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Saloni Product Review – KRYOLAN TV PAINT STICK

Kryolan TV Paint Stick:

Kryolan TV Paint Stick is effectively proven make-up stick. Its special base of TV Paint Stick permits mild make-up usage. And its fine application delivers good covering as well. The Kryolan collection of more than 250 color shades for selection is really amazing as it styles this preparation essential for stage, film and more.

Kryolan TV Paint Stick1

Experts Thoughts:

According to Saloni experts, this is a good paint stick for daily usage. However, people who suffer from acne, still need to use with slight care as this particular product has some tendency having not suitable for oily skin tones.

The tried and verified TV Paint Stick from Kryolan is a cream make-up with a special base intended to generate great coverage or light covering, as essential. The make-up in the applied, clean twist cylinder is ideal for the stage, film, television, and photography/video work. You can use your Kryolan TV Paint Stick to create a natural foundation or new complexion color, and to shape your face or add shadows and highlights.

Use a moist sponge, a brush, or your finger to apply the cream make-up in the TV Paint Stick. We recommend fixing it with translucent powder in a suitable tone. Remove Kryolan TV Paint Stick make-up with any commercial make-up remover, make-up wipes or soap and water.

You might like it if…

  • You expect medium to heavy coverage
  • You expect a creamy formula
  • You expect a good wear
  • You find it affordable
  • You are happy with the range of shades


You might not like it if….

  • You think it gets cakey
  • You find it difficult to blend
  • It breaks you out/clog pores

Saloni Expert Rating:

 Kryolan TV Paint Stick2Kryolan TV Paint Stick3

This stick costs Rs. 1149 and is available at our online facility

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  1. Please suggest me which number should I use of TV paint stick . I have brown colour. It’s not dark brown. It is normal like most of the peoples are.

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