5 Best Almond Hair Oil In Pakistan

#1 Vatika Almond Enriched Hair Oil:- Blow drying hair colouring and hard combingIMG_6264__26149.1476430126.500.750 storkes damages the cuticle covering of the hair. This causes the hair to become dry and frizzy which makes it feel rough and dull.New Vatika Almond Enriched Hair Oil Contains nourishing extracts of almond, sesame and coconut oil. It’s unique fomulation helps soften, moisturize and condition the hair giving your hair silky softens and shine.

  • Softens and shine
  • Dry frizzy hair
  • Soft and shinny hair
  • Extra nourishment, problem free hair

#2 Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil:- Non sticky hair oil enriched with goodness of almondIMG_5863__54260.1473410705.500.750 oil and vitamin E.

  • 300 percent more vitamin than coconut oil
  • Soothing mild almond fragrance
  • Light non sticky hair oil
  • Does not freeze in winters
  • Suitable for any hair style

#3 Hemani Almond Hair Oil:- Hemani Almond Hair Oil with coconut helps make hair20170103_175755__67336.1483706798.500.750 smooth, shiny and strong

  • Smooth & shiny hair
  • It is the best massage oil for infants
  • Can easily penetrate deep into the skin
  • Massage this protein-rich oil into tired muscles to rejuvenate them.



#4 Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturising Spray Oil:- Spray several pumps asSpray_Oil__87112.1453531499.500.750 needed on clean dry hair, concentrating on damaged areas and ends. May also be applied directly to scalp to soothe itch and moisturize. Safe for braids and weaves.




#5 Hemani Sweet Almond Oil:- Prepared from the finest quality of almond kernel, helps20170103_181511__70065.1483704383.500.750 bloomming and nourishing the skin.The oil s ess and derived from pressed almonds. Sweet Almond Oil is from the dried kernels of the almond tree.With Hemani Sweet Almond Oil, we have generated our best efforts and used latest technology in order to get the best quality of Sweet Almond Oil.

  • Used to relieve skin itch and dryness. In fact, all skin types can benefit from this essential oil.
  • It contains naturally occurring Vitamins A, Bl, B2, B6 and Vitamin E.
  • Used as a cosmetic ingredient for softening and moisturizing.
  • Excellent in promoting the natural beauty of the skin.
  • Used in aromatherapy massage oil.

Hair Oil Prices In Pakistan


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