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Hifsa Khan Salon & Studio

Providing a comprehensive salon experience with a multitude of services (detailed below) as well as a comfortable atmosphere, Hifsa Khan Salon & Studio is based out of Lahore. Popular among both younger and older clientele, the salon has highly trained staff that help you unlock your best look inspired by the latest in fashion trends.



  • Hair Cut with Blow Dry
  • Front Hair Cut
  • Blow Dry (Starts from)
  • Blow dry w/ product
  • Hair styling (starts from)
  • Velcro setting
  • Hair Wash
  • Front-twist + shape
  • Toppik Application
  • Chi transformation (Starts from)
  • Rebonding (starts from)
  • Keratin straightening treatment
  • Root touching igora
  • Root touching l’oreal
  • Root touching Inoa
  • Full head dye Igora (short length)
  • Full head dye L’oreal (short length)
  • Full head dye Inoa (short length)
  • Any dye technique (Short)
  • Dye application full head
  • Dye application roots
  • Glossing + pigmentation
  • Roots with striping
  • Hair Trim
  • Blow dry
  • Blow Dry w/ Products (Starts from)
  • Iron (Starts from)
  • Hair styling (Starts from)
  • Hot 7 Oil Treatment (Waist length)
  • L’Oreal Liss Ultime (Short)
  • L’Oreal Fiberceutic (Short)
  • L’oreal Mythic oil (Short)
  • L’Oreal Serioxyl Fuller Hair (Short)
  • Olaplex (Short)
  • Uberliss Moisture Treatment (Short)
  • Lakme K Therapy (Short)
  • Kis Kera Max (Short)
  • Kis kera Moist (Short)
  • Kis Kera Scalp (Short)
  • Ayurvedic Hair Fall (Short)
  • Reborn (Short)
  • Hair cut (Girls under 8 Years)
  • Hair Extension Setting
  • Treatment Hair Wash
  • Chi Transformation (Starts from)
  • High and Lowlights T section (Short)
  • High and Lowlights T Section (Waist Length)
  • High and Lowlights Full Head Ammonia Free (Short)
  • High and Lowlights Full Head Ammonia Free (Waist Length)
  • Any Dye Technique (Waist Length)
  • Hair Glossing (Above Shoulder)
  • High and Lowlights Half Head (Short)
  • High and Lowlights Half Head (Waist length)
  • High and Lowlights Half Head Ammonia Free (Short)
  • High and Lowlights Half Head Ammonia Free (Waist Length)
  • High and Lowlights Full head (Short)
  • High and Lowlights Full head (Waist Length)
  • Full Head Dye Igora- Above shoulder (Starts from)
  • Full Head Dye Igora- Waist Length (Starts from)
  • Full Head Dye L’oreal- Above shoulder (Starts from)
  • Full Head Dye L’oreal- Waist length (Starts from)
  • Full Head Dye Inoa – Above shoulder (Starts from)
  • Full Head Dye Inoa – Waist Length (Starts from)
  • Hair Glossing (Waist Length)
  • Glossing – Ammonia Free (Above Shoulder)
  • Glossing – Ammonia Free (Waist Length)
  • Olaplex Mixing (Starts from)
  • Hot 7 Oil Treatment (Short)
  • Hot 7 Oil Treatment (Above Shoulder)
  • L’Oreal Liss Ultime (Above Shoulder)
  • L’Oreal Liss Ultime (Waist Length)
  • L’Oreal Fiberceutic (Above Shoulder)
  • L’Oreal Fiberceutic (Waist Length)
  • L’oreal Mythic oil (Above Shoulder)
  • L’oreal Mythic oil (Waist Length)
  • L’Oreal Serioxyl Fuller Hair (Above Shoulder)
  • L’Oreal Serioxyl Fuller Hair (Waist Length)
  • Olaplex (Above Shoulder)
  • Olaplex (Waist Length)
  • Uberliss Moisture Treatment (Above Shoulder)
  • Uberliss Moisture Treatment (Waist Length)
  • Lakme K Therapy (Above Shoulder)
  • Lakme K Therapy (Waist Length)
  • Kis Kera Max (Above Shoulder)
  • Kis Kera Max (Waist Length)
  • Kis kera Moist (Above Shoulder)
  • Kis kera Moist (Waist Length)
  • Kis Kera Scalp (Above Shoulder)
  • Kis Kera Scalp
  • Ayurvedic Hair Fall (Above Shoulder)
  • Ayurvedic Hair Fall (Waist Length)
  • Reborn (Above Shoulder)
  • Reborn (Waist Length)


