Best Hand Care Tips From Top Beauty Experts Now on Your Fingertips

Push Cuticles Back:

“Instead of cutting your cuticles, push them back. This is easier when you have softened skin so do them after a shower/bath.”

Alison Bowhill-Hayes, Sally Hansen Nail Expert

 Alison Bowhill-Hayes, Sally Hansen Nail Expert

Increase Natural Moisture Content:

“Keep your natural nails covered by applying polish and/or just a topcoat. This will increase the natural moisture content of your nails and make them less likely to snap, split and/or peel.”

Donna Maree, CND Education Ambassador


File Nails:

“When giving yourself a home manicure, file your nails before soaking them as water will soften them, making them more prone to damage.”

Michelle Chan, blogger/nail technician from Cosmetic Cupcake


Using Small Angled Brush:

“To clean up any mistakes when painting your nails, use a small angled brush dipped in some nail polish remover. It glides easily around the nail, removing any excess polish along the way.”

Rachael Brook, make-up artist

Rachael Brook, make-up artist

Base Coat With Top Coat:

“If you are pressed for time, never just apply a nail polish shade – consider a base coat followed by a top coat for a beautiful healthy nude nail look.”

Ali Magliveras, essie Nail Director

Ali Magliveras, essie Nail Director