Dermacos Whitening Facial


Dermacos Whitening Facial

Learn Step By Step


Wash hands thoroughly with Dermacos Facial wash or Dermacos Hand Sanitizer. Take approximately half tablespoon of Dermacos Facial Wash and massage it on your entire face and neck and wash off with water but do not dry the skin.


Take one tablespoon of Dermacos Grey Lotion/ Dermacos Hexagonal Cleanser and spread on face and neck and keep cleansing it with the help of fingertips. Clean it off with a wet sponge. For better results, repeat cleansing procedure twice. Use Hexagonal Cleanser for dry and mature skin and Cooling Cucumber Cleanser for soft and normal skin.


Take one teaspoon of Dermacos Smoothing Toner and apply it on the face with the help of fingertips. Leave it for 3 minutes. (Do not massage) After five minutes, take a careful look on the face. Part of the face which dries up would be called dry and the part that remains wet would be called oily. Usually tzone is oily and vzone is drier part of skin. After examining the skin, wash it off with a wet sponge.


Take approximately one teaspoon of Dermacos Guava Glow Scrub and spread it one the face while scrubbing thoroughly. If the skin is dry, apply ½ Multi Fruit Serum drops on the face and if the skin is oily, apply Witch Hazel drops on the face. Do round scrubbing for 5 to 7 minutes and wash it off thoroughly with a wet sponge.


Apply a light layer of Dermacos Grey Lotion on the face steam it from two feet’s distance. After five minutes, clean white and black heads with the help of tissue paper.


Apply half teaspoon of Dermacos Grey Cream on the face and spread it thoroughly. Massage after dropping remaining half of Multi Fruit/ Witch Hazel on the face. Massage for 5 to 7 minutes. Massage lightly on oily part of the face and be careful with the pressure points. Wash it off with a wet sponge and let it dry.


Shake well before dropping Dermacos Skin Lighting Serum on the face. Apply twice on dark parts of face.


Make a paste mixing 30 gram powder of (PhytomerBotanical Whitening Mask) with 90 milliliter water and mix thoroughly and strongly for one minute as the mixture gets consistent. Apply thick mask on the entire face including eyes and leave it for 20minutes. And later remove mask as one piece.


This mask does not flings with facial hair and does not make any trouble for the skin.


Apply Dermacos Sun Block (Facial Sun Protector) and avoid going in blistering heat and open sun.



This Facial Kit  costs ₨2,400.00 and is available at our online facility 


Dermacos Smoothing Toner

Dermacos Hexagonal Cleanser

Dermacos Dermapure  Aloe Vera Serum

Dermacos Dermapure Multipurpose Grey Lotion

Dermacos Dermapure Microdermabrasion Guava Glow Scrub

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  1. for same dermacos facial kit prices are very different. one around 3000, one 1500 and one 15000. why all most have same products although 15000 one has less product. which one we should order.

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