5 Best Olive Hair Oil In Pakistan

#1 Vatika Olive Enriched Hair Oil:- Dabur vatika olive enriched hair oil cotains virginVatika_Olive_Enriched_Hair_Oil_1__75566.1397199727.500.750 olive oil and nourishing extract of almonds, cactus and lemon. Vatika’s unique formulation ensures deeper oil penetration to give your hair and scalp complete natural nourishment for problem free, beautiful hair.
Almond: Coats, conditions and softens your hair.
Cactus: Gives your hair volume and health.
Lemon: Regulates sebum flow and helps keep dandruff away.

  • Nourish & Protect
  • Extra nourishment, problem free hair
  • For external use only

#2 Marhaba Olive Oil Roghan Zaitoon:- Marhaba olive oil (Rogan Zaitoon) is nutritious,Marhaba_Olive_Oil_Roghan_Zaitoon_25_ML__09189.1470123957.500.750 demulcent and mildly laxative. Its massage strengthens weak parts of the body. Excellent for soothing inflammation and pain through massage.  It is effective for the treatment of duodenal ulcer.



#3 Vivid Premium Olive Enriched Hair Oil For Strong Silky:- Over the years hair tends to20170222_170549__75451.1489237851.500.750 become flat, limp & lacks volume. Vivid Olive enriched hair oil contains olive etract to vitalize the roots. Its unique formulation strengthens hair strands from root to tip giving volume & thickness you always desired. Vivid hair fall solution deeply nourishes your hair provides resistance against extrenal factors adding shine and luster to your hair.

  • Olive Extracts
  • Nourishes Hair Root to Tip
  • Vitalizes the Roots
  • Resistance Against Extrenal Factor
  • Adds Shine & Luster to Hair
  • Strenghtens Hair

#4 The Body Shop Olive Beautifying Oil:- Beautifying Oil is pure beauty in a bottle. Made292114_245029558931486_1074837248_n__85963.1409727045.500.750 with a lightweight blend of nut oils including Community Fair Trade marula oil, it gives instant hydration and a shimmering finish. This one has a subtle fruity scent.

  • For body, face and hair
  • A little goes a long way
  • Subtle fruit scent


#5 Saeed Ghani Olive Oil:- Olive oil is a great bet for hair in case you need a fresh, 20160804_200504__69770.1471433813.500.750healthier, silky and shiny hair. It can clean your hair and touch the scalp with some of is healing powers. Olive oil is also used for hair loss, hair strengthening and grey hair. In fact it has its applications in many more ailments. It helps you to get rid of dandruff and lice.



Hair Oil Prices In Pakistan

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