Best Pakistani skin whitening creams

#1 Golden Pearl Beauty Cream:- Golden Pearl is a famous local skin care brandgolden_pearl_beauty_cream_1__36957-1392894578-500-750-1 manufactured by Golden Pearl Cosmetics. Overall the brand is gaining a lot success with its more products lined up like facials, scrubs, whitening soaps and anti-wrinkle formulas.Golden pearl beauty cream is the only cream clear pimples, wrinkles, marks, hives even shadows under the eyes and turns your skin white.

#2 White Gold Whitening Cream With Papaya Extracts:-white_gold_whitening_cream_with_papaya_extracts__53309-1392817363-500-750 

  • It’s new
  • New improved

#3 White Gold Whitening Cream With Blackberry Extract:-white_gold_whitening_cream_with_blackberry_extract__09929-1392816895-500-750

  •  It’s new
  • With blackberry extract

#4 Baby Gold Whitening Cream:- Baby Gold is a famous brand from France. It is anbaby_gold_whitining_cream_for_all_seasons_remove_acne_pimples_spots_dark_circle_1__63271-1392824503-500-750 improved penetrating skin care brand providing full formation for gorgeous skin glow and radiance. Its famous product is Baby Gold Whitening Cream contains high quality natural and botanical ingredients which have been carefully blended and specially formulated with skin lightening agents, boost skin clarity and tone.Baby Gold whitening cream is excellent source to get acne and pimple free, freckle free, pinkish white skin, amazing results just in 6 days.
Baby gold whitening cream contains high quality natural and botanical ingredients which have been carefully blended and specially formulated with skin lightening agents, boost skin clarity and tone.

  • For All Seasons
  • Remove Acne
  • Pimples
  • Spots & Dark Circle

100% oil free
Puckish white
Glowing skin just in 6 days

#5 Saeed Ghani Sandal Whitening Cream:- Sandal cream helps rejuvenate skin and aidsimg_5325__88897-1472460525-500-750 in the lightening process as well as protecting your skin. Antioxidant Vitamin B helps prevent environmental damage to skin. It smoothes skin and refines pores, leaving skin revitalized۔.

#6 Faiza No 1 Beauty Cream Large:-Manufactured by A.M Cosmetics, Faiza is a skin careimg_7702__66401-1479469703-500-750 local brand. Its top selling product is Faiza No.1 Beauty Cream which is essential to remove pimples freckles and blackness of the face. Faiza Beauty Cream is used for spotless, beautiful and white color face as well.To remove pimples freckles and blackness of the face. Faiza Beauty Cream is used for spotless, beautiful and white color Face. Within few days of usage, you will feel the difference.

  • Original guaranteed products
  • Approved by PCSIR
  • With new metalized packing

#7 YokoWhitening Cream Milk Extract:- This whitening cream is made from pure milk20140422_215216__87726-1398407080-500-750 extract, which contains protein and natural moisturizer needed by your skin. It helps to restore moisture and make your skin smooth, soft, fair and keep your face white and shiny. It is also for treating skin problem such as freckle, acne, pimple and even dark spot.

#8 Max Fair Skin Whitening Beauty Cream:- Every woman has the desire to look 20150527_154008__26552-1432728659-500-750beautiful and attractive. But before selecting any cream the user should fully understand whether the product s really safe for them or not. Using a cream which may contain harmful ingredients can have long term side effect on their skin. Some creams may contains ingredients like (Mercury, Steroids) which might have quick whitening results but can damage the skin irreversibly.

  • The Secret of my beauty is Max fair baeuty cream
  • With Vitamin, minerals and fruit extracts
  • 7 plus benefits your daily use of skin nourishment

Max Fair Whitening Cream is formulated with safe and effective ingredients that lighten the skin tone, remove freckle, melasma and dark spots. The fine gold pigment provides excellent skin coverage which imparts a natural glow. Regular use will give you a fair, even tone healthy complexion.Max Fair skin beauty cream is formulated after extensive research. It contains Botanical & Floral extracts, sunscreen agent. Sing soothing and calming ingredients that are safe and effective for:

  • Skin lightening & brightening
  • Dark spots
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Uneven skin
  • Freckles and melasma
  • Rough skin

Regular use of max fair skin beauty cream will whiten & brighten your complexion, reduce dark spots, freckles & melasma. You will notice the difference form the 1sst application. After two weeks of use you will see your skin younger, fresher & brighter with n even ski tone all around your face.
Max fair skin beauty cream is suitable for all types of skin. Max fair beauty cream does not cotain (Mercury, Steroids, and Bleach) or other harmful ingredients.

