25 Best Acne Cleansers In Pakistan

#1 Alowis Organic Aloe Vera Skin Food Gel:- A natural composition of vitamins, mineralsIMG_4621__99844.1470925977.500.750 & amino’s gives natural glow your skin.

  • This is not “with aloe vera”
  • This is Aloevera



#2 Mistine Acne Clear Facial Foam:- Facial Cleansing Foam Effectively clean your faceMistine_Acne_Clear_1__15802.1421647333.500.750 with 5 valuable ingredients. Your face will noticeably cleaner and visibly clearer from acne.

  • Comedolytic against impurities
  • Oil control formula
  • Highly moisturizing effect
  • Suitable for acne scar
  • Special formula for acne skin

#3 Saeed Ghani Acne Face Wash:- Purifying Neem face wash is soap-free herbalIMG_5314__73408.1472458522.500.750 formulation that gently removes impurities and prevents pimples. Neem familiar for its antibacterial properties helps in controlling acne and pimples and their recurrence.



#4 Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser:- The #1Neutrogena_Oil_Free_Acne_Wash_Pink_Grapefruit_Facial_Cleanser__45532.1399987566.500.750 dermatologist recommended acne-fighting cleanser-Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash now comes with an uplifting blast of pink grapefruit! With maximum strength Salicylic Acid acne medicine boosted by MicroClear technology, Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash powerfully treats and helps prevent breakouts—even blackheads. This unique formula contains 100% naturally derived grapefruit extract plus vitamin C. It eliminates oil and dirt, and rinses clean without over-drying.

  • Oil-free
  • Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
  • Microclear technology
  • Clears breakouts
  • 100% naturally derived grapefruit extract
  • Salicylic acid acne treatment

#5  Skincare Acne Free Gel With Active Neem:- The quick action formula of Skin Care1378619_564967446886467_1339930551_n__10981.1404112715.500.750.jpg Acne- Free Gel contains Active Neem which is nature’s proven Anti- bacterial agent. In addition to Neem, special ingredients recommended by Dermatologists have been added which scientifically enhance the function of Neem and work effectively against the root cause of Acne and Pimples in 3 ways.

  • Control of excess oil
  • Inactivation of bacteria and yeast
  • Anti-inflammatory activity
  • Clears away acne & pimple helps present pimple break out
  • 100% pimple control effectiveness

#6 Hollywood Style Daily Acne Wash:- Hollywood Style is an American brand IMG_7862__25150.1481282699.500.750manufactured by Herbal Hollywood Style.Acne is a chronic skin condition, usually linked to the onset of puberty, and caused by an abundance of sebum (a mixture of fats and waxes) secretions. Bacteria act on the sebum to cause acne. Our Acne Wash contains salicylic acne medication, super cleansing actives and citrus oils that help remove excess sebum (oil) from the skin. It is a soap-free cleanser, which is mild enough for use twice daily. It has calming herbal extracts to help soothe inflamed, irritated skin and keep pores clog-free. Suitable for sensitive to normal skin types (men and women).

#7 Clean Clear Active Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser:- Clean & Clear is a line ofIMG_5955__35856.1473422693.500.750 dermatology products. This brand is known for their affordable prices with a promise not to compromise on quality. It’s a global skin care brand, a deep indulgent of the exclusive necessities of your skin. Clean & Clear is truly loved by millions of young women worldwide. Its product range includes – deep action, active clear, essentials, morning energy and fairness, cleansers, moisturizers and treatments.Clean & Clear active clear acne clearing cleanser goes beyond ordinary cleansing to help clear pimples fast. The effective salicylic acid formula penetrates deep into pores to eliminate acne causing bacteria & excess oil. Unique active botanical formula effectively reduces surface redness and soothes pimples for visibly clearer skin. Fast and effective cleansing solution for acne prone skin, leaves skin noticeably clearer

#8 Koee Lightening Facial Gel For Oily Skin:- KOEÉ Lightening Facial Gel treatment isKoee_Lightening_Facial_Gel_For_Oily_Skin__86474.1421046106.500.750 recommended to use at night to allow product to work while you rest. Used for oily skin, is safe, lightweight and oil free. Safely fades and helps eliminate severe blemish scars and darkness results. This rich gel treatment formula is concentrated with natural fruity extracts to apply directly to the dark areas and focus on severe dark spots resulting from acne, blackheads, insect bites, aging spots, severe sun damage and pregnancy. Great to use on face, hands, knees, elbows, arms, neck, legs, feet or any other dark or uneven toned areas. Does not contain hydroquinone. Formulated with sunscreen protection. With daily use a visible difference can be achieved.

