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MADEEHAS Bridal Salon & Studio

Madeehas Bridal Salon & Studio offers bridal expertise in a peaceful and relaxing environment with highly trained staff takes care of the special needs of the bride.
In th busy and hectic routine for bridal preparations, women deserve to pamper themselves and salon staff ensures this.

At Madeehas staff strive to achieve service excellence through continuous improvement. Our focus is to facilitate the customer in every way possible & help to create a conducive, relaxed ambiance. A glimpse of the facilities offered here are:

  • State of the art salon
  • Top of the line Pre-bridal services
  • Fully air conditioned & generator supported premises to avoid any power outage
  • Professionally trained customer relationship managers for booking makeup appointment
  • Feedback forms for salon/makeup studio/photography so feel free to share the experience
  • Lockers available for safekeeping jewelry
  • Lift within the premises to facilitate the bride
  • WiFi facility available in the makeup studio
  • Tea/Coffee & snacks offered at the convenience
  • Welcome drink offered on the day of event
  • Serene, soothing music to help a bride relax on her special day

P R E – B R I D A L  S E R V I C E S

Conducive & Familiar Environment:
It is highly recommended for brides to take pre-bridal services from the salon as it helps to develop a comfort level for the big day.

Top Of The Line Products:
products are used in Madeehas salon are risk free and suit all skin types. They encourage the brides to avail this package in order to avoid any skin rashes & damages.

Highly Trained Staff:
Madeehas staff has been trained for the usage of all product types and only after carefully understanding your skin requirements are the products applied.

State Ot The Art Salon
Madeehas salon has been designed to provide you with the best service in a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Deal 1  Rs.3,000 (Previous Rate 4,100 Rs.)

  • Face Polish & Facial
  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Hair Treatment or Haircut
  • Threading, Upper Lips 7 Eye Brows

Deal 2  Rs.4,000 (Previous Rate 5,000)

  • Face Polish & Facial
  • Manicure 7 Pedicure
  • Body Wax (Arms, Legs, under Arms)
  • Threading, Upper Lips & Eye Brows

Deal 3  Rs.5,000 (Previous Rate 7,000 Rs.)

  • Face Polish & Whitening Facial
  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Hair Treatment or Haircut
  • Threading, Upper Lips & Eye Brows
  • Full Arms, Under Arms & Feet Polishing

B R I D A L  M A K E U P   S E R V I C E S


Signature Makeup with Services  50,000 Rs. 
(advance payment 20,000 Rs.)

Signature Makeup without Services  45,000 Rs.
(advance payment 20,000 Rs.)

Final Checks/Supervised  25,000 Rs.
makeup by Madeeha
makeup by senior artist with final done by Madeeha
(advance payment 5,000 Rs.)

By Siffat

Personalized Makeup By Siffat with Services 35,000 Rs.
(advance payment 5,000 Rs.)

Personalized Makeup By Siffat without Services 30,000 Rs.
(advance payment 5,000 Rs.)

Preferred Makeup Artist 20,000 Rs.
Execution of makeup by experienced artist
(advance payment 5,000 Rs.)

Senior Makeup Artist 13,000 Rs.
Senior makeup artist superbly trained by Madeeha
(advance payment 5,000 Rs.)

Services Included:
Execution of makeup by experienced artist
Manicure & Pedicure
Hair Treatment or Haircut
Threading, Upper Lips & Eye Brows
Full Arms, Under Arms & Feet Polishing

P A R T Y   M A K E U P

Personalized Party Makeup by Mehvish 8,000 Rs.

Party Makeup 6,000 Rs.

Mehndi Makeup 5,000 Rs.
Offered to clients with a bridal makeup appointment

All Bridal, Valima, Engagement & Nikah makeup packages include the following services:
Makeup, Hair Styling, False Eye Lashes, Nail colour Application, Dupatta Fixing & Jewelry Setting

Party makeup appointments given alongside with a bridal makeup appointment only. An advance of Rs.1000 will be required.

S E L F   G R O O M I N G

Learn makeup artistry fast in a week self grooming makeup classes for 12,000 Rs. only

Learn everyday and evening makeup taught by senior artist. Lessons will include analyzing your coloring and matching foundation, traditional, dramatic, contemporary, natural and shimmer alongside color-line concepts. A one day bonus hair class included too.

you will always be the special someone when you look your best. One week of classes will take you a long way.

S A L O N   S E R V I C E S 

Face Care

Threading (each area 100 Rs.) 

Hot Wax (each area 150 Rs.) 

Herbal Face Polish 700 Rs. 
This asian influenced face treatment utilizes exclusive white light brightening products. Starts with deep cleansing includes face, neck and back bleach application, followed by a generously appllied mask and cold pressed towel. Skin gets clean deeply and looks brighter, softer and more radiant.

