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How Remove Egg Smell from Hair

How Remove Egg Smell from Hair


Eggs are not only beneficial for health, but egg mask is also useful for hair and skin. Eggs are loaded with nutrition which has Vitamin A, D and E, sulfur and fatty acid. These elements make hair strong and shiny. Egg stops hair fall and also prevent to create dandruff. Though egg mask is a solution for solving many hair problems, but at same time it leaves a nasty smell in hair. In this article we will address some tips and tricks which help you to knock out egg smell from your hair. In this way you can get maximum benefit from the use of egg mask.


Baking Soda

Mix together three parts water and one part baking soda. Lightly wet your hair and apply this mixture on your hair and leave for 20 minutes. Then rinse off with water. This trick is not only perfect to remove egg smell from hair, but in addition it’s great to take away extra oil from the skin of hair.


Cinnamon and Honey Trick

Add 1-2 tsp cinnamon powder in one cup boiling water; mix until dissolve. Now add 1 tsp honey and mix until combine well. Apply this mixture on hair and scalp; leave for 45 minutes then rinse off hair with shampoo and normal water. Apart getting rid from egg smell, honey maintains moisturizer level in hair. On the other hand cinnamon is anti biotic and anti fungal whom is superb to take cares your hair from dandruff and any kind of infection.


Orange Juice

Apply fresh orange juice in your hair and roots thoroughly then wash after 5 minutes. It removes smell and unwanted oil from hair. Vitamin C in orange stops hair fall and improve blood flow to the scalp. Moreover orange juice is also beneficial to tackle dandruff.



Vinegar is also good to treat egg smell and good for natural conditioning of hair. Mix half tbsp vinegar in one cup water and apply on hairs. Wash hair after 5 minutes with cold water.



One another effective and easy way to get rid of egg smell is, add yogurt in egg mask. Yogurt adds moisture in hair and performs as anti infection. It helps to remove dandruff and make hair soft. Especially yogurt and egg mask is excellent in summer season.


Lemon juice

Lemon juice also leaves pleasant fragrance in hair like orange juice. Addition of citrus in orange juice keep scalp clean and remove egg smell. Squeeze 2 lemons and add a little water in it. After washing your hair with shampoo, apply this mixture on hair and leave for 5 minutes then clean with water.

All these tips and tricks are proven and give best result. You will not only able to remove egg smell, but also get solution for many other hair problems.


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