  • Hydroquinone Free
  • Natural Fruit Extracts
  • Eliminates Dark Spots

#9 Maias Organic Aloe Vera Gel:- Aloe gel has properties that are harmful to certain typesIMG_7387__84649.1478953575.500.750 of bacteria and fungi. Aloe is also an excellent treatment for skin conditions such as burns and eczema. Aloe vera possesses excellent moisturizing capabilities; it can be used as daily skin cream. The moisturizing effect works both for men and women. It is often reported that burns can be healed remarkably quickly and the pain reduced very quickly with topical application of Aloe vera to the burn area.Aloe vera is the most commonly known as the smooth cooling gel applied to sun burns. It is also helpful in alleviation of blemishes, make feet baby soft, fight Athlete’s Foot, swab over blisters for quick relief, prevent pesky pimples and treat acne, soothe Psoriasis, shrink warts, reverse signs of aging skin and wrinkles, decrease pigmentation and dark spots, speed up hair growth by massaging aloe into the scalp, reduce hair dandruff, removes makeup and for treating minor vaginal irritations.

  • Helps remove dead skin cells & replenish new ones
  • Heals skin tissue (acne, blisters, sun burns & allergic reactions)
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce acne breakouts & redness
  • Keeps skin hydrated without greasiness & increases elasticity
  • Helps lighten hyper-pigmentation, minimizing freckles & acne scars
  • Provides oxygen to the skin, which prevents pores from clogging
  • Balances skin’s PH levels, to prevent a bacteria-friendly high PH

#10 St.Ives Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub:- From America’s No.1 Brand, thisIMG_7049__41616.1478170605.500.750 blackhead fighting formula blends green tea with 100% natural exfoliants and unclogs dirt and oil from pores, helping clear blackheads and calm redness




#11 Hollywood Style Serious Daily Acne Astringent:- Hollywood Style is an AmericanHollywood_Style_Serious_Daily_Acne_Astringent_1__04976.1386069740.500.750.jpg brand manufactured by Herbal Hollywood Style.This extra-strength astringent is made with acne-fighting ingredients salicylic acid to clean pores and glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells. It helps to diminish acne and blemish problems. Use daily for cleaner, clearer, healthier complexion.




#12 Clean Clear Essential Deep Cleaning Astringent:- Clean & Clear is a line ofIMG_7664__72215.1479537558.500.750 dermatology products. This brand is known for their affordable prices with a promise not to compromise on quality. It’s a global skin care brand, a deep indulgent of the exclusive necessities of your skin. Clean & Clear is truly loved by millions of young women worldwide. Its product range includes – deep action, active clear, essentials, morning energy and fairness, cleansers, moisturizers and treatments.


#13 Hollywood Style Clearing Blackhead Astringent:- Hollywood Style is an Americanclearing_blackhead_astringent_image__58957.1413543486.500.750 brand manufactured by Herbal Hollywood Style.Treat your skin with this extra strength blackhead-fighting astringent that is made with salicylic acid to penetrate into pores to remove blackhead-causing impurities and glycolic acid to clean away dead skin cells. Leaves skin looking clean, refreshed, healthy, and it also helps prevent future breakouts.


#14 Hollywood Style Oil Control Acne Serum:- Hollywood Style is an American brandAcne_Serum__62788.1413358713.500.750 manufactured by Herbal Hollywood Style.This oil-free serum has multiple defense systems to help clear stubborn acne, control new breakouts and, at the same time, cool inflamed skin. It is a leave on formula that will remove excess oils, minimize pores, firm and tighten skin, refine texture, and alleviate redness and irritation. Your skin will feel and look healthy, clean, and fresh.Eliminates excess oil and impurities penetrates to fight acne problems.

  • Herbal formulas
  • Professional strength
  • Made in USA

#15 Hollywood Style Multi Vitamin Acne Moisturizer:- Hollywood Style is an AmericanIMG_4887__72670.1471508208.500.750 brand manufactured by Herbal Hollywood Style.Hollywood Style Multivitamin Acne Moisturizer. This is an oil-free moisturizer with proven acne-fighting ingredients. Its naturally hydrating ingredients soothe, calm, and restore skins pH balance.

