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Things to Avoid Before & After a Facial

Care before Facial

Facial does not only make the skin beautiful, but also provide peace of mind. A facial is recommended twice a month by the skin experts for cleaning the skin. Sometimes red spots and acne comes out on face after facial and we complain to facial expert that she used the wrong products. There are several reasons for the side effects of facial. We need to care about some points before getting a facial. If you couldn’t get the desire result after facial then might be you applied something on your face which reaction showed after facial.


There is need to take care of some recommendations before getting facial services so that you can acquire beautiful and glowing skin.

Avoid Wax Before Facial

Wax opens the pores of the skin, so a massage can damage the skin. If you want wax then go for it 24 hours before the facial.


Stay Away from Sun Rays

Avoid facial after spending long time under the sun because sun light heat up the skin. Though facial is fine to clear the skin pigmentation get from sun rays. But facial right after sun light is harmful for the skin. You must give a short time to your skin therefore it comes to normal temperature. Otherwise anti acne and anti aging elements in facial creams can produce negative results on your skin.


Don’t Go for Facial after Botox

Botox is not as common in Pakistan as this is commonly used in European countries. Yet many people adopt this method to remove wrinkles on the face. But, remember don’t take facial within 48 hours after getting botox treatment. When an injection is applied on the face then massage can flow injected fluid on a wrong direction which can damage the skin.

No Experiment on Face Before Facial

We often use home remedies and tips for making face skin soft and glowing and for removing black heads. But, if you are making a plan for facial, then stop all this. Don’t apply any remedy on face because applying anything on face fills the pores and facial creams can’t find a place to enter in the skin. As a result there is no benefit of facial treatment.


Don’t Apply Artificial Eyelashes

This is not recommended to steam or massage the cream or glue paste for 48 hours that is used for the application of eyelashes. Glue paste stay on eyelashes even after removing artificial eyelashes. So this is best to get facial after 48 hours after removing lashes.


No Application of Cream or Lotion

Do not apply cream or lotion which consists on harsh chemicals. Some creams have glycolic acid and retinol in it which exfoliates the skin. Most of the reactions on skin after facial are caused due to usage of these creams. If you do not know which ingredients are used in cream then this is best just apply a baby lotion on your face before the facial.


Do not Take Facial if Have Wound

If you got some injury or wound on the face then wait for the healing until then no need for facial. Chemicals in facial creams can be worse the injury.

If your skin suffers from any reaction after taking care of all above points then that facial is not suitable for your skin or method of doing facial is wrong. Remember facial skin is much sensitive and it is necessary to take care it.


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