Best Sweet Touch Products For Online Stores In Pakistan

#1 Sweet Touch Oriental Kajal Water Proof Pencil For Rs.350.00:- Kohled Eyes arestk1__69573.1432799953.500.750 considered as the strength of a woman. Kohl/kajal has been used since ages to beautify and mystify the beauty of women, from queens to goddesses, from divas to the girl-next-door. East or West , Kajal now almost rule every where from Ramp to streets. Sweet Touch Kajal pencil is a new addition to this ritual, does it win my heart.

#2 Sweet Touch Twin Cake Ivory For Rs.950.00:- Matte-finish twin cake gives smoothSTTCIV__40879.1499683349.500.750 and radiant skin. It never cakes up on skin and its extremely fine powder keeps pores open.




#3 Sweet Touch Nail Polish Choco Cream 1042 For Rs.225.00:-Sweet Touch Nail PolishIMG_1039__30687.1406089927.500.750 is the premium addition in its range of other standard glossy nail polishes. Through a normal formulation that cartels opulent colors and photosensitive properties, Sweet Touch Nail Polish offers collection of stylish shades as to get an every mood and occasion look, Sweet Touch Nail Polish enhances your beauty with a touch of elegance.



#4 Sweet Touch Magnetic Nail Art 1144 Antique Copper For Rs.425.00:-STMNA1144__18418.1499680407.500.750 Get the wow factor with this innovate nail polish that creates gorgeous nail art effects in just few second.



#5 Sweet Touch Water Proof Volumizing Fiber Mascara For Rs.400.00:-volumizing_fiber_mascara_description__61596.1432800469.500.750 Volumizing fiber mascara enhances the volume, length and curl of every lash. The dual-textured brush coats every lash while the firm tip captures even tiny lashes to add remarkable volume, separation and length.


#6 Sweet Touch Young Skin Foundation YS 03 For Rs.1,200.00:- Young and fresh skinSTF03__36860.1499687784.500.750 doesn’t need a lot of coverage. Sweet touch young skin foundation makes skin look flawless and smooth and its continued use has no damaging effect.


#7 Sweet Touch Sparkling Eyes Shades Green For Rs.350.00:- Long wearing and crease STSGR__01271.1499691987.500.750resistant eye shades that are pleasantly soft on skin and are easy to blend. Play with color to your heart’s content.



#8 Sweet Touch Lip Fix No. 1 by Colorful Cosmetics For Rs.400.00:- Lip fix consists ofSTLFN1__04166.1499693145.500.750 long-lasting shades that moisturize and make lips appear smoother for a fabulous pout.





#9 Sweet Touch Lip Gloss No. 660 For Rs.350.00:- Rich, luminous lip gloss that leaes lipsSTLG660__59917.1499692925.500.750 feeling smooth and hydrated with radiant shine. they glide on easily, never leaing lips feeling sticky or heavy.




#10 Sweet Touch Sparkling Eyes Shades Brick For Rs.350.00:- Long wearing and creaseSTSB__75353.1499692252.500.750 resistant eye shades that are pleasantly soft on skin and are easy to blend. Play with color to your heart’s content.




Sweet Touch Product Prices In Pakistan

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