pursglove”s cautionary tale (and, yes, those shudder-inducing before and after photos) are sure to spur many of us into putting forth the extra effort required to remove our makeup at day’s end. And, here to help get you on the straight and narrow, is a guide to the best eye makeup removers and a recipe for an all natural makeup remover.

Happy cleansing!



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