Saloni Brings Best Fall Skin Care Tips for You

Dr. Cynthia Bailey, who is a renowned dermatologist, in Sebastopol, California explains rightly here for fall skin care routine that with winter is approaching near, “Your skin changes with the seasons and your skin care should too.” She also believed that in fall season, our needs more attention and a good care routine otherwise you could face various complicated skin issues.

 Exfoliation is important in fall

Exfoliation is important in fall:

Skin exfoliation in fall determines soft and smooth skin. It will also remove dead skin cells from upper layers of skin providing you altogether new improved sensation.

 Control Acne

Control Acne:

Skin expert Rebekah A briefly guides here and says, “Love your 2 % acne pads, zinc soap, and citrix sunscreen. They have changed my skin. I wish I had found this 10 years ago, thank you thank you. Please don’t discontinue these products. I can’t live without them!!”

 Sun Protection in Fall

Sun Protection in Fall:

Try avoiding extreme sun exposure in fall as well because UVA rays destroys skin and its strength.

 Treating Chapped Lips

Treating Chapped Lips:

Use good moisturizing chap sticks to avoid any further lip damage. Lips are very sensitive to dry setting so make sure you get plenty of water to sidestep any dehydration issue.

 Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet:

“You are what you eat.” says Dr. Cynthia Bailey. Always eat healthy stuff as it will also you remain healthy.

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