#9 Arche Gold Beauty Cream:-Arche Gold is a famous Pakistani brand manufactured byarche_gold_beauty_cream_a_complete_formula__82292-1392823543-500-750 A.S Cosmetics. The Arche Gold beauty cream is the hot selling product known for carefully and intensely formulation that disappears the appearance of dark marks, skin discolorations, acne, dark spots, pimples, scars, age spots, freckles, razor marks, uneven skin areas, liver spots, under eyes darkness and more.

  • A Complete Formula
  • 100% Guaranteed

#10 Arche White Pearl Cream:- Arche White is a famous brand from Thailand. It is anarche_white_pearl_cream_beauty_safety_1__66435-1392824073-500-750 enhanced intense skin care trademark providing full creation for attractive skin glow and radiance. Its main products include skin care creams and treatments.Whitening pearl cream that is suitable for all skin types. Protects your skin from with SPF 15. Eliminates acne and freckles, also whiten and brighten your skin. More beautiful. Truly beauty safety.

#11 Skincare Skin White Gold Beauty Cream:-Beauty cream is formulated with safe andskin_care_skin_white_gold_beauty_cream_1__47821-1402751118-500-750 effective ingredients that lighten the skin tone, remove freckles, melisma and dark spots. The fine gold pigment provides excellent skin coverage which imparts a natural glow. Regular use will give you a fair, even toned healthy complexion.

#12 English Ubtan Turmeric Cream:- Manufactured by K.P Industries, English is a famousimg_7408__84544-1478955575-500-750 Pakistani brand. Its most famous and hot selling product is English Ubtan Turmeric Cream which is the only face and body care cream formulated with natural exotic herbs, ubtan, sandal and turmeric. Regular use prevent pimples, acne, freckles and blemishes. It makes the skin radiant and fair.English Ubtan Turmeric cream is the only face and body care cream formulated with natural exotic herbs, ubtan, sandal and turmeric. Regular use prevent pimples, acne, freckles and blemishes. it makes the skin radiant and fair. also effective in removing minor burn marks. Daily application of English Ubtan turmeric cream over the body improves tonal value making the skin feel light, fragrant and smooth as silk. For best results use twice a day, morning and specially before going to bed.

#13 Pure White Beauty Whitening Cream:- Canadian formula pure white beautypure_white_beauty_whitening_cream_1__67466-1404795813-500-750 whitening cream keeps safe from the weather conditioning and makeup side effects.

#14 Arche Skin Whitener Cream:- Arche from Thailand is an improved concentrated skinimg_6289__46373-1476337522-500-750 care brand. It provides full formulation for enhancing skin glow and whiteness. Its main products include skin care creams, shampoo hair-treatment cream, mousse, hair and spray.

  • New improved with sun screen
  • Concentrated

#15 Gipsy Rich Formula Whitening Cream:- Gipsy is a local skin care famous brandimg_6434__38987-1476858174-500-750 manufactured by H & Sons Enterprises.

  • Get result with in 7 days
  • Skin tonic & anti wrinkle

#16 Skin White Goat Milk Whitening Cream:-20140605_210452_18508__31814-1402475718-500-750 

  • 10% Extra
  • See Dubai win gold coins
  • With Goat Milk+Whitening beads
  • fairer you in 2 weeks

Contains 100% goat milk in combination with new revolutionary whitening beads.
The natural vitamins in goat milk provide instant nourishment to the skin, making it soft, smooth and glowing, while the whitening beads containing tyrosine inhibitors gently dissolve in the skin to make it noticeably fairer in just 2 weeks.