  • Herbal formula
  • Professional strength
  • Soothes inflammation, hydrates & prevents further breakouts
  • Vitamin
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E

#16 Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash:- Now cleanse away acne gently with Neutrogena6801710_600x600__61172.1403180457.500.750 Oil-Free Acne Wash. It clears acne with each subsequent wash. Salicylic acid in this wash treats existing eruptions and prevents future breakouts. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash gets deep into the pores, kills acne bacteria, cleanses trapped dirt and impurities and soothes your skin.


#17 Petal Fresh Botanicals Whitening Clearing Acne Facial Wash:- Petal Fresh IMG_6835__91205.1477395712.500.750Whitening Acne Facial Wash utilizes the latest in skin fairness technology to gently remove make-up, eliminate impurities and prepare skin for whitening treatment. This oil-absorbing formula leaves skin naturally fresh, cleansed and luminous with restored moisture balance.




#18 Ponds Pore Tightening Facial Foam With Glacial Clay:- Pond’s introduces itsPONDS_PORE_TIGHTENING_FACIAL_FOAM_SMOOTH_PORES_1__18705.1392641322.500.750 advanced Pore Tightening Facial Foam, with the power of unique Glacial Clay. With a unique blend of Alpine Glacial water and highly absorbing clay, New Pond’s Smooth Pores deeply cleans pores to remove oil, dirt and make up.With its icy cooling effect, it makes pores feel tighter, giving you clean and visibly minimized pores. Skin feels refreshingly clean and silky smooth.

  • Smooth pores
  • Clear balance
  • Glacial clay
  • Formulated by pond’s institute

#19 Clean Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash:- Face wash gentle on the skin dont stripIMG_7758__58540.1479548957.500.750 away natural oils and it leave the skin soft and clean and very smooth.





#20 The Vitamin Company Acne Cure Face Wash:- ACNE CURE of The Vitamin CompanyIMG_5521__01254.1472535998.500.750 is an effective natural treatment in preventing acne and pimples. It removes excess oil and dirt without drying your skin. Also maintains the natural balance of the skin & you enjoy smooth clean & healthy skin.



#21 The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser:- Our new Tea Tree Pore Minimiser makesThe_Body_Shop_Tea_Tree_Pore_Minimiser__65755.1410267664.500.750 pores look smaller. Infused with Community Fair Trade organic tea tree oil, it smoothes, primes and mattifies, and leaves skin feeling fresh and pure.



#22 Noxzema Triple Clean Anti Blemish Astringent:-20160513_173618__37988.1463723547.500.750 

  • Anti-Blemish Astringent
  • Saluicylic Acid Acne Medication
  • Use 1-3 times a Day
  • Use after cleansing skin
  • Treats Acne

#23 Sweet Face Blush Acne Control Face Wash:- Face wash by sweet face a speciallySweet_Face_Blush_Acne_Control_Face_Wash__60314.1463991156.500.750 formulated acne control which combination of natural extracts has efficiency for eliminate of acne and pimples. All kinds of acne on you face and reduce your wrinkles, fade spots and darken spots. Refresh & purify your skin. Its effective refreshing formula gently cleans every impurity. Make your skin better healthy your face has younger look.


#24 Clean Clear Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser:- Clean N Clear Deep Action Daily8991111112091-1_j__70565.1462944969.500.750 Pore Cleanser is a unique formula that works deep down to help remove blackheads every time you wash. Effective micro-scrubbing beads break down trapped oil, dirt and dead skin. The apple fruit acid formula penetrates deep into pores to soften stubborn blackheads at the core and prevent new ones from forming.Its gentle exfoliating action will leave your skin beautifully smooth and clear.


#25 Skincare Acne Care Oil Control Face Wash:- Enriched with neem for its antibacterialACNE_CARE_OIL_CONTROL_FACE_WASH_WITH_NEEM_EXTRACT_SOAP_FREE_1__99670.1392728374.500.750 properties along with special ingredients for the control of excess oil. Acne care oil control face wash is the ideal solution for the prevention of acne and pimples.It does not dry or stretch the skin, rather leaves it soft, clean and refreshed.For those suffering from acne breakout. We recommend using Skincare Acne free gel for clearing away acne and pimples.



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