20 Best The Vitamin Company Products In Pakistan

#1 The Vitamin Company Kojic Acid Whitening Cream:- Kojic Acid Whitening Cream isKojic_Acid_Whitening_Cream_1__32947.1408188897.500.750 a world renowned American NATURAL Skin Whitening formula
Containing Natural Whitening ingredients: Japanese Mushrooms, Arbutin & Licorice Root Extract) with a remarkable ability to help in lighting/whitening of the complexion and fading age spots.

  • Natural skin whitening formula
  • Remarkable ability to help in lighting/whitening of the complexion
  • All Natural
  • Made in USA
  • For all skin types

#2 The Vitamin company Vita White 30 Capsules:- Vita White is an amazing SkinIMG_5524__96816.1472536182.500.750 Whitening formula of THE VITAMIN COMPANY. Your entire body skin color turns white in fewer weeks. You will start getting the result within few weeks if used regularly. Glutathione along with all other potent and worldwide renowned natural ingredients makes VITA WHITE a very effective and popular natural whitening formula for the whole body. VITA WHITE acts as an anti-oxidant that cleans the liver, takes off the free-radicals and brightens the skin. It is 100% proven that this natural formula really works to whiten skin and is safe for everyone, whatever age they are in.

Skin Whitening entirely
Anti oxidant

#3 The Vitamin Company Kojic Acid Whitening Face Wash:- This natural Americanface_wash_1__84000.1408190039.500.750 WHITENING FORMULA deep cleanses, removes skin impurities and lightens / whitens the skin tone naturally. Its gentle formula clears the skin, leaving it hydrated.

Natural formula that effectively cleanses and moisturizes.

  • Natural American WHITENING FORMULA
  • It deep cleanses, removes skin impurities
  • Whitens the skin tone naturally
  • Gentle formula clears the skin, leaving it hydrated
  • Made in USA

#4 The Vitamin Company Ultra Slim Gel:- ULTRA SLIM Gel of THE VITAMIN COMPANYULTRA_SLIM_GEL_TUBE__26509.1465378788.500.750 is specially designed for fat burning and body toning by reducing 1-2inch every week. This accelerates the fat breaking-up process of the body by increasing the metabolism rate. This natural product not only reduces the body but also tones the body shape in the desired area.

  • Increase the metabolism of the body naturally
  • Burns fat and tones the body
  • Get slim naturally
  • Natural & made in USA

#5 The Vitamin Company Omega 3 Fish Oil 20 Softgel:- OMEGA 3 FISH OIL is a uniqueomega___69499.1465374419.500.750 gentle formulation for the treatment of high lipid profiles with richness of emulsifier, marine oil and omega-3-fatty ester.

  • Supports cadiovascular and joint health
  • EPA-DHA molecularly distilled intestinal oil & fatty acids
  • Maximum potency-fast acting
  • All natural
  • Made in USA

#6 The Vitamin Company Milk Thistle Liver Formula Capsules:- Milk thistle Livermilk_thistle__01112.1465372135.500.750 formula is a knowing historically for its ability to assist the body in elimination of toxins by supporting the efforts of the liver to detoxify. It was considered very important for the protection of the liver and to help liver regeneration. Studies have consistently shown the ability of Milk thistle to aid in the correction of disorders of the liver such as Cirrhosis, viral and Alcohol – induced hepatitis and fatty infiltration. Milk Thistle Liver Formula has three active compounds known collectively as Silymarin. These compounds work to remove toxins from the liver, protect liver from harm, repair damaged cells and stimulate the immune system.

  • Corrects disorders of liver
  • Very important for the protection of the liver
  • Promotes Liver health
  • Maximum potency-fast acting
  • All natural
  • Made in USA

#7 The Vitamin Company Royal Jelly 500:- Boost your energy level with all naturalIMG_4672__12141.1471263816.500.750 ROYAL JELLY-500 and restore your youthful vitality with pure royal jelly every day. Royal Jelly is rich in amino acids, lipids, sugars, vitamins, and most importantly, proteins. It contains high levels of vitamins D and E, and also has ample levels of iron and calcium. As all of these are essential to proper health and organ function. Royal Jelly also helps with in assisting with fertility and is designed for pure energy, to make you feel good all day. It’s ALL PURE , ROYAL JELLY-500.

  • Your energy booster
  • Restore your youthful vitality
  • Its rich in amino acids, lipids, sugars
  • Maximum potency-fast acting
  • All natural
  • Made in USA

#8 The Vitamin Company Ultra Whey Protein 1 Lb:- Ultra Whey protein is a completeThe_Vitamin_Company_Ultra_Whey_Protein__92192.1408104803.500.750 and very high quality source of protein. Whey Protein is far superior to all other forms of protein. It provides the body with the perfect amino acid profile for muscle building, strength and recovery. Bodybuilders and professional athletes all know the importance of using Whey Protein supplements to help increase size, strength and speed up recovery times. Our super recovery blend further enhances the benefits of our Whey Protein. Benefits : Eases and convenience of not having to prepare whole foods. Great taste that will satisfy your craving for something sweet. Enhances strength. Immune system optimization.

