Quick Eye Makeup Tips by Prominent Fashion and Beauty Experts

Applying eye makeup can well define your likely intense looks but if guided by some of the best makeup artists and beauty experts, you can enhance your looks with more precision and elegance.

 Connecting DotsMakeup Artist Laura Mercier

Connecting Dots:

For forming a plane line along the upper lashes, you should create little dots and later connect those dots forming an excellent lash coverage. “This is the best trick I ever learned,” says makeup artist Laura Mercier.

-Makeup Artist Laura Mercier

 RBK090113_022Makeup Artist Laura Mercier1

Go Gentle:

“Use the ring finger—the weakest—to pat concealer in place, That way, you won’t tug or pull the skin unnecessarily.”

-Makeup Artist Laura Mercier

 Powder Eye ShadowMakeup Artist Jeanine Lobell

Powder Eye Shadow:

Use little water in any powder eye shadow before swiping it on the shade for better concentration. “It gives an intensity to the color,” says makeup artist Jeanine Lobell.

-Makeup Artist Jeanine Lobell

Open WideMakeup Artist Tom Pecheux

Open Wide:

Using a dot of light gold cream shadow at the inside angles will provide an open wide appearance. “It makes the eyes look wide open and beautiful in the light,” says makeup artist Tom Pecheux.

-Makeup Artist Tom Pecheux

De-CreaseMakeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury


“If the lids are oily, eye shadow won’t stick,” says makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury.

-Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury

Сleaning woman face with cotton pads. Cosmetic treatment.

Сleaning woman face with cotton pads. Cosmetic treatment.

 Makeup artist Charlie Green

Eye Makeup Remover:

“The best ones look separated, like salad dressing. The oil takes off makeup, and the water gets rid of some of the greasiness.”

-Makeup artist Charlie Green

 Wing OutMakeup artist Pati Dubroff

Wing Out:

“You’ll deposit more on the outer corners that way, By the time you get to the inner corners, you’ll have just the right amount of mascara left.”

-Makeup artist Pati Dubroff

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