Top 15 Marhaba Products In Pakistan

#1 Marhaba Acne Clean Anti Acne Herbal Cream:- Acne clean is a specially formulated20170221_160633__32701.1487753624.500.750 herbal cream to treat acne and pimples. It contains ingredients from natural sources and enjoys a reputation of superior quality among our satisfied customers. Extracts from natural medicinal plants are incorporated which are effective against most skin diseases, especially acne and pimples. Acne clean cream is effective for people of all ages with mild, moderate and severe acne. Continued use has also proven beneficial for the daily exfoliating process. Acne clean cream is triple action because:

1. The keratolytic action of salicylic acid glycoside helps in peeling off black heads.

2. The natural ascorbic and PHA complex glycolic acids are tested for exfoliation and de-pigmentation (whitening) of skin.

3. The oil absorbing and cleaning action helps remove the excess that clogs pores.

#2 Marhaba Shaffaf Syrup:- Shaffaf Syrup (Herbal Blood Purifier Syrup)  is a polyMarhaba_Shaffaf_Syrup_1__89729.1488968678.500.750 herbal, viscous sugar- based syrup meant for purifying the blood and gastrointestinal tract from toxic materials and organisms.

  • Purifying the blood
  • Removing toxic matter
  • Relieves constipations


#3 Marhaba Inhaler:- MARHABA Inhaler clears Stuffy NoseIMG_7907__20276.1481701096.500.750

  • Clears Stuffy Nose
  • Nose allergy


#4 Marhaba Viratone:- 100% pure edible oil with omega-3 omega-6 and omega-9Marhaba_Viratone_30_Capsules_Natural_Energizer_Revitalizer_1__13690.1488876625.500.750





#5 Marhaba Flaxseed Oil Linseed Oil:- 100% pure edible oil with omega-3 omega-6 andMarhaba_Flaxseed_oil_Linseed_Oil_240_ML__04423.1470124583.500.750 omega-9




#6 Marhaba Joshanda Instant Herbal Tea:- Instant Joshanda is a herbal tea which givesMarhaba_Joshanda_Instant_Herbal_Tea_30_Sachets__75773.1470142029.500.750 result instantly. It has soothing effect, cures cold, flue and cough.



#7 Marhaba Aloe Tonic Syrup:- Aging as moisturizer, anti-wrinkle and skin cleanser forMarhaba_Aloe_Tonic_Syrup_225_ML_2__69802.1470832049.500.750 beautiful and youthful looking skin. Loose, bulky and small size breasts for balanced size breasts and toning, protecting from effects of rough handling, surface and bulky erosion, visible cleavage, radiant texture and appearance of fine line. Skin UV burns and mild abrasion. Excessive dryness of skin, cuts of hands and foot and dry or seeping  fissures . Highly scalp scalp, dandruff, psoriasis and in falling of hair. Acute, chronic wounds, sores and ulcers as wound healing agent. Psoriasis, acne, eczema, partial and full thickness burns and insect bites. Inflammatory bowel disease and conditions of insect and frostbite. Debility as general tonic to provides vigour and vitality. Controlling and ameliorating oxidative stress in Diabetes mellitus.

  • Skin UV burns and mild abrasion
  • Psoriasis, acne, eczema, partial and full thickness burns and insect bites
  • Debility as general tonic to provides vigour and vitality

#8 Marhaba Arq-E-Aawain Omum Seeds Water:- MARHABA ARQ AJWAIN (OmumMarhaba_Arq-e-Aawain_Omum_Seeds_Water_1__01152.1470914990.500.750 Seeds Water) is a good appetizer and carminative. It is useful in flatulent and tones up stomach.





#9 Marhaba Sharbat Banafsha Sweet Violet Syrup:- Sharbat BanafshaMarhaba_Sharbat_Banafsha_Sweet_Violet_Syrup_1__11003.1470914556.500.750 (Sweet Violet Syrup) is good for cold, Flue and sore throat. It quenches thirst and neutralizes blood heat.



#10 Marhaba Urinal:- Expels stones from kidney  and bladder. 100% Pure Product forMarhaba_Urinal_60_Capsules__66191.1470133633.500.750 urinary tract problems.

  • Expels stones from kidney and bladder
  • 100% pure product for urinary tract problems



#11 Marhaba Jawarish Amla Sada:- Jawarish Amla Sada contains Amla. It improves1__97631.1470134228.500.750 digestive system. It is equally useful in diarrhoea. Useful in dysentery and diarrhoea.Stomachic appetizing Cerebral and cardiac tonic.Anti-tachycardia .Alterative and refrigerant Useful in stomatitis.

  • Useful in diarrhoea
  • Useful in dysentery
  • Useful in stomatitis.

#12 Marhaba Jawarish Anarain Sada:- Jawarish Anarain controls naurea and vomiting.15__16267.1471250639.500.750 It is a good appetizer and strengthens stomach. Antiemetic and anti-phlegmatic.Relieves bilious diarrhoea and dysentery. Refrigerant and appetizing.Beneficial in jaundice.Liver and stomach tonic.

  • Good Appetizer
  • Beneficial in Jaundice
  • Relieves bilious diarrhoea


#13 Marhaba Sharbat Deenar:- It is useful in constipation, dropsy and Pleurisy. ItMarhaba_Sharbat_Deenar_800_ML__52178.1470228946.500.750 removes obstruction from Liver.





#14 Marhaba Pengro Power Oil:- Pengro strengthens the male sex organ.It cures its20170216_155029__67214.1487676485.500.750 weakness due to masturbation.

  • Cures its weakness
  • More Stamina
  • Boost energy



#15 Marhaba Arq Saunf Fennel water:- MARHABA ARQ SAUNF (Fennel Water) isMarhaba_Arq_Saunf_Fennel_Water__13454.1470206353.500.750 distilled from fennel. It is pure distillate containing essential oils having good aroma and taste. It is for digestive system, kidney and urinary bladder.



Marhaba Products In Pakistan

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