5 best anti dandruff conditioners in Pakistan

#1 Oriflame Nature Secrets Anti Dandruff Burdock Grapefruit Conditioner:-Thisoriflame_nature_secrets_anti_dandruff_burdock_grapefruit_conditioner__55109-1405494028-500-750 nourishing conditioner infused with Burdock root & Grapefruit seed extracts gently hydrates and detangles hair. A natural conditioning agent derived from Rapeseed leaves hair manageable, shiny and smooth.

  • Nourishing conditioner
  • Infused with Burdock root & Grapefruit seed extracts
  • Gently hydrates and detangles hair
  • A natural conditioning agent
  • Leaves hair manageable
  • Shiny and Smooth

#2 Sunsilk-Co-Creations Anti Bandruff Solution Nourishing Conditioner:-There’s nosunsilk_mahira5__22893-1423207444-500-750 need to worry any longer!
Sunsilk worked with Francesca Fusco from New York, scalp care expert world class, the creation of the latest formulation of Sunsilk Anti-Dandruff. Shampoo with natural ingredients ZPT Citrus Complex, eliminate dandruff and scalp while keeping hair beautiful and dandruff free!

  • Designed by professionals
  • Co-created with Dr.Francesca Fusco
  • Egg & yogurt zpto complex

#3 Clear Women Complete Scalp Care Anti Dandruff Conditioner:-Our CLEAR™img-20161204-wa0135__68841-1481019927-500-750 Complete Scalp Care Anti-Dandruff Conditioner is infused with CUCUMBER, known to alleviate dryness and MINT, known to refresh the scalp. The formula is designed to leave your hair and scalp feeling nourished and refreshed—no visible flakes all day long.

  • Infused with CUCUMBER
  • Alleviate dryness
  • Nourished and refreshed

#4 Dikson Herbelan Pack Conditioning Cream Pump:-Herbal acid, which is the basis of500__29093-1454053268-500-750 Dikson Herbelan Pack, helps neutralize sluggish oxidation occurs due to chemical treatments, including clarification. Recommended for use as the primary means for the care of bleached and dyed hair. Herbal Acid allows colored hair to maintain its luster. Dikson Herbelan Pack is suitable for all hair types.



#5 Framesi Color Lover Moisture Rich Conditioner:-Framesi Moisture Rich Conditioner1__57919-1438066249-500-750 is a rich, ultra-hydrating conditioner. It’s comprised of an advanced blend of Quinoa, natural coconut oil conditioning agents, silk proteins, and vitamins that lock in moisture. Its weightless formula leaves hair with body, condition, and fabulous shine. A rich, ultra-hydrating conditioner. Weightless formula leaves hair with body, condition and shine while keeping your color 95% longer.

  • Vegan
  • Sulfate Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Gluten Free
  • DEA Free

   Sodium Chloride Free
   Powerful Anti Aging Properties
   Thermal & UV Protectants

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