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Girls, Summer is Coming – Saloni Shares Summer Skin Care Tips

Summers can be really problematic for your skin. Therefore it is very essential to take care of skin especially during summers. The below mention tips can help you protecting your skin in coming summers.

Keep Skin Hydrated

Keep Skin Hydrated:

The most common issues in summers are the dehydration. Our body drops the moisture and softness. Therefore, it is suggested that one must drink a lot of water and liquids. It will help to keep your skin fresh and also restore the moisture of your skin.


Tanning is another problem which can make your skin look dull and cause uneven skin tone. Here sunscreen can help to protect you from the dangerous UV rays. It is also very important that you must re-apply the sunscreen after 2 hours to keep yourself protected.

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Skin Toner:

Try to use a skin toner in bristling summer heat. Skin toner will help to keep your skin cool and also protect it from dust and allergies especially rose water can be very beneficial in summers due to its natural properties.

Eat Healthy Food

Eat Healthy Food:

Eat healthy food during summers. It will make you fit and provide a natural glow to your skin. So, try to increase the use of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. It will provide you cool feeling as well.

 Exercise is Important

Exercise is Important:

Exercise is also very healthy in summers especially for your skin. In summers, people increase the intake of liquids which sometimes contain a lot of sugar in it. Daily exercise will help you out to burn all those calories. It will also keep your body and mind fit.

 Usage of Quality Products

Usage of Quality Products:

Use different products that will make your skin cool like cucumber that can really calm you out. You can make a routine of applying such masks or treatments before going to bed that will keep your skin fresh all day long.

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  1. I’m using Aloe Vera
    This is one of the best summer home remedies for dry skin. Squeeze out aloe vera gel from its leaf and apply it on your skin. You will notice your dry skin heal upon application. The plant is considered one of the best natural cures for several skin conditions.

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