#17 Cinci Brido Whitening Cream:- Brido is another famous skin brand from Pakistan.img_7043__28222-1478168279-500-750 Brido is manufactured by C.P.H.L. the Chepak Homeo Lab is one of the leading company in Cosmectics Industry and it is producing several kinds of products for skin and hair care including Seven Herbal Hair Oil, Ubtan Cream, Depilatory (Hair Removing Cream), Cold Cream, Shampoo and Honey Lotion. The brand is striving forward with qualified and experienced staff who is continuously engaged to develop the best quality products for the customers.Special formula whitens your skin gently, milk protein keeps your skin smooth and silky, UV- nol gives a new look and triple sunscreen protects your skin form harsh sunrise.
Solutions: It is specially formulated for entire skin problems such as acne, pimples, freckles and dark spots, freckles and dark spots. Makes your complexion fair and also acne free.

#18 Tibet Snow:- No matter how rough work you have to do. Regular use of tibet snow will snow_face_cream__10819-1402139090-500-750keep your hands smooth and velvety.
Use of tibet snow after shave will avoid irritation in minor cuts and inflammation in the skin. Tibet snow is a prevention against blackheads and pimples.
College girls love tibet snow. Its use not only makes faces charming and fascinating but keeps off dust.
Tibet snow turns unpleasant odour of perspiration in armpits into most desirable flavour.
Sportsmen use tibet snow before going to and after coming from playground. In the former case tibet snow makes skin dust-proof. In the latter case small particles of dust are removed very convenietly. Hence skin remains free from all diseases.
After long walk, massage of tibet snow on feet not only keeps skin natural soft but it is a prevention against corns particularly in old age.

#19 Caly Whitening Cream:- Caly is renowned skin care brand manufactured by Calycaly_whitening_cream_age_miracle_1__87999-1393839161-500-750 cosmetic International. It is another Pakistani brand making sure the true 100% quality to its loyal customers. The Caly Whitening Cream is its most famous product and loved by thousands of girls across the country. The whitening formula is very effective for brightening and whitening the skin and great for lightening age spots and freckles as it removes lighten dark spots left over from acne.

  • Very effective for brightening and whitening the skin.
  • Great for lightening age spots and freckles.
  • Remove lighten dark spots left over from acne.
  • Suitable for all skin type.

Age Miracle
7 day
SPF 25 formula
Age miracle

#20 A One Skin Whitening Cream Fair Glowing Skin:- A-One Whitening Cream Fair &img-20161228-wa0002aone__43399-1484114253-500-750 Glowing skin only in 5 days

  • Whitening cream gives you longer
  • Lasting all control & fairness
  • With rose glowing
  • For all types of skin

#21 Face Fresh Beauty Cream:- Face Fresh is owned by Shaheen Cosmetics Company.img-20161214-wa0010__26033-1481715771-500-750 Face Fresh is also considered among top face whiting brands in the country. The company is getting enormous popularity among young college going girls.Face fresh beauty cream removes dark spots and dark circles, it’s useful of all skin types. It’s free from any side effects. It doesn’t contains harmful chemical. Face fresh formulation gives you constant freshness & whitening skin.

  • For all types of skin
  • Gives Skin Freshness
  • Instant Whitening in 5 Days

Whitening Cream Prices in Pakistan

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  1. Hi ,I need INFOCUS Pearl Whitening cream.. So how I can get..Bcs I’m staying in Malaysia..Pls pm fr me tq..

  2. Hi, Goree is so popular here in Dubai and Philippines. It’s a Pakistani brand, why is it not included in your list? And how about SilkFace? Is that effective? What products are really effective in lightening the skin without damaging it, nonmercury or not reversing it once younstop using. Appreciate your reply. Thanks!

    • Hi, I am new here, Agreed to your point that GOREE is famous in Dubai/Phillipines and is a Pakistani brand. I was reading article where I saw mercury level in this cream is so high. Don’t know what it goes impact, pasting link for further reference.

      search GOREE in it.

  3. These all creams contain a high amount of mercury some of the creams named above are banned by European countries.i think.the.owner of is a.fool person not telling.about side effects of these.cream plz plz dont use these creams.just one time search on its side effects on google

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