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3 Wondrous Easy Tips for Facial Bleach Burns

According to many skin experts, facial bleach burns are common these days due to extreme usage of it on skin for getting rid of black spots, tan and freckles and brightening the skin. Though it helps in various ways but too much bleaching could cause extreme burning and itching sensation and this happens due to the usage of harmful chemicals in bleaching creams and powders. With facial bleach burns, the skin usually turns red and you could experience itching type sensation.

 Cold Milk

Treating Facial Bleach Burns

Cold Milk:

Using cold milk as a skin cleanser will provide an instant relief in facial bleach burns situation. According to skin professionals, milk has natural cleanser properties and it’s a great home remedy as well treating facial bleach issues. Use a cotton swab and dip into cold milk. Now gently dab cotton swab on your entire skin especially areas where burning sensation is high. Repeat it three four times and then wash your face with cold water.

 Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes:    

Ice cubes are also a very good option to get instant relief in skin burning sensation. Ice cubes immediately provide calmness to the skin and reduce the redness effect.

 Aloe Vera Gel Massage

Aloe Vera Gel Massage:

Aloe vera with wondrous qualities for keeping skin in perfect condition is also highly recommended to treat skin burning especially facial bleach burns. A good two three minute repeated massage of aloe vera gel on effective area will most likely reduce your burning and itching issues. Aloe vera is also considered effective treating facial bleach burns as it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

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