Beauty Advise

Get to Know Some More Essential Beauty Tips from Top Beauty Experts

Extra Gloss For Nails Splendor:

“Coming from an art background, I approach nails differently. For me, it’s about shape, balance, and composition.”

Tom Bachik – California Boy Turned A-list Nail Guy


Color Lover:

“The spectrum is limitless for me, I love playing with color. It’s important to get the complexion perfected first, so that when you add color it has something to work with.”

Francelle Daly – A Pop Star


Go Lightly:

“I’m all about understated beauty, lightweight textures are key.”

Tim Quinn – A Top Makeup Artist


Curl Power:

“Comb a conditioning mask through hair, then braid and tie it up in a knot. Let the treatment penetrate all day, then rinse it out for silk-like softness.”

Sam McKnight – Hair Stylist


Health is Wealth:

“Health is key to making any style–long, short, curly, straight–look good on and off camera.”

Tippi Shorter – Celebrity Hairstylist, Artistic Director, and Spokesperson Hairstyles


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