Beauty Advise

Winter Skincare Tips, From Head to Toe From Experience Skin Experts (Part 2)

Feel the real difference when these skin experts will explain to tackle dry skin, chapped, and cracked soles.


Add Honey:

“I use a simple mix of honey and sugar on knees and elbows.”

-Ford makeup artist Lisa Trunda

“This can be especially helpful in winter when blood flow is typically diverted from the skin to keep your core warm.”

-Miami dermatologist Jeremy Green, MD.


Milk it:

“Cleopatra used to bathe in milk because of the lactic acid, It’s an incredibly effective moisturizer, and it also works as a powerful exfoliant, so those scales go away.”

-Skin Specialist Dr. Barba


Layer Up:

“Using rich bath oil or moisturizing body cleanser as it something that leaves a creamy film on your skin.”

-Skin Specialist Dr. Barba


Exfoliate Lightly:

“It’ll brighten your skin, and your moisturizer can penetrate better if you don’t have a 50-car pileup of dead cells.”

-MD. Dr. Rodan

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