Stage Line Price List in Pakistan

Stage Line is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22716:2007 certified Spanish company that deals in a comprehensive line of makeup and cosmetic therapy to meet your expert daily beauty requirements. These products are prepared with natural treated pigments and ingredients that gives your skin a long lasting smoothness and protection.


Cheek Make-Up (available in different shades)

Stage Line Velvet Blush Rs.1445 


Foundation and Concealers (available in different shades)

Stage Line Cover Down Concealer Make Up 30 ML Rs.1095 

Stage Line Magic Touch Rs.895

Stage Line Overtime Ivory Rs.1195 

Stage Line Fluid Make Up (50 ML) Rs.1295

Stage Line High Definition Cover Rs.1795 

Stage Line Paint Stick Rs.1145 

Stage line Fluid Make Up Foundation Asia 2 (50 ML) Rs.1295

Stage line Long Lasting Makeup Asia (30 ML) Rs.1495 

Stage line Paint Stick Foundation Asia Rs.1145 

Stage Line Matt Mousse Make UP 01 Rs.1895

Stage Line Matt Mousse Make UP Rs.1895 Stage Line Formula Two Rs.1695 

Stage Line Transparent Powder Rs.1395 

Eye Make-Up (available in different shades)

Stage Line Light Roll-On SL Rs.575 

Stage line Eye Shadow Primer 10 ML Rs.745

Stage line BB Magic Cream Rs.1395

Stage Line Sphere Eye Shadow Matt Rs.745

Stage Line Precise Liner Black Rs.795

Stage line Eye Liner Black Rs.845

Stage Line Soft Liner Rs.495 

Stage Line Waterproof Liner Rs.745 

Stag Stage Line Light Roll-On SL Rs.575

Stage line X-Lasting Eye Shadow Rs.295 

Stage Line Sphere Eye Shadow Rs.745 

Stage line Eye Shadow Palette Matt 12 Shades Rs.5495

E line Soft Eyeliner Royal Blue 19 Rs.495

Stage Line WaterProof Mascara Rs.995

Stage line Long & Volume Mascara Black Rs.995

Stage line X Volume Mascara 13 ML Rs.995

Other Make-Up Products (available in different shades)

Stage Line Laukrom Cosmetic Pencil Rs.445

Stage Line Powder Brush 59.5 Rs.1445

Stage Line Oblique Blusher Brush 59.7 Rs.1895

Stage Line Powder Brush 59.10 Rs.1595 

Stage Line Foundation Brush 59.17 Rs.2745

Stage Line Fan Brush 59.18 Rs.1095

Stage Line Blusher Brush 59.6 Rs.1395

Stage Line Polyester Frost Glitter Rs.495 

Stage line Laukrom Glitter Gel Rosa Rs.375 

Stage Line Glitter Gel 15 ML Rs.375 

Make-Up Kits

Stage Line Laukrom Aqua Make Up Palette Rs.3795

Stage line Compact Make Up Palette Rs.4495

Stage line Velvet Blush Palette Rs.4495

Skin Care

Stage Line Silk Veil Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher 25 ML Rs.1595

Stage Line Makeup Fixer Spray 125 ML Rs.845

Stage Line Matte Pure Make Up Remover Gel 250 ML Rs.1195 

Stage Line Hydra Complex Make Up Remover 250 ML Rs.1195

Stage line Hydra Complex Luminous Cream 50ML Rs.1695

Stage Line Hydra Complex Tonic Lotion 250 ML Rs.1195

Stage Line Matte Pure Tonic Lotion 250 ML Rs.1195

Stage Line Matte Pure Moisturizing Serum 50 ML Rs.1695

Stage line Flash Lifting Serum 15 ML Rs.1395

Stage line Lip Balm Rs.645

Stage line Eye & Lip Complex 15 ML Rs.1395

Make-Up for Hair (available in different shades)

Stage line Laukrom Color Spray 75 ML Rs.495 

Laukrom Brushes (available in different shades)

Stage Line Lip Brush 59.2 Rs.795

Stage Line Eye Liner Brush 59.1 Rs.575

Stage Line Eye Shadow Brush Rs.945 

Stage Line Bevelled Eye Shadow Brush 59.15 Rs.1395

Stage Line Eye shadow Blending Brush 59.24 Rs.1245

Stage Line Kajal Blending Brush 59.28 Rs.795

Lip Make-Up (available in different shades)

Stage Line Glow Up Lip Gloss Volume 10 ML Rs.795 

Stage line Waterproof Liner Lips Rs.695 

Stage line Soft Lip Liner Dark Brown 07 Rs.495

Stage line Large Lip color Palette 24 Shades Rs.5995

Stage line Lip Color Refill Rs.295

Stage Line Lipstick Rs.895

Stage line X Fix Lips Rs.995 

Nail Lacquer (available in different shades)

Stage Line Nail Lacquer Rs.345 

Accessories for Make-Up

Stage Line Professional Makeup Sharpener Rs.375

Sponges and Puffs

Stage Line Oval Sponge for Make-Up Rs.195

Stage Line Diamond Sponge for Make-Up Rs.245

Stage Line Cleansing Sponge for Make-Up Rs.295

Stage Line Flower Sponge for Make-Up Rs.245

Notes: Prices may change with time

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