Pearl Whitening Face Polish 900 Rs. 
Instantly lifts, illuminates & brighens patchy skin. Active cleansers, tender exfoliation for removal of apparent dead skin cells, bleach application, followed by a generously applied chilled mask. Brighten the face with skin lightening care. Helps regenerate a clear complexion and restores radiance.

Skin Glow Facial & Face Polish 1,500 Rs.
For softer, more radiant skin a monthly maintenance treatment with instant result. This face polish consists of cleansing, exfoliation with white light brightening products bleach agent and blackhead removal if required, a hydrating mask and soothing massage. The best option for normal skin.


Guinot (Fresh Facial)
The luxury of perfect skin begins with Guinot. What could be more natural? Guinot is a complete and technically advanced skin care system available only through select salons.

Protein Facial 1,500 Rs.
Personalized Facial 2,000 Rs.
Hydradermie Facial 3,000 Rs.
Whitening Facial 3,000 Rs.
Beaute Neuve 4,000 Rs.
Skin Glowing Facial 1,000
(Recommended for normal skin)
With monthly maintenance your skin will become toned, healthy and radiantly beautiful all year round. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam application, blackhead removal, a hydrating mask and soothing massage. The best option for normal skin.

Whitening Facial 2,000 Rs.
(Suggested for freckles, blemishes, oily skin type & combination skin)
Specially designed to encourage whitening and skin regeneration. Fair skin cleansing will lead to a fresh, beautiful and radiant complexion. After each monthly session your skin is left feeling softer and more refined.

H A I R   C A R E

Hot Oil Treatment(For Hair Revival) 500 Rs.
Includes oil application, Indian head massage & steam for withered and damaged hair. Tones your circulation and leaves your hair fresh & nourished.

Protein conditioning (For Dry & Damaged) 700 Rs.
When dried and ruined hair needs a solution. Protein conditioning includes a hair mask, massage and steam leaving hair silky and smooth.

Herbal Hot Oil Treatment (For Hair Fall) 1,000 Rs.
Includes special purifying herbal oil application, Indian head massage and steam for thin and damaged hair. Toned your circulation and leaves your hair fresh & nourished. Recommended especially for clients with thinning hair/baldness.

L’oreal Treatment( Includes Wash + Blow Dry) 1,200 Rs.
An in salon power dose nourishing treatment which carefully targets each hair fiber. Hair is instantly defined with softness and shine.

H A I R   D E S I G N  &  C O L O R

Blow Dry
Pump up the volume, with our modern hair design leaving your hair as pleasing to the eyes as can be.

Hair Color
Add some oomph to your hair with creative coloring by our superbly trained experts. Up to date color developments according to a mutual decision by both client & expert.

Shoulder Length 500 Rs.
Mid Back 600 Rs.
Hip 800 Rs.
Hairstyle 900 Rs.
Haircut 900 Rs. (Including a wash + Blow Dry)
Full Head Color Gloss 1,500 Rs.

Foiling & Highlighting(Full Head / Partial) Per Foil
Shoulder 150 Rs.
Mid Back 200 Rs.
Hip 250 Rs.

Color Refresher 1,500 Rs. (Root Re-Touch)
Hair Re-bonding Keratin 10,000 Rs.

N A I L  &  B O D Y    T R E A T M E N T

SPA Manicure with Nail Polish, Threading & Top Coat 600 Rs.
Sit back and enjoyour custom manicure. Starts with gentle exfoliation, then nails are expertly buffed shaped and polished, followed by a hydrating massage leaving hands incredibly soft, smooth and youger looking.

SPA Pedicure with Nail Polish, Theading & Top Coat 800 Rs.
Treat your feet to this luxury pedicure. Includes gentle buffing, skin softening sugar crystals, an energizing massage and expert shaping and polish.

Bridal Mehndi from 3,000 Rs. – 5,000 Rs.
Charges vary per area application from wrist, mid-arm to elbow. Includes hands and feet.

Sudani/ Arabic Mehndi
Also available in Black

Surrender yourself to absolute bliss. Massages have been proven to reduce stress and tension, improve sleep, digestion adn promote healing. On top of everything it feels amazing.

Arms, Neck & Shoulder 600 Rs.
Oriental Massage 1,800 Rs.
Body Polish 2,500 Rs.
Whole Body Wax (starting from) 1,500 Rs.
(Both Imported & Local Wax Available)

P H O T O G R A P H Y    B Y    D E E V E E S

All photographs displayed and provided at Madeeha’s are by renowned fashion photographers Rizqan And Munazza of Deevees. Lux Style award winners of 2007 for the best fashion photography.

Solo Shoot 20,000 Rs.
Couple Shoot 30,000 Rs.

Signature Makeup By Madeeha

Personalized Siffat

Gulberg Salon
50-G Main Gulberg, Lahore
Ph: (042) 3571-2005, (042) 3571-2006

Defence Salon
12-A XX Block, Commercial Phase III
D.H.A. Lahore
Ph: (042) 3589-5111, (042) 3589-5222

For any queries & suggestions

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