One of the most informative blog posts we have ever written in the three-years history of this blog is THIS ONE, titled “What Is TRESemmé and Is It Right for You?”Approved by worlds Best hair-stylists So what are we actually sharing with you today , scroll down folks

it does everything we could ask of a mousse: It smells great, holds curls nicely, prevents frizz–even in intense humidity, and still leaves hair so soft. TRESemmé has become a favorite of many, and it always impresses with what they can deliver at their affordable cost.

Keep reading this TRESemmé Company and Products Review to get our in depth review of some of their products, the good and the bad, but spoiler alert: TRESemmé is where it’s at!

TRESemmé History and Background

TRESemmé was founded in 1947 in the United States as a salon hair care brand. The name was inspired by a woman named Edna Emme, a well-known cosmetologist, and spun to sound like très-aimé, meaning well-loved in French. Because the brand was in fact well-loved, the products were brought to the public and marketed as the first salon-brand to be sold in supermarkets and pharmacies.

TRESemmé was purchased by Alberto-Culver, a hair and skincare company, in 1968. In 2010, Unilever purchased Alberto, adding its brands including Tresemme, Simple and VO5 to Unilever’s portfolio.

Overview of TRESemmé Products

TRESemmé makes some amazing hair care that lives up to its “salon-grade” reputation. They’ve got softening shampoos, nutrient rich conditioners, and hair styling and conditioning products that come through with their claims whether that be to strengthen, volumize, condition, define, repair, smooth or texturize.

A cool feature on their website is the PROfiler quizwhich asks you questions about your styling habits, what your hair is like currently, and what you’d like your hair to be more like in the future, and they compute it all to come up with a list of products that will help you achieve your hair goals. It’s a great tool, and that’s how I’d describe TRESemmé haircare in general. They provide genuinely great tools.


This is a moisturizing shampoo that maintains softness and a healthy amount of natural oils in the hair. It is infused with coconut and jojoba oils which are great moisturizers and nourish the hair beautifully. It’s a gentle cleanser with lower sulfate levels than most shampoos.

It’s silicone-free, hypo-allergenic, and isn’t dyed. The TRESemmé Naturals shampoo has also been discontinued in favor of the newer Botanique shampoo, but the Naturals is still out there for the time being, albeit at a slightly higher price.


The first thing We have to say about this dry shampoo is that it does not leave any white cast whatsoever, which makes this one of the only dry shampoo options at the drugstore that won’t make dark hair look ashy.

It uses mineral clay to absorb excess oil from second or third day hair, giving it some texture and making it look clean and dry. There’s a Fresh Start Volumizing option that gives some volume to limp hair and also works really well.


When hair is damaged, hair cuticles are lifted which makes hair rough, frizzy, and dull. Keratin is a structural protein, and the main material that hair is comprised of. When it is applied to the hair it forms a protective layer around the individual strands, laying the cuticles back down and giving the hair a smoother texture.

Keratin treatments have been avoided as consumers become more aware of the dangers of formaldehyde which is included in many Keratin treatments because it helps the Keratin bond to the hair, and without it, the effects of such treatments would fade after a few washes.

The TRESemmé Keratin system is completely formaldehyde-free, which works for them because they are meant to be used on a regular basis anyhow. The conditioner is makes hair feel super soft and look very silky, and it can hydrate and help heal dry or damaged hair. One caveat with this conditioner, and Keratin treatments in general, is that it loosens curls and should probably be avoided if you’re going for a really bouncy, curly look.


This leave in conditioner is mind-bogglingly good. Nothing can permanently fuse split ends back together, but the Split Remedy moisturizes hair incredibly, making it look softer and shinier than ever, and it somehow binds split ends together while it’s in your hair. It can also prevent further damage and end splitting and I personally saw some pretty crazy results.

Obviously once damage is done it’s almost impossible to reverse, but  our clients noticed that thier hair appeared healthier immediately and that it was looking a lot less damaged over time. Of all of the conditioners they’ve used, including ones from LushGarnier, and Pantene, this is the most effective! AS PER OUR CLIENTS !!!!


TRESemmé is part of Unilever which is not a cruelty-free brand. They don’t test their finished products on animals, but they commission other companies and researchers to test ingredients on animals on their behalf, allowing them to label the products as not having been tested on animals.

Unilever has made efforts to improve their animal practices in recent years, such as with their Unilever Sustainable Living Plan which involves the company working in unison with animal welfare organizations to only purchase ingredients from suppliers with suitable animal welfare standards as defined by these organizations, but they still have a lot of room for growth in this area.


We all want professional quality hair care, but the average person doesn’t want to drop (PKR-4,860) on a bottle of shampoo, and nor should they. TRESemmé keeps their prices really fair, and they seems to be the real deal.

The brand is used backstage at New York fashion week, it’s used by professionals at salons, and it’s trusted by so many individual consumers because they put out good quality stuff with formulas that make a real difference in hair’s health and ease of styling.

Thanks for reading our TRESemmé Company and Products Review! 







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