Natural Home Remedies for Menstrual Problems

Menstrual Problems:
• Production of hormones like estrogen and progesterone trigger the development of a woman’s body
• Menstruation is a natural process and women experience various problems before and during
Symptoms to look for:
• Abdominal cramps
• Pain
• Excessive flow
• Sudden stoppage
• Development of clots
Natural home remedy using papaya:
1. Papaya helps to reduce the pain and regulates the flow
2. Take pulp of an unripe papaya
3. Blend it with 1 glass water
4. Drink it twice a day
Natural home remedy using sesame seeds:
1. Sesame seeds have pain relieving properties and also cure vomiting
2. Crush 4 tsp of sesame seeds into powder
3. Add 1 glass of water
4. Mix well
5. Drink 2 times a day
• Avoid caffeine
• Drink 8 glasses of water everyday to keep the body hydrated


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  1. Mujy pait mi boht ziada pain hoti ha during periods.without pain killer i cant live plz tell me ma kya karu or mujy pregnensy b ni ho rhi last 8 year sy..I have no baby plz help me what i do at home

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