Creme 21 Price List in Pakistan

Creme 21 is a German brand of skin care products that satisfy every individual skin needs. Creme 21 has developed a specialized line of skin care products based upon the customer’s desires. The number 21 represents a legal adult age that means Creme 21 is for young and old, and the whole family. Creme 21 products include creams, body lotions, shower gels and sun protection.

Skin Care

Creme 21 All Day Cream Intensive Care and Protection 250 ML for   Rs. 299 


Cream 21 Moisturizing Cream with Vitamin E 250 ML for   Rs. 299 


Creme 21 Body Milk with Almond Oil and Vitamin E (250 ML) for   Rs. 330 


Creme 21 Body Lotion with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E (400 ML) for   Rs. 430


Note: Prices may change with time


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