Top 11 Coconut Oil In Pakistan

#1 Parachute 100 Pure Coconut Oil:- Parachute coconut oil brings you all the naturalPARACHUTE_PURE_COCONUT_OIL_1__57129.1387024395.500.750 goodness oil and coconuts. It is edible grade and is microfiltered for 100% pure. 100% Pure Coconut Oil from kerala’s finest coconuts, now in a new international pack. Packed specially for the gulf.




#2 Vatika Coconut Enriched Hair Oil:- Over the years hair tends to become flat, limp andVatika_Coconut_Enriched_Hair_Oil_1__10758.1397220217.500.750 lacks volume.New dabur vatika coconut enriched hair oil contains coconut oil and the nourishing extracts of castor and henna. Its unique formulation strengthens each hair stared from root to tip, giving your hair volume and thickness you always desired.



#3 Nyle Nourishment Natural Hair Oil:- Nyle Herbal Hair Oil’s unique formulationIMG_7031__35489.1478167405.500.750 combines the benefits of five time-tested herbs, like amla, Hibiscus, Henna, Fenugreek, and Veviter, with the goodness of Coconut Oil. “These herbs are placed in a porous tube and immersed in the oil enriched with extracts of Thistle, Indian Indigo, Five leaves chaste Tree and the above five herbs. Through the holes in the tube, oil percolates through the herbs and continuously nourishes with their essential goodness.”

  • All natural hair Oil for
  • Hair LossHair Fall
  • Hair Fall
  • Hair Conditioning
  • Split ends
  • Contains Amla, Hibiscus, Henna, Fenugreek and Vetiver with Coconut oil

#4 Marhaba Cocona Coconut Oil:- Extract of Coconut.Marhaba_Cocona_Coconut_Oil__01585.1470126415.500.750




#5 Hemani Coconut Soft Thick Hair Oil:- Hemani coconut Hair Oil with20170103_175925__36033.1483706365.500.750 castor & sesame helps make hair thick and soft.

  • Soft & thick hair.
  • Helps to prevent damage from combing and brushing.
  • It can actually help grow hair,  longer and thicker.
  • The harsh chemicals can cause scalp irritation and even hair growth where hair is not desired.


#6 Vivid Premium 7 In 1 Enriched Hair Oil For Strong Silk:- Vivid 7 in 1 enriched hair oil20170222_170513__08586.1489235066.500.750 contains all extract to vitalize the roots. Its unique formulation strengthens hair strands from root to tip giving volume & thickness you always desired.

  • 7 Oils in 1
  • Enriched Hair Oil
  • Vitalize the Roots
  • Strengthens Hair from Root to Tip
  • Volume & Thickness of the Hair


#7 Nihar Natural Coconut Hair Oil:- Discover the New Nihar Naturals experience. ThisIMG-20161214-WA0034__05531.1483602411.500.750 perfumed hair oil combines the goodness of methi and jasmine extracts with coconut oil. Use the strength of nature to make your hair come alive!  Key Ingredients: Mineral oil, Coconut oil, Methi extracts, Jasmine extracts, Perfume, 

  • Natural Coconut Oil
  • Nourishes & Strengthen the Hair
  • Coconut with Methi & Jasmine Extracts

#8 Sunsilk Co-Creations Progressive Damage Reconstruction Hair Oil:- Sunsilk Hair Oil.1_1__36261.1481104782.500.750 7 oils mix with herbal extracts for your hair care. Massage your hair and scalp with sunsilk hair oil to keep them healthy. These fine hair oils come in different formulations such as with ginseng and catus for hair fall solution, with UV filter for coloured hair prone to fading, with olive oil serum and ceramid for damage repair, with henna extract for shine and strength.

  • 7 oils mix with herbal extracts
  • Massage your hair and scalp with sunsilk hair oil to keep them healthy
  • Ginseng and catus for hair fall solution

#9 Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil With Lemon Henna Amla:- Vatika enrichedIMG-20161214-WA0034__05531.1483602411.500.750.jpg coconut oil has properties of herbs like Triphala, Henna, Brahmi, Neem, Lemon, Kapur kachri, Rosemary Oil and Soya extracts, all of which have known profits for hair. All herbs have their individual function in making this hair product exclusive and successful. They act as cleansing agents, increase developing agents and protective agents.



#10 The Dody Shop Coconut Beautifying Oil:- Beautifying Oil is pure beauty in a bottle.The_Body_Shop_Coconut_Beautifying_Oil__31025.1411370911.500.750 Made with a lightweight blend of nut oils including Community Fair Trade marula oil, it gives instant hydration and a shimmering finish. This one has a totally tropical coconut scent.

  • Dry oil for body, face and hair
  • Moisturises, smoothes, Illuminates
  • A little goes a long way!
  • Tropical coconut scent

#11 The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil:- Indulge in the nourishing delights ofDSC09502__10887.1411025558.500.750 Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil. This luxuriously silky, lightly-scented oil can be used as an overnight, leave-in, pre-wash treatment or as the perfect accompaniment to a pampering head massage. It melts effortlessly into hair to reveal strong, soft, shiny tresses and a healthy scalp. Featuring organic Amazonian pracaxi oil and Community Fair Trade organic virgin coconut oil, it’s certified with ecoconscious standards. Pure genius, no nasties.

  • Nourishment for all hair types
  • With organic pracaxi oil and community fair trade organic virgin coconut oil
  • No silicon no colourants

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