#9 The Vitamin Company Ultra Gainer 1Lb:- Gaining weight is one of the foundationsUltra_Gainer__76250.1465378759.500.750 of building the body. ULTRA GAINER is nutritionally balanced, great tasting formula that will help build lean muscle mass. ULTRA GAINER is a precious blend of high quality proteins, carbohydrates and key amino acids designed to gain weight.

  • Foundations of building the body
  • ULTRA GAINER is nutritionally balanced
  • All natural & Made in USA
  • Weight Gainer
  • Meet your high calorie need

#10 The Vitamin Company Whitening BB Cream:- Whitening BB cream of The VitaminBB_cream__63752.1465372607.500.750 Company combines skincare and makeup in 1 simple step. In addition to hydration it evens out skin tones. BB Cream contains antioxidants and other anti aging ingredients, plus offers broad-spectrum SPF 15.




#11 The Vitamin Company Evening Primrose Oil 500:- EVENING PRIMROSE OIL 500IMG_5282__51840.1472463282.500.750 addresses women’s irritability, breast tenderness and mood disorders before periods. Suitably develops cellular metabolism to avoid mood variations. It also supports youthful skin.

  • Maximum potency-fast acting
  • Addresses women’s irritability, breast tenderness
  • Helps mood disorders before periods
  • Develops cellular metabolism

All natural
Made in USA

#12 The Vitamin Company Pore Mnimizer:- Clears away debris to instantly minimizePore_Minimezer__39309.1465378214.500.750 the look of pores. Strengthens pore walls over time, so they snap back into shape, remain smaller and look less noticeable. Most pores go way with regular use.

  • Clears away debris
  • Strengthens pore walls over time
  • Pores will go way with regular use
  • All Natural
  • Made in USA

#13 The Vitamin Company Hair Skin Nail Formula:- HAIR, SKIN & NAIL FORMULAhSNF__48964.1465371416.500.750 contains essential vitamins and supplements for hair, skin and nail protection. It provides nourishment to the base structures of skin, hair and nails and promotes healthy hair, fresh skin and sparkling nails. It also significantly reduces fall of weak hair.




#14 The Vitamin Company Dark Circles Cream:- A natural American formula thatdark_circle__10664.1464684749.500.750 reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. It safely and effectively reduces red-blue pigmentation, improves micro circulation and gives a younger look.

Effectively reduces dark circles & puffiness under  the eyes.

  • Reduces the appearance of dark circles
  • Reduces puffiness under the eyes
  • Safely and Effectively reduces red-blue pigmentation
  • Improves micro circulation
  • Natural
  • Made in USA

#15 The Vitamin Company Ultra Muscle 1LB:- If you are serious about building musclesUltra_Musle__62545.1465378781.500.750 and careful about what you put in your body, make  Vitamin Company Ultra Muscle supplement of your choice. It provides key nutrients to help you gain muscle mass and achieve your personal best in fitness and performance.

  • Provides key nutrients
  • All natural & Made in USA
  • Muscle builder
  • Advance muscle building & recovery formula
  • High Energy

#16 The Vitamin Company Vita Growth:- Deficiency of VITAMINS , MINERALS andIMG_5279__72277.1472463258.500.750 (1) NUTRIENTS in the body leads to SHORT HEIGHT generally . VITA GROWTH fulfills the body needs and thus increases the height.




#17 The Vitamin Company Size Up Cream:- For the rejuvenation of breasts to makesize_up_cream_1___21479.1406343984.500.750 them firmer and bigger naturally.

  • Rejuvenation of breasts
  • Make Breasts firmer and bigger naturally
  • Full of benefits
  • Natural
  • Made in USA


#18 The Vitamin Company Aloe Vera Plus:-  For best results, apply gel of ALOE VERAaloe_vera_plus__00625.1464684445.500.750.jpg PLUS twice daily on face, morning and evening, ALOEVERA PLUS contains 70 essential elements that work in combination to help smooth and moisturize skin, resulting a healthier young looking skin. Regular use of ALOE VERA PLUS, reduces and eliminate scars, brown spots, stretch marks, age lines and other marks and blemishes. It promotes healing, reverse damage and soothes sun burned skin.


#19 The Vitamin Company Breast Enlargement Cream:- This American manufacturedThe_Vitamin_Company_Breast_Enlargement_Cream_1__02051.1470661483.500.750 BREAST ENLARGEMENT CREAM enhances the appearance of the breasts and leads to a tightened, firmed and toned bust. It rejuvenates and enlarges breasts by the use of special features from safe and natural extracts.

  • Rejuvenation of breasts
  • Make them naturally firmer, fuller and healthier
  • Enhances the appearance of the breasts
  • Get tightened, firmed and toned bust
  • Safe and All Natural
  • Made in USA

#20 The Vitamin Company Vita Hair Treatment:- Vita hair treatment is a guaranteedIMG_4683__71259.1471262921.500.750 All Natural , American formula which has amazing results to stop Hair Falling, Thinning & Graying Hair. The HAIR FALL will stop within 2-3 weeks and hair growth will start gradually.



The Vitamin Company Products In Pakistan

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