Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Here’s How to Find the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape!


Offset your round features with geometric shaped sunglasses. Rectangular frames will help elongate your face, while cat eyes sharpen your soft features. Let Selena Gomez in a pair of square aviators be your guide.
Styles that work: Rectangular, sharp cat eyes



Opposite of gals with round faces, you should offset your sharper features with curvier frames. Olivia Wilde is a great example of a woman who knows her face shape, wearing modern cat eyes with rounded edges that curve downward.
Styles that work: Aviators, butterfly, cat eye



If you have a broad brow and narrow chin similar to Kylie Jenner, try a style with bottom-heavy frames. Shapes that are parallel and extend past the width of your face complement your strong jawline. Aviators are also another great option as the silhouette contrasts your heart-shaped face.
Styles that work: Exaggerated bottoms, rectangular, aviators



Lucky you! Oval-shaped faces have the most wiggle room when choosing their eyewear. Like Rihanna, you basically get to wear whatever you want. Go with round shapes if you’re an Almost Famous-Penny Lane type of gal or edgier shapes if you’re more Good Girl Gone Bad.
Styles that work: Circular, rectangular, over-sized, round


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