Anti Ageing

5 Essential Tips to Help Brighten Your Complexion – Saloni Special Feature

A healthy, bright complexion complement your overall appearance and provide inner confidence as well. Though if someone does not have bright looking skin, the chances are very less that the person would feel that confident. On the other hand, its not hard for someone to have bright looking complexion as it is very much attainable with right choices and certain healthy beauty regime which Saloni experts have especially prepared for you.

 See What You Eat

See What You Eat:

Eating habits are very important for health of your skin. Foods containing fatty acids like salmon, walnuts and flux seeds are good to retain good bight skin complexion. Basically fatty acids work beneath the skin boosting the collagen and cell formation for smoother skin surface.

 Skin Exfoliation

Skin Exfoliation:

Facial skin exfoliation is very important to get bright healthy complexion. A good routine of skin exfoliation also helps slough off the dead skin providing brighter, healthy moisturized and cleaner complexion.

 Vitamin C Effect

Vitamin C Effect:

Taking orange juice daily not only will help your skin to remain happy and shining but it will also help your complexion to remain bright and radiant. Vitamin C also has great benefits of antioxidant as these antioxidants also considered best against various types of skin bacteria.

 Moisture Level of Skin

Moisture Level of Skin:

Make a habit of washing your face twice a day as it helps skin to remain hydrated for longer periods. Along with washing routine, also make sure that you are drinking at-least 8 glasses of water every day.

 A Brightening Face Mask

A Brightening Face Mask:

A good brightening face mask also provides great results to achieve healthy bright complexion.

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