  • Eye borws
  • Upper lips
  • Full face w/mask


  • Face wax per part
  • Full body lemon wax
  • Full arms lemon wax
  • Full legs lemon wax
  • Under arms lemon wax
  • Back & belly lemon wax
  • Full body fruit wax
  • Full arms fruit wax
  • Full legs fruit wax
  • Under arms fruit wax
  • Back & belly fruit wax
  • Full Face Medicated Wax
  • Full face wax


  • Facial cleansing
  • Facial massage
  • Face lifting therapy
  • Gold radiance
  • Black head removal
  • Radiance whitening
  • Glow express facial
  • Derma clear facial
  • Anti-pigment/Tan facial
  • Janssen Brightening Facial
  • Thalgo brightening facial
  • Thalgo brightening programme
  • Thalgo hyaloronique programme
  • Thalgo silicium programme
  • Dermalogica cleansing
  • Age reversal eye complex treatment (dermalogica)
  • Micro-zone treatment (dermalogica)
  • Dermalogica ultra calming facial
  • Dermalogica chroma white facial
  • Dermalogica age smart facial
  • Dermalogica anti-acne facial
  • Dermalogica lifting whitening glowing treatment
  • E-a 35
  • Idi customize dermalogica facial
  • Full body polisher
  • Hands & feet polisher
  • Full arms polisher
  • Deep neck polisher
  • Traditional whitening body treatment
  • Traditional whitening body treatment w/ polisher
  • Dermalogica Power Bright Treatment
  • Therma Glow Micro Zone Solution
  • Therma Glow Targetted Solution
  • Therma Glow Customized Solution
  • Presso Therapy Eye Mask
  • Glow Herbal Facial
  • Organic Face Polisher
  • Organic Acne Facial
  • Thalgo Ultimate Time Solution
  • Thalgo Eye Patch


  • Spa Manicure
  • Spa Pedicure
  • Snow whitening manicure
  • Snow whitening pedicure
  • Hydra manicure
  • Hydra pedicure
  • Royal hydra manicure
  • Royal hydra pedicure
  • Diamond spa manicure
  • Diamond spa pedicure
  • Dermalogica manicure
  • Dermalogica pedicure
  • Parrafin dip hand
  • Parrafin dip feet
  • Opi french tip hands
  • Opi french tip feet
  • Regular french tip hands
  • Regular french tip feet
  • Regular nail color hands
  • Regular nail color feet
  • Opi nail color hands
  • Opi nail color feet
  • Fake nails application
  • Gel nail color (per hand)
  • Anti-Tan Classic Manicure
  • Anti-Tan Classic Pedicure
  • Anti-Tan Premium Manicure
  • Anti-Tan Premium Pedicure
  • Essie Nail Color – Hands
  • Essie Nail Color – Feet


  • Head Massage (20 mins)
  • Back & shoulder massage
  • Hand & Feet massage
  • Swedish Massage (60 mins)
  • Aromatherapy Massage (60 mins)
  • Stress Relief Massage Dermalogica (60 mins)
  • Energizing Massage (60 mins)
  • Slimming Massage (60 mins)


  • Eye Lash Application
  • Liner application
  • Eye makeup with base
  • Contouring
  • Eye Lash & eye liner application


  • Bridal mehndi
  • Ultimate Royal Pre Bridal services
  • Royal Pre Bridal Services


Sher Pao Bridge Abid Majeed Road, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

0304 4564561








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  1. I went to Hifza khan for the very first time with 6 haircuts and they ruined their reputation as staff working there is so rude and nobodt knows what to do

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