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Skin Polishing at Home


Skin polishing sounds like a difficult affair but it is not as tough as it sounds.

It is a rather simple routine that needs to be done with care and well, yes; it isn’t as invasive as it sounds. You can polish your skin, whether face or any body part with simple home remedies and scrubs, some care to take and some tips to tango with.
Thinking why do we need to polish skin in the first case? The reason is that skin cells keep depleting and replenishing themselves. This depletion is essential for new skin cells to appear and it is this new layer of skin that gives it a new look, the new sheen and the new glow, which makes it look polished and practiced. Here are a few good home recipes for skin scrubs and a few tips on skin polishing at home.

Polish For Face Skin  –

A polish for face skin should be mild but yet effective for its cause. Here is a simple recipe that can give you that sheen you much desire. Take a 5-6 tea spoons of sugar, add on some olive oil and mix the ingredients to make a thick paste.

Apply this paste on your skin and rub in circular motions. You can also mix gram powder with a tea spoon of turmeric and some raw milk for a good and nourishing polish mix.

Face Skin Care While Polishing –

The face skin is the softest and needs a gentle exfoliator that will not harm the softer parts of the face near the mouth and around the eyes. Thus, always apply your scrub and rub it around leaving the softer regions untouched or go slow over those regions.

However, apply the scrub generously and rinse it after a massage of 10 minutes. If you are prone to acne it is suggested you go peels as acne prone skin should not be rubbed hard.

one must be careful about not scrubbing any part of the skin if any procedure like waxing has been done on it. A period of 24 hours should be left between scrubbing and other skin procedure, chemical or manual.

On, the other hand scrubbing as a skin regime and routine should be done at least once a week considering the hectic lifestyles we lead. Regular polishing over a long period of time is going to brighten up your skin tone, offer a good healthy sheen and also give it a softer feel reducing occurrences like ingrowths in the skin. Skin polish